Venomized Man-Bat


Detective Comics #873
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock


Batman escapes the auction and confront Guiborg as he flies out of Gotham in an awesome scene in which Guiborg turns into a venomized Man-Bat like monster. Love it! This creative team produced a fantastic first arc that differentiates itself from any of the other bat-books and carves its own niche in Gotham City storytelling. I love that Dick is putting up stuff in the penthouse like the Bludhaven PD certificate and the Flying Graysons poster. Great use of continuity!

The Auction Of The Black Mirror


Detective Comics #872
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock
Co-Feature by Snyder
Art by Francesco Frankavilla


The main story was just fantastic and creepy as the Dick goes undercover at the Black Mirror auction. From the Dealer’s talk about evil being humanity’s divine spark to the creepy gas masks to the surprise ending it was fantastic. Jock really sets the mood with his art too. I hope this creative team stays here for a while! There is great characterization of Dick and Babs too. Everything about this makes the perfect Bat-book. The co-feature sees more of James Jr. as Commisioner Gordon and Barbara discuss him and apparently they suspect he committed murder in the past. Interesting stuff.