2000 Klems On Supergirl

Brave and the Bold #4
Written by Mark Waid

Art by George Pérez

Brave and the Bold just keeps getting better. Does anyone else think Supergirl should keep that s her costume? I guess it is a little too nineties but anything is better than her current one. Lobo and Supergirl was surprisingly fun to watch interact. I love Lobo’s use of the word, Frak and Supergirl’s constant insulting of him…saying she needed microscopic vision to see his package was brilliant! I am not sure exactly what is going on, for example why the Legion have apparently come back in time to visit with Batman, who is now combined with a robot. Really! Anything can happen in this book! It’s great. Perez’s art evokes a simpler time in the DC Universe and I like that. The only complaint I have is that those Legion villain’s costumes are really dated. Let’s update them people.