The Lost Battle of the Superman Family


Action Comics #983
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Viktor Bogdanovic

It’s the Superman family (sadly still missing Connor Kent and Linda Danvers) versus the Superman Revenge Squad and wow did they get their asses handed to them by the bad guys. In the end, they are all sent to the Phantom Zone and it looks like Zod may have killed Lois and Jon, although I suspect they were not in that ship he blew up despite what Superman thinks I am sure Lois came up with a plan and saved them both. I enjoyed this issue and I look forward to seeing them all try to escape the Phantom Zone and what Zod is up to exactly.


Incomplete Superman Family

Action Comics #982
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Jack Herbert and Jose Luis

This was an okay issue. The Superman Revenge Squad comes after Superman at the fortress of solitude and nearly beats him to a pulp because he is blind from the last issue. Luckily it looks like the rest of the Superman family shows up on the final page to save him. Seeing that spread of these characters – I can’t help but miss Connor Kent and especially Linda Danvers. Sad.

Action Comics 977 – 980

Action Comics #977
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Ian Churchill

I expected that Superman would now remember his New 52 life and his Pre-New 52 life after events of the last issue where the New 52 Superman and our Superman were combined but that isn’t exactly what happens here as Superman explores his history through the Kryptonian recording we only got a story similar to the Pre-New 52 history with a combination of the Geoff Johns and John Byrne origin stories. Also, Perry White knows about Jon Kent and Lois and Clark got married again in this universe and everyone remembers it. Interesting.


Action Comics #978
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Carlo Barberi

More of Superman’s history is told in this issue as see Death of Superman, Superman’s marriage and proposal, and pretty much his entire history up to 2011 and the New 52 is back! I can’t be happier about that. If you were a fan of the New 52 Superman – and I do not know why you would be – you would not be happy as that history is completely written over where now Superman disappeared for the new 52 era as he focused on raising his son out of the public eye and only returned to the Daily Planet and a public life as Superman recently. The New 52 era is at least not remembered by Superman or completely erased. This all ties into DC Rebirth as Mr. Oz threatens Superman again in the fortress of solitude. I loved this issue.

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Green Lanterns 1 – 19


Green Lanterns #1
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Robson Rocha

As happy as I am to have a new Green Lantern book that is not starring boring old Hal Jordan, I can’t say I was excited to read this. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have not interested me one bit in the Justice League book. Simon just seems like a jerk and Jessica is so unsure of herself it becomes not sweet, but annoying. I was hoping under a different write I would feel differently. This issue did not win me over, but maybe future issues will because the art was good and I am interested in the Red Lantern sub-plot. Oh and Dex-Starr!


Green Lanterns #2
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Robson Rocha

Now this was more like it! By focusing on Jessica learning about her ring with her sister, Humphries made me actually understand her character better and what she is going through. Hopefully we will get a similar focus on Simon. This series just got good.

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The Memories of All Restored


Action Comics #976
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Doug Mahnke

This is part 4 of the Superman crossover that began here , and continued here, and here. This made me so happy! The real DC Universe…the one that was destroyed six years ago and broke my heart…is back! As Mr. Oz said in this comic, the memories of all has been restored. Superman now remembers his life before and after Flashpoint. What is next? Will everyone else remember their entire histories? Will Cassandra Cain remember she is Batgirl again? Is the “him” Mxyzptlk refers to Dr. Manhattan? Speaking of Mxyzptlk…I could see David Lynch directing a Superman  movie with him as the villain. This was a fantastic Mxyzptlk story. Thank you Dan Jurgens!

Trinity 1 – 6


Trinity (Volume 2) #1
Written by Francis Manapul
Art by Manapul

2008 – 2009’s Trinity Maxi-series was…well…bad. Nothing of consequence came from it and it really was a waste of everyone’s time and money. Nearly a decade later can DC create a good series starring their trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman? If I had to judge from the first issue alone, I would say Manapul has hit one out of the park. In this issue, Batman and Wonder Woman decide to meet with the Post-Crisis Superman at his new home for dinner.  Superman brings up a story that Dick Grayson told him about Batman Pre-Flashpoint and Bruce has no memory of it. Interesting considering my theory that the ten years taken away thing means that their memories have just been erased. But this was early in Batman’s career, so it may just be chunks of time adding up to ten years and not a consecutive ten years? Anyways, there were many things I loved about this, but most of all the art. Manapul takes advantage of being both the writer and artist by setting up some rather beautiful and creative way to do the panels on the pages. I also loved how this book – unlike the first volume of Trinity – seems to  be firmly set in the DCU. It references the main series of its main characters and what is going on in those books. That is how to build a real cohesive universe and I am glad DC is doing that well in this Rebirth era. The final page through me for a loop too…what is going on there?


Trinity (Volume 2) #2
Written by Francis Manapul
Art by Manapul

In this issue, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman seemingly go back in time and meet with Jonathan Kent in Smallville but the final pages reveal that they are all actually under the spell of Black Mercy and imagining it while Poison Ivy has attacked them with it. This was a beautifully drawn issue. But the Black Mercy thing has been done so many times before and it has been done with the Trinity so many times before, I wish Manapul had thought of something more original to do.

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Taking Back His Corps

gl46Green Lantern (Volume 4) #46
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

At first I was confused at to why the bodies of Khufu and Chayara were in the power battery of the Star Sapphire Corps and then I realized…of course, that’s brilliant! Their undying love would be powering the Star Sapphires wouldn’t it! That’s just awesome! The art is spectacular here as Mahnke always is and this was an spectacular read…I didn’t even mind the boring Hal Jordan moments. A lot happens here…the Star Sapphire homeworld falls to the black Lanterns and Sinestro takes back his corps from Mongul. In the end, Abin Sur and his sister rise as black lanterns. It doesn’t pack quite the emotional punch to me as previous black lanterns, but it is still something to look forward to. Great issue.