I Think We Might Have To Reconsider Our Relationship


Green Lantern (Volume 4) #48
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

The editor’s note says this takes place before Blackest Night #6 – which is obviously supposed to be #5. How does an editor’s note have a mistake!! Come on DC! Anyways, this issue had Atrocitus and Larfleeze join up with the other Lanterns to take on the Black Lanterns. It was pretty good – but not really essential reading. Hal makes me fall asleep in ever panel he is in. The best parts were Larfleeze’s lines – they were pretty funny, including the one that this post was titled after.

Can’t Wait For More Gaggy!


Gotham City Sirens #6
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Guillem March

This was an AWESOME issue of this book. The story of Gaggy – one-time Joker sidekick is recounted to Harley Quinn and the sirens finally take on this little dwarf man. Every moment of this book shined, the art was fabulous and fit the tone of the story, Dini shows that he writes Harley and the Bat villains like no other once again in this issue. I love Harley’s final lines about Gaggy – and that Gaggy is shown to still be around after all. I can’t wait for more Gaggy!

Wonder Man?


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #38
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

While this was better then last issue, I still can not say that this storyline excited me. I always like Wonder Woman outside of Themyscara then on the island, and this is a very Themyscaran story. It is great to see Donna Troy involved and Alkyone is a real bitch. I like that The Olympian – Achilles – is being set up as a sort of Wonder Man, even wearing a costume similar to Diana here. The cliffhanger ending was….interesting? I don’t really know what to make of it.

Forced Split


Justice Society of America #33
Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges
Art by Jesus Merino

The team splits into two teams this issue after defeating the villains who attacked and destroyed the Brownstone. I still feel the split is forced even though the JSA did fail at this mission. All-American Kid turns out to be the evil villain Kid Karnevil which was a cool twist. We still don’t know who was behind the attack from the villains or why Kid Karnevil wanted Obsidian in egg-form so this really wasn’t a conclusion, but it was a fun ride, even if the split seems forced. But the question still remains: where the fuck are Atom Smasher, Sandman, and Jakeem Thunder?!

The Return of Matter-Eater Lad


Superman #694
Written by James Robinson
Art by Javier Pina

This was pretty slow-paced compared to the break neck speed this book has been going story-wise before this. I can’t say that it’s a refreshing change of pace because I have been really liking how this book has been but that doesn’t mean this was a bad issue. I liked that it was Martha Kent who sewed the S into Mon-El’s costume and the revelation that Mon-El’s friend is actually Matter Eater Lad was pretty damn cool, even if you have no familiarity with the character like I don’t. He just is a hilarious character, and I like that Robinson came up with an extremely plausible use for his power. Good stuff but a little slow compared to what this book has been like.

The Brain Emperor


The Shield #3
Written by Eric Trautmann
Art by Marco Rudy
Co-Feature by Brandon Jerwa
Art by Greg Scott

The Shield’s first storyline comes to a close and it perfectly shows why already he is a better character then Magog in the last page alone. He is a hero – and Magog is a douche with horns. When I found out that the creepy tentacle-headed guy was called the Brain Emperor I looked it up and sure enough he was a villain from The Shield’s days at Archie Comics – I like that they are not only reintroducing the heroes but the villains and everything that comes with it. The Inferno back-up is decent, still not a fan of the art though.

More Ugly Art


Green Arrow & Black Canary #26
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton and Renato Guedes

Not going to lie, I have no idea who those guys were at the end of this and why they are putting Everyman in as Green Arrow again or what not. Was it even Everyman? We never saw any proof of that. This storyline is already annoying and we are only one issue in. The art in this issue was just awful. Why can’t this book get good art? Both Norton and Guedes are better artists then this crap. This book has just gone down hill.