Green Arrow 11-15

Green Arrow (Volume 5) #11
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves and Vincent Cifuentes

This issue goes by so fast and not much of interest even happens. I was really dissatisfied with it. Krul is so good on Teen Titans but this issue was a low point for him.

Green Arrow (Volume 5) #12
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves

The only thing of any consequence in this issue is that we find out Galahad is really just a father who had a psychotic break. Otherwise it is just Green Arrow watching the events of the end of Brightest Day. It is filler material again. Swamp Thing barely makes an appearance despite the cover. Now that the Brightest Day crossover is over I hope this book improves.



Green Arrow (Volume 5) #13
Written by James Patrick
Art by Austin Padilla

Now that is more like it. This new creative team had a stellar debut with Green Arrow fighting a right wing Christian terrorist by the name of Rev. Billy Miggs. I love how much Ollie hates this guy. The art was good too.

Green Arrow (Volume 5) #14
Written by James Patrick
Art by Austin Padilla

Green Arrow continues to fight Rev. Billy Miggs who is shown to be way creepier than I thought when he murders a person he is baptizing in front of his congregation. It is quite disturbing and a great new villain for Green Arrow. I also enjoyed Ollie and Bruce’s moments here and how the artist chooses to keep Batman in the shadows. This is a great arc fro this series to end on.


Green Arrow (Volume 5) #15
Written by James Patrick
Art by Austin Padilla

This is the final issue of Green Arrow before the New 52 unnecessary reboot. Within its pages, Ollie defeats Rev. Miggs with the help of the army and some trick arrows. It was enjoyable but nothing to get too excited about.




Teen Titans 94 – 100

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #94
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Nicola Scott

Damn I love Nicola Scott’s art. This story is very refreshing. We haven’t seen much of the Hindu Gods in the DC Universe and it is fun to explore the Ramayana here. J.T. is really good at the characterization of each Titan and Nicola Scott’s art shows their moods and relationships to each other. This is great!


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #95Teen_Titans_Vol_3_95
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott really draws Superboy with some beefcake. I can’t say that I mind. The demons in this issue were creepy especially the one impersonating Ravager. This was another great issue of Teen Titans.



Teen Titans (Volume 3) #96
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Jose Luis

I missed Nicola Scott in this issue but Jose Luis did a good job as a subsitute. Solstice angering Raven is interesting and I wonder why. Looking forward to seeing the team beat Rankor.




Teen Titans (Volume 3) #97Teen_Titans_Vol_3_97
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Nicola Scott

Rankor is defeated mainly by Solstic who officially joins the Teen Titans at the end of this issue. Great to have Nicola Scott back for this fun adventure. I am sad there are only 3 more issues left of the Teen Titans before the New 52.


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #98
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Eduardo Pansica

Kid Flash’s virtual reality session showed in this issue that J.T. Krul had studies the history of these characters. Great use of continuity throughout this issue where Superboy-Prime has gathered together a team of villains with personal connections to the Titans. I don’t understand why Indigo is a member though. Although she was sometimes evil, she did end up dying a hero. I really liked her relationship with Shift back in those days. I wonder if they will explain what she is doing back.The ending was great to see the old Superboy costumes appear brought me back to the Young Justice days. Pansica’s art was great I almost thought it was Nicola Scott doing the drawing. Someone in the letter columns mentions that they think Cassandra Cain should be the new Nightwing! That is a cool idea.


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #99
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Jose Luis

The ending of this book almost seems like something that could fit in this month’s Rebirth. “Legacies last for ever.” The final splash page of Titans past was so exciting! I wonder who this new Inertia is. Indigo is not acting like herself at all. I wish that was being explained. I actually forgot Supergirl was a Titan in the past. She has been thrown in with so many teams since her debut. It is always good to see Miss Martian and Argent.

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #100
Written by J.T Krul
Art by Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott draws Argent with a completely different costume than Jose Luis did in the previous issue. Come on editors should catch that stuff. Otherwise this was a superb final issue for this volume of the Teen Titans. I loved every page of it. J.T. Krul should come back to these characters again someday. I am so glad that Rebirth will be restoring the Titans history but it remains to be seen if this part will be restored. It needs to be.



Bruce Remembers


Power Girl (Volume 2) #21
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri


This was awesome for anyone enjoing Generation Lost as Power Girl manages to convince Dick Grayson with the help of Bruce Wayne of Max Lord’s existence and villainy. Bruce’s presence here was just awesome and it was great to see that he remembers Lord – because if anyone could it would be Bruce. I also loved how Basri got all the pre-infinite crisis costumes correct in the flashback. I know that sounds easy, and it is, but so many other artists at DC would have gotten it wrong cause their editors suck at their jobs.



Green Arrow (Volume 4) #32
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by
Federico Dallocchio


Wow. Just wow. I mean this whole mess isn’t Krul’s fault, he is a good writer who was thrown into the worst DCU story since Countdown (Or even when Cassandra Cain was turned into a killer – okay that was even worse then this) but this is jsut awful. It is not that I hate that they made Green Arrow kill Prometheus. It’s the way the other heroes acted about it. This guy murdered Lian Harper and led to the death of thousands of Star City innocents – in real life no one would be upset about this. Barry Allen comes off as a huge prick – I resent that Barry came back to life, and this makes me hate it even more cause the character is written as completely unlikable. Black Canary leaving Green Arrow is equally retarted – yes he has hurt her in the past but I thing she should have stood by him through all of this. It is so strange. It is like the DC editors want us to hate all of their characters. Black Canary could have gone to work with the Birds of Prey again without ending her marriage (although I doubt they are getting divorced so much as separated). That being said, this is the end of this volume of Green Arrow and maybe after all this crap a fresh start is needed. I can’t say that I am uninterested in the new direction of Green Arrow in the forest. Could be rather interesting.



Green Arrow (Volume 4) #31
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Federico Dellachio

First of all in the Source blog I swore they said this issue was being drawn by the guy who did last issue – guess not. I wish it was but this guy wasn’t bad. Anyways, can I just say that Cry for Justice and Lian Harper’s needless death was the FUCKING DUMBEST THING DC has done in a while. It was awful and took away one of the greatest things about the character of Roy Harper and was the perfect example of Fridging. Green Arrow’s decision to go crazy after it is equally dumb and seemingly comes out of nowhere. This isn’t Ollie at all. Krul went from starting out great on this book to total shit. Barry Allen is acting like a total jerk in this too, since when does he not like Ollie? How would even know to tell Connor Hawke about any of this, he has never met Connor?! Dinah is not talking to Ollie like a wife at all. This issue was weak…really weak. Krul can do better but instead he is stuck with this awful left over plot that makes no sense. It’s awful.

This Blew Me Away

GA Cv30.indd

Black Lantern Green Arrow #30
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenis Nevis

This issue marks Krul’s first issue on this title and already he has improved the book 300%! This was a tremenous issue as we follow Green Arrow stuck as a Black Lantern – and hurting his family members. The things Black Lantern Green Arrow says are downright nasty but they come from inside Ollie’s mind. Does this mean that Ollie really thinks those things? No but everyone has had mean thoughts about people they love and regretted it. I think that is what makes it so powerful. I can’t say enough about how good this is. The art was beautiful! I hope this guy is staying on the book! Speedy is back in her red costume and that makes me happy. Why was she in that black and yellow costume for the last year anyways?! Great stuff and probably one of the best Blackest Night tie-ins there has been.



Green Arrow & Black Canary #29
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton


Norton’s art has been the lowpoint of this book for all of the Kreisberg run and it doesn’t really improve in what in what I think is Kreisberg’s last issue here. The art made the story muddled and confusing. Did Cupid revert to her normal state because she got shot with the arrow? Is Lt. Hilton now going to be Green Arrow’s Two-Face, but called Hilt? The final page of Speedy saying bye seemed appropriate as Star City is going to get phased into another dimension in Cry for Justice and this takes place before that mini, I imagine Speedy will be taking care of Lian while the city is in a different dimension. The months ahead should be more interesting for this title.