Exciting and Fun


Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #37
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason

Ya after last issue focused more on Sodom Yat instead of the great of Green Lanterns – Kyle Rayner – I had happy to say this issue refocused back on Oa and the sciencell riot. This was a kick ass battle and I have to give my thanks to Gleason who knows how to draw an awesome Lantern battle. The part where the rookies get killed by the villains was particularly crazy. I am getting excited for Blackest Night and Scar is one bad ass Guardian in this when she attacks that one Sinestro Corps women. I am sure Sodom is not actually dead and I was surprised at how quickly the Daxamites gained power from the yellow sun. There was a lot going on in this issue but that’s nota bad thing – it was all exciting and fun.


One thought on “Exciting and Fun

  1. daxamites are similar to kryptonians except that they get charged up instantly by a yellow sun whereas kryptonians build up and charge over time. at the same time, kryptonians don’t instantly lose all their powers under a red sun wheras daxamites do.

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