Rest In Peace Damage


JSA All-Stars #7
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Freddie Williams II
Co-Feature by Jen Van Meter
Art by Travis Moore


The main story focuses on Judomaster – a character who really hasn’t had a lot of focus. She is dealing with the death of Damage during Blackest Night – I liked it although it didn’t seem to be that different from the letter sent from beyond the grave stories told in comics past. It was great to see former Titans at Damage’s funeral – because DC seems to have forgotten that Damage was also a Titans at one point. I loved seeing Argent too! The Liberty Belle and Hourman back-up goes along with its Indiana Jones like themes – pretty good stuff.

Decade-Long Run Comes To An End

Justice Society of America #26
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Dale Eaglesham

What a sweet finale for Geoff Johns on this book. We spend a day with the JSA as they celebrate Stargirl’s birthday. It was really great, I liked all the flashbacks and character moments. Eaglesham drew Jay Garrick like he was a donkey or something…it was odd…but it didn’t hurt anything. Starman waves to the reader and says thank everyone and I smiled. There were some hilarious Starman moments in this issue, especially when he got Stargirl stuff from the laundry for her birthday. We are teased with the idea that Stargirl was going to have her braces taken off, which I wish they went through with. This was really a great way to wrap up John’s decade long run in a very positive way. I really enjoyed it. I think John’s run on JSA is going to be remembered as one of the great all-time comic book runs on a title in history, similar to Wolfman and the Titans. He will be missed on this title.

New Eras

Justice Society of America #25
Written Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway
Art by Ordway

This is Johns’s penultimate issue and he bring the Marvel Family into their next era here. Shazam takes Mary and Billy’s powers away after returning from the dead and turns Isis and Black Adam to stone. I imagine Mary and Billy will regain their powers in the future. I wonder if this is the real Shazam? He is acting like a jerk and not himself. Although now that I think about it I don’t know if he was ever really nice. I love Ordway draws Fawcett City, he is great at it. In the end, Alan announces that everyone is going to stay on JSA (well except Amazing Man and Hawkman and I think Starman) and Atom Smasher rejoins. I really liked Amazing Man and he seems to be leaving for no reason. Kick Magog or someone off the team and bring him in. I thought Citizen Steel wanted to leave? Maybe I misunderstood that.

Adventures In The Rock Of Eternity

Justice Society of America #24
Written by Geoff Johns, Jerry Ordway, and Matthew Sturges
Art by Ordway
and Fernando Pasarin

It’s more of this Black Adam story this issue and while it was good before, I think I am finally truly enjoying it. I appreciated the reference to “Power of Shazam” as well as how cool the rock of eternity really is. That is something that really hasn’t been explored thoroughly before. The Origins and Omen back up was by future series writer, Matthew Sturges, and so far, I like him on this book. IF I can judge it by this back up, the future of the JSA looks rather interesting. I was sad to hear Johns was leaving, but after the Gog storyline was so long and well….only okay…I think maybe it is time for him to move on. And why is Mary Marvel switching between her Final Crisis look and her Countdown look all of a sudden? Is that just a mistake.



Action Comics #873
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Pete Woods

This is the final part of the ten part New Krypton storyline that began in the New Krypton Special, then continued here, then in the Guardian Special, then here, here, here, here, here, and here. I read a lot of reviews saying that this wasn’t a true ending or satisfying ending. I think it was. I mean Kandor has left earth and established a New Krypton. It is the end of this arc. This is serial storytelling people, there are never going to be true endings as if this is a complete work! I just don’t get the complaining about the ending. Anyways, I absolutely adored this issue. Every moment inspired awe and wonder in a way that any big story like this should. While I like Final Crisis, this is more of an event book then that. The ending with Superwoman was completely unexpected and I look forward to all the story possibilities that have come out of this arc. I may have been hard on some parts of this storyline, but overall, and especially this issue, it was a tremendous success.

It’s Finally Over!


Justice Society of America #22
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Dale Eaglesham

Yes! Finally we get the last chapter of this Kingdome Come semi-sequel that has been brewing for a whole year now! I am really sick of this story, and I am so glad that we are going to get to move on! Seriously, I feel this book has been hijacked by Alex Ross and his overrated Kingdome Come book from the nineties. This was a good ending and all, but ultimately extremely predictable and makes you wonder why this story couldn’t have been told in maybe three issues tops. Superman of Earth-22 returns to his own earth and gets a happy ending after Gog is defeated in our world. Damage redeems himself and so does David Reid. The fight with Gog WAS pretty kick ass though. I gotta give them that. Anyways, onwards.

Oh My Rao


Superman #683
Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes and Jorge Correa Jr.

This is Part Nine of the New Krypton Storyline that began in the New Krypton Special, continued here, then in the Guardian Special, then here, here, here, here, and here. It’s great to see the other heroes from the DCU finally reacting to New Krypton. But Geez, some of them SHOULD NOT be there. Why the hell is Mr. Terrific there? As if the guy doesn’t appear enough, he is now in comics logically he shoudn’t be in. Come on! Oh how I loathe that character some times. Robinson’s dialogue is still awkward sometimes. Why does Superman say things like Oh my Rao or whatever, he grew up on EARTH. Alura has went from being a bitch to down right evil and Supergirl can’t seem who to choose – her mother or her cousin. The surprise ending got me really excited! One has to wonder why they didn’t just come in the first place.