Gotham Victims


Batman (Volume 3) #26
Written by Tom King
Art by Mikel Janin

Ok what the hell Deathstroke is NOT a Batman villain. Why is he pictured with the Batman Rogues Gallery all of a sudden and showing up possibly in the next Batman movie – he is a Teen Titans villain who sometimes fights other heroes! But anyways the second part of the War of Jokes and Riddle was decent but I was surprised at how quick a read it was. It was good to see characters like Carmine Falcone and it looks like Batman has now joined the Justice League in his first year as a crime fighter which I don’t even think that was the case before Flashpoint so that is an interesting continuity change. The theme that I took away from this issue is that Tom King seems to be focusing on the innocent victims of the Batman villains and how Batman remembers their names to keep his crusade on crime going. I like that.

The War of Jokes and Riddles Begins

Batman (Volume 3) #25
Written by Tom King
Art by Mikel Janin

This issue begins a flashback story called the War of Jokes and Riddles. It begins with many violent hard to watch/read murders by both the Joker and the Riddler and ends with a great panel of a naked Batman looking pretty great next to Catwoman in bed as he tells this story. We still don’t know if Catwoman said yes to his marriage proposal last issue but who cares – we got to see Mikel Janin draw a great naked Batman! Yay! Jokes aside (no pun intended), this was a great start to what looks like a very cool past-Batman story which if done right looks like it could be on the level of something like the Long Halloween. Tom King is really good at dissecting these characters and his explanation of why the Joker and the Riddler do what-they-do (as told by the Riddler) is fascinating.

Green Lanterns 1 – 19


Green Lanterns #1
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Robson Rocha

As happy as I am to have a new Green Lantern book that is not starring boring old Hal Jordan, I can’t say I was excited to read this. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have not interested me one bit in the Justice League book. Simon just seems like a jerk and Jessica is so unsure of herself it becomes not sweet, but annoying. I was hoping under a different write I would feel differently. This issue did not win me over, but maybe future issues will because the art was good and I am interested in the Red Lantern sub-plot. Oh and Dex-Starr!


Green Lanterns #2
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Robson Rocha

Now this was more like it! By focusing on Jessica learning about her ring with her sister, Humphries made me actually understand her character better and what she is going through. Hopefully we will get a similar focus on Simon. This series just got good.

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Not the Best Visit to Arkham


Batman (Volume 3) #19
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch

Bane fights his way through Arkham Asylum taking on some of Batman’s most famous villain in the process, some of whom I was surprised to see in Arkham since they seem to be out of Arkham in other books. I guess it depends on when this exactly takes place. Copperhead shows up and he is suppose to be dead! I guess we have to assume this is a different Copperhead than even the one who showed up in All-Star Batman recently? Come on DC you have been so good at keeping things consistent lately do not let me down. Speaking of let down – David Finch was incredible last issue but I coudn’t get excited by his pencils this time around as it is all just kinda blah and this was suppose to be a showcase of him drawing the different Bat-villains. Listen, I like a romp through Arkham Asylum just as much as the next person but this time Tom King offered us nothing more than Bane just beating people up.

Pandora Pits and Creative Teams


Trinity (Volume 2) #7
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Clay Mann and Miguel Mendoca

Ra’s Al Ghul, Lex Luthor, and Circe are all called to “the Pandora Pits.” and fight a creature that comes from the Pits that is a fusion of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman; a representation of their greatest fears. In the end, they beat the creature and realize the power of the Pandora Pits is here. How this relates to the Pandora killed in DC Rebirth is unknown to me but this was an intersting start to this tory arc. Is Manapul now off this book or is Bunn just a guest writer? Is it always going to have rotating creative teams like Superman/Batman had? I really enjoyed Manapul’s work on this series before. I hope he is back.

Batman Rebirth 1 – 17


Batman (Volume 3) #1
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch

In the first issue of this new Batman solo series, Batman prepares to give his life to save a plane full of people that almost crashes into Gotham. Spoiler Alert…he ends up not dying although he prepares to say goodbye to Alfred in a touching scene. The plane is actually saved by two Superheroes calling themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl. The idea of heroes showing up in Gotham with actual powers is an interesting thing. Would this make Batman feel useless? I guess we will see. I enjoyed the art in this. Finch knows how to draw Gotham City and its world well. Also, who is this new Batman protege Duke Thomas? I don’t know anything about


Batman (Volume 3) #2
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch

I love how Duke asks Batman if he trusts these new heroes of Gotham and Gotham Girl, and he says “I don’t even trust Alfred.” That made me smile. I thought this would make Batman jealous to have super powered heroes but I should have known better – Batman is a true hero and wants what is best for Gotham City. These heroes could stop things he cannot stop and he knows that. I loved how the Gotham Man is confused when Batman dissapears when talking to Commissioner Gordon. But who are these two heroes and how do they have powers that are almost Kryptonian in nature? I do not like how skinny Finch draws Amanda Waller. She is way too thin in this. But that is my only complaint about this issue.

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Justice League 1 – 15

Justice League (Volume 3) #1
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

This is the the first issue of Justice League after DC Rebirth and I have to say I was…underwhelmed. I ceratainly felt like I could come into this as a new reader (although there wasn’t much explanation of each character) and understand it but it was just another crazy disasters happening all over the world story. Although I know there is this Kindred subplot…I guess I expected something more. I mean maybe it is just after reading Detective Comics it just seemed like nothing happened in this single issue compared to what happens in every issue of that series.


Justice League (Volume 3) #2
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

I wish I could say that I was impressed with this issue but I really feel like not much happened here. They talked about the problems and then Batman went to go get Superman. That was really it…. hard to recommend a single issue if very little happens. All I kept thinking about was I miss Martian Manhunter. Talk about a character who has been screwed since Didio took over. He was the heart of the League and when I see him you think “Justice League.” Why the hell is he not on this team?

Justice League (Volume 3) #3
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

Now this was a bit better. This still seems decompressed but more happned here. It is the first I have seen of Lois since I started reading Rebirth so that was good although you would think by now she would be used to these kinds of things with her husband. I think Tony Daniel upped his ante on the art in this issue. I found myself enjoying quite a bit more than the previous issues. I wonder what the Kindred’s connection is with the League and these Zodiac Crystals.


Justice League (Volume 3) #4
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Jesus Merino

Hitch is guilty of the “Brad Meltzer” trope of having the Justice Leaguers call each other by the real names all the time. Come on. Why in the hell would these new Green Lanterns know the Flash’s secret identity. Anyways, for some reason the Sigil of Truth showed up in ths issue so I imagine this storyline is going to go into an occulty direction which I am excited about. But this is seriously decompressed.


Justice League (Volume 3) #5
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

In this issue the Kindred say they are looking to bring about a Forever Crisis, and it was in bold. I think that was on purpose. Is Rebirth leading to another Crisis event? Or am I seeing things that are not there. Either way, I wouldn’t say I super enjoyed this first story arc of this series, but at least we got that interesting tidbit.

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Leaving Arkham


Titans (Volume 2) #30
Written by Eric Wallace
Art by Fabrizio Fiorentino


It’s a shame this Arkham arc is coming to an end as this has been the best this book has been since the Villains for Hire thing started. Heck any comic set in Arkham is usually a treat but this setting really amped up the fun for this series which I found to just be incredibly depressing before. Osiris leaves and swares off killing for now, which is a good thing, although it was kind of abrupt and the confrontation between Dick and Roy was great cause I am glad to see that Dick still believes in his friend even if Roy has become a drug addicted mess. I wonder where this is going.

Arkham Fights


Titans (Volume 2) #29
Written by Eric Wallace
Art by Fabrizio Fiorentino


This was an okay issue but I don’t feel like a lot happened – just a lot of fighting inside Arkham and Tattooed Man talking about his dead son – who I didn’t even know was dead. But it’s still Arkham and that is always fun. Osiris is completely nuts now.

Put Josh Williamson On A Monthly Book


Superman/Batman #77
Written by Josh Williamson
Art by Ale Garza


This was an amazing filler issue by Williamson! I read an interview – I forget where- where he talked about this issue and even then I could tell he really cared about these characters and DC Continuity – I was not disappointed by the issue one bit. Williamson pulls in elements of both Supergirl and Robin’s recent continuity including Blackest Night and New Krytpon but keeps it accessible for new readers and really explores the two characters in a profound way. DC better keep this guy on the payroll! I loved the final scenes with Robin and Batman discussing Supergirl….actually I loved everything about this issue. Very good.

A Trip To Arkham


Titans (Volume 2) #28
Written by Eric Wallace
Art by Fabrizio Fiorentino


I have to say that this is the best issue of Wallace’s run yet, and that has a lot to do with it is always awesome when a comic is set in Arkham Asylum and the Bat-Villains show up. The idea that the one guard had the key to all the cells is incredibly dumb but whatever. Osiris is a full-on killer now I highly doubt he can be redeemed even if he thinks killing is going to bring his sister back to life. Arsenal is actually quite interesting as a drug addict but it’s still so sad to see him like that. It was just as heartbreaking to see Ray Palmer investigating Ryan Choi’s disappearance. A part of me still has some hope that Ryan may still be alive somehow.



Superman #703
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Eddy Barrows


JMS’s Grounded tales is a lot better then I thought it would be and I love that he is incorporating the after effects of New Krypton and not just sweeping that story under the rug but I don’t know if I buy the argument about the potential damage being done as Superman walks across America. What is the difference between this and the damage done when people attack him in Metropolis? Nothing really. Anyways, I wonder what this New Krypton kryptonite does cause it seems to have possessed a school teacher and caused another guy to gain powers hmmm.

Web 9 and 10


The Web #9
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick


In the main feature, we are introduced to the name “Global Concern” which I know from reading the Mighty Crusaders Special that they are the big bad organization behind everything in these Red Circle books. The Web defeats the evil insurance man and figure out that his ex was the one blackmailing him. I did not see that coming. Dead Hand Legendre tries to drain the Hangman’s life force in the back-up and gets killed in the back-up. We also learn that the Hangman derives him powers by a tree filled with his victims? Or perhaps just people who have died by all nooses? I am not sure but it was damn cool.


The Web #10
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick


In the final issue of this series, The Web teams up with Fly Girl, one of his web hosts who has modified her costume. I was excited to see her in this issue and this made me really excited for the Mighty Crusaders mini-series. I think DC is dumb for not putting an established hero on this team in order to make it sell and get people interested but whatever. The final scene where Crusaders shows up doesn’t really correspond to the Mighty Crusaders special where they come together unless this was them asking Fly Girl to join and not the Web (who already joined at this point). The Hangman back-up was awesome as we find out there are other avatars of execution like one for the Guillotine and Gassing, and now the Jackal will be representing the Electric Chair. Hahaha awesome it is too bad Rozum won’t be able to explore the concept more.

Who Is This Angel?


Gotham City Sirens #13
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Peter Nguyen and Andres Guinaldo


Hmmm so is Maggie Kyle really being lead by an angel? It seems so or is it something else? Something sinister. I don’t know as it is clearly not just a hallucination as Harley saw it too. This was a quick read but it was still good and it was a great recap of Catwoman history. I loved seeing the nineties costume again too. I wonder when this will be followed up as Dini is sure to return as regular writer next month.

Action 889 and 890


Action Comics #889
Written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trauttman
Art by Jose Perez
Co-Feature by James Robinson
Art by Cafu


The main story ends Rucka and Trautmann’s run on the book by having Chris and Thara defeat the false Rao. It was a kind of a wimper of an ending. I have to say that I have grown to like these two characters as they have starred in this book – but not enough to really miss them. I like the mythology of it all but I think it is just time to move on. The finale to the Captain Atom back-up was more exciting as Mirabai is defeated and Captain Atom’s reputation restored. I really thought this back-up was a neat idea all-around and I’d say it was successful.


Action Comics #890
Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Pete Woods

Wow that was unexpected. I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard Lex Luthor would be the new star of Action Comics but damn this was awesome. Lex is an evil bastard and Cornell writes him that way. He has an employee killed just for embarrassing him, he builds a robot Lois to be his companion haha, and he is obsessed with finding the secrets to the Power Rings. Great start!

To 700 More!


Batman #700
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, Andy Kubert, Scott Kolins, and David Finch


Morrison returns to the main Batman book to celebrate the 700th issue. I am not sure why everyone around the blogosphere wants to rip on this book. I enjoyed it more then anything Morrison did when he was actually the writer of this series! I liked the look at Batman through different eras and it was awesome to see Batman Beyond and everything. I thought all the art was superb and it worked really well. This was a great anniversary issue.

Keep Her In Gotham


Batman: Streets of Gotham #10
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Jeremy Haun


The main feature was a probably the first solo Damian story – as Damian is kidnapped by Zsadz’s men whom he went looking and is forced to fight the serial killer in an arena. It annoyed me how easily the Abuse kid figured out Damian was Robin and that Damian is going around introducing himself as Damian – I mean if he is going to do undercover work at least use a fake name! Ah! Oh well I guess we can chalk that up to his inexperience. It wasn’t a bad issue, but was a little on the short side. The Manhunter back-up kicked major ass…I love the character of Jane; she is such a creey villain and pulling a bomb out of her neck made her even creepier. Why is this co-feature ending exactly? I mean how are they even judging how well a co-feature is doing without the trades out? I am loving Manhunter in Gotham and do not want to see this end.