The Mystery Deepens

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #52
Written by Tad Williams
Art by Shawn McManus

I love the mystery factor of this title. There are like what, two or three mysteries in this issue alone. Unlike Busiek, who made it kinda boring by having absolutely nothing happen. The dialogue between the characters that Williams rights is a lot of fun and the art compliments it well. I know this series isn’t exactly selling well and that makes me mad!!! Tad Williams is doing great things with this title give it a chance. Anyways, it was cool to spend some time back in Sub Diego (When are they going to explain how this relates to World War III where it resurfaced). I loved the story that Aquagirl tells about the tunnels. It was creepy and sad (In fact anytime anyone trapped leaves writing carved into a wall it is creepy and sad). They keep referring to the “second disaster”. I wonder if that relates to what happened in World War III. I have no idea what is going on with the new Aquaman’s father either.

Did Ice Just Say Bastards?

Birds of Prey #106
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

Sadly, from next month’s cover, I get the feeling that Ice’s resurrection is going to be short-lived. Anyways though, this was a wild ass issue!!! I loved it!! Simone writes some of the greatest banter between two opponents in comics like ever. Everyone who likes fun comics should read this. It is fun and action-packed. Some people were really looking forward to the Knockout/Big Barda fight teased on the cover and it was well and good, but I think all of the fights were good. Hawkgirl and Scandal, Harley Quinn and Misfit (Hilarious), Catman and The Huntress, Manhunter and Ragdoll (I loved how Manhunter noticed ragdoll’s balls are missing haha. Forget those naysayers who say this series is not as good without Dinah, I say it is better. I love the Black Canary but it was time for her to move on. This was just awesome.


Green Lantern Corps #12
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art by Patrick Gleason

Gleason has to have a lot of fun drawing the different Green Lanterns in this series because it is a lot of fun to look at them as a reader. The Gnat Green Lantern was just awesome to look at and I look forward to learning more about him. I hope he isn’t villainous, I would like to see him in a hero role. I feel bad for Guy, he is not framed for the murder of two (incredibly annoying) Green Lanterns and then he is basically taunted by Mogo with hallucinations of his drunken father. I hope Mogo hasn’t gone rogue for good, he better be possessed or something. I don’t want to see one of my favorite Green Lanterns go bad. The situation with the princess and Natu was good too. I liked how each story thread is just as entertaining in this issue as every other one. There really wasn’t one that I found myself bored with.

Legion 27 – 30

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #27 Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

I enjoyed this issue. It got confusing because sooo much is going on at a very fast pace but I liked it. The back-up story about Dave Cockrum was really cool and well-handled.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #28 Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

Now that was a suspenseful issue. The torturing of Cosmic Boy and Triplicate Girl by the dominators definitely made me squeemish. The surprise twist was awesome (Even though I saw it coming). I am rooting for the Legion to kick some dominator ass.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #29 Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Kevin Sharpe

Tony Bedard fills in this issue and if this issue is any idication of what his upcoming arc on this series is going to be than I am definitely on board for it. The art is top-notch as well. I love how this issue ties heavily into 52 and the fact that Booster Gold really started this whole mess when he time travels into the future briefly. Probably the best use of continuity in a long time. Highly recommended.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #30 Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

Wow, what a great way to conclude a run. This is Mark Waid’s final issue on this series and he couldn’t have done it better. In an homage to the first appearence of the Legion with Superboy, Cosmic Boy gets invited for membership by a 41st century superhero team! And there is a new leader to be elected, and Mon-El and the Dominator World are in the Phantom Zone. I loved the surprise twist to this because I thought it was strange at first that Cos would want to kill billions of life forms. Mark Waid made me fall in love with the Legion with this series and I think his run will be looked back on as one of the greats of Legion History.


Shadowpact #13
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and cover by Scott Hampton

In typical Willingham style, this issue is a side story focusing on the adversaries of Shadowpact. We see Doctor Gotham murder Strega in order to bring the Sun King to our world, Kid Karnevil kill a dozen trademen, and Zauriel being ordered by the higher angels to murder Blue Devil. When it comes down to it, this issue had a lot of murder. It’s strange to see Zauriel accept his order, but I suppose if it truly comes from God he has to although I have a feeling he will rebel and hopefully join Shadowpact. He would make a great addition to the team. I like Coast City being shown, especially considering it hasn’t been seen in Green Lantern for a while now. Did Hal bring that city back only to abandon it? I guess Zauriel has been Coast City’s protector as of late.

Wonder Woman 6 – 9

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #6
Written by Jodi Picoult
Art by Drew Johnson

Ya this issue has gotten a lot of crap all over the blogosphere. Wonder Woman acts like a total dumbass here. She has been in man’s world for a long time now. How does she not know about credit cards and pumping gas?!!!! Picoult is new to comics so you can’t really slight her for it but this was bad. Really bad. Oh and Circe is overused at this point.

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #7
Written by Jodi Picoult
Art by Drew Johnson

While this issue was loads better than Picoult’s first issue, I still find the whole emo “Who am I?” thing going on with Wonder Woman so annoying. Shouldn’t she have figured all this stuff out during the missing year. I am intrigued about what is going on with Themyscira though and the villains bar was kinda cool.

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #8
Written by Jodi Picoult
Art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

So Hypolytta’s alive and kicking now. Circe brought her back from the dead, but it seems Circe is working both sides. This is getting interesting. I am beginning to actually like the relationship between Nemesis and Wonder Woman. I wonder where he think Diana Prince is all this time? I have to say Picoult’s script is much better now.

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #9
Written by Jodi Picoult
Art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Wow I really loved this action-packed issue. It certainly got me excited about Amazons Attack which is something I was not excited for before reading this. This was pretty cool. Picoult has really upped her game in four issues. I am not sad that she is leaving the book (because GAIL SIMON IS TAKING OVER) but still, she should be given another chance to show her stuff in the future because she clearly has great potential. I don’t know if this is really Hipollyta or who Everyman is working for but I look forward to finding out.

Dead Wrong

Catwoman (Volume 3) #67
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez

Pfiefer is excellent with these cliffhangers where you are truly scared for the life of one of the Catwoman cast. I am truly scared that Karen is going to be killed next issue. Hammer and Sickle are just that evil. This proves once again at how good Pfeifer is at writing baddies. This is one of the most underrated books DC is putting out and I would recommend it to anyone. It’ funny, at one point in this issue I though yes Selina is going to defeat them. Everything is going to be okay, I thought, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I actually thought she had killed Sickle with that gun. I was so wrong. Dead wrong. Hammer and Sickle just may beat the Catwomen this time. The art is decent. I don’t really have much to say about it. The writing though is top-notch.