The Real Flash Is Back! Welcome Back Wally!


The Flash (Volume 3) #9
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul


Well I didn’t see that ending coming! But anyways fuck the two Barry’s – Wally West and the rest of the Flash family is in this issue! Welcome back the real Flash! I hope Johns includes him more then his two lines in this issue in later issues because Johns certainly can write Wally well and he deserves to be one of the stars of this book. As for the mystery – it’s actually really interesting as Elongated Kid is found dead aged and dead (I liked that they made up a new hero here instead of killing off say – Offspring – or something) and Hot Pursuit is revealed to be some kind of alternate Barry Allen. Hmmm?



Titans (Volume 2) #23
Written by Eddie Berganza
Art by Scott Clark and Ardian Syaf


I think I have said enough about how disgusting it was for DC to kill off Lian Harper, but I did enjoy this issue. Okay I hated it at first but I liked the look back at the history of this team and it reminds me of me and my friends over the years, you go through rough spots, but it makes you closer in the end. There was something very real about all this. Sure it was filled with unnecessary retcons – I don’t remember Donna and Roy being that serious or the Titans finding about Roy’s drug abuse – but I still enjoyed it. I guess because it profiles probably the greatest family in all of comics – the Titans. They have stuck together through bad and worse and I love that about them and I am glad they are becoming Justice Leaguers now.

Separate Ways


Titans (Volume 2) #18
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Angel Unzueta

These done-in-one character focuses have generally been pretty good. This one was good – I am just kind’ve sick of the Raven vs. her brothers plot as it was the focus of the beginning of this series already and it’s been done to death. It looks like Raven will end up being a mentor with Beast Boy to the Teen Titans as we have seen over in that series and it is hinted here…but I could be wrong. As the team (or family) splits apart with Raven and Beast Boy mentoring the Teen Titans and Donna, Cyborg, and Starfire going to the Justice League….will Flash and Red Arrow stay in this book? I guess we shall find out.

Day In The Life

Titans (Volume 2) #11
Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Howard Porter

This day in the life issue by Sean McKeever was a decent issue. The colorist and Porter have to be blamed for the misdepictions of Lian Harper and Jai West who look nothing like they look like. Not to mention saying that the Wests live in Central City when they definitely live in Keystone. I know some may see this as minor errors but I do not. The editor needs to get his butt in gear. Beast Boy and Raven did date during the OYL gap right? They talk like they just had a kiss here. I was under the impression that they broke up. I wonder if McKeever is setting up the bartender as a new love interest to replace Hawkgirl for Roy. I like that because Roy and Hawkgirl never really fit for me. Pretty decent filler except for those minor details.

At Least We Get A Happy Ending


The Flash (Volume 2) #247
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Carlo Barberi, J. Calafiore, and Andre Coelho

This may or may not be the last issue of this series. Sadly, they are bringing back Barry Allen (a much inferior character) and retiring Wally.…at least he ended on a high note as this is a good story and it is a good explanation for him to give up the super hero business to focus on his family. But I don’t see that staying the same for long. The art was so inconsistent this issue, it was a bit distracting. And no, Wally doesn’t die. Nobody does. It is a happy ending for the West Family. Their only true enemy is Didio, who wants to move the DC Universe backwards instead of forwards. Yes, I know I mention this in almost every post now but it’s true, and I am bitter about it.

Brave and the Bold 7 – 19


Brave and the Bold #7
Written by Mark Waid
Art by George Perez

Waid and Perez start their second arc with team-up of Wonder Woman and Power Girl….Wonder Woman’s “perfection” is portrayed against Power Girl’s crazed anger in this issue and I have to say it rings untrue. Power Girl is the leader of the JSA, yet her emotions are all over the place like a teenager this issue and I just see that as a little out of character. Besides this, this was a good issue that sets up the new threat…Megistus. And Perez’s art is as beautiful as ever.


Brave and the Bold #8
Written by Mark Waid
Art by George Perez

This issue sees The Flash and the Doom Patrol team up when Wally takes his kids to be “fixed” by Dr. Niles Caulder. I love how creepy the Doom Patrol are and they should be used more often around the DCU. I am not sure why Caulder has gray hair here, as usually it is red I think. This was a good issue.


Brave and the Bold #9
Written by Mark Waid
Art by George Perez

Eh…I really could care less about any of the characters in this issue besides Hawkman and the Atom…so besides those last few pages I was totally bored with this issue.


Brave and the Bold #10
Written by Mark Waid
Art by George Perez

While the first part with Superman and Silent Knight was kinda boring…it was cool to see the old Teen Titans team up with Aquaman. Oh and it is good to see that Perez hasn’t forgotten that Aqualad looks like a boy instead of a weird fish-boy like over in Teen Titans: Year One. This series is becoming too much of an homage to the silver age. Let’s bring in some modern age characters!


Brave and the Bold #11
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Jerry Ordway

Superman and Ultraman from the anti-matter earth team-up when the anti-matter Mxyzptlk tells them of a disaster that will effect both earths. This explains what Megistus is doing and who he is. While I look forward to next issue’s conclusion, this story arc is taking way too long. At least this issue wasn’t silver agey. Ordway’s art is always welcome and the perfect artist to replace Perez.


Brave and the Bold #12
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Jerry Ordway

This concludes the Megistus arc where a lot of heroes team up and take on Megistus. In the end, it is June who saves the day and becomes a challenger in her own right. Megistus was not that scary or interesting of a villain as you think he would be after so many issue of build up but I did enjoy this issue. The foreshadowing of Final Crisis is interesting as Megistus says it will change everything. Interesting.


Brave and the Bold #13
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Jerry Ordway

I remember listening to Mark Waid’s interview on Word Balloon where he talks about this issue (great interview by the way) and how we never do see Jay Garrick and Batman interact. You know….he’s right and now I want to see them together more often. This was fun issue where Jay and Batman fight android safaris haha but the best part is the dialogue between Jay Garrick and Batman. I often forget that Jay is a scientist as well as a hero. You really get the feeling that Jay is the old hat while reading this and how much Batman respects him.


Brave and the Bold #14
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Scott Kolins

What? So confused….why did Ollie just shoot an Arrow into Deadman? Is there something to this? I bet because I know Green Arrow would never do such a thing and Deadman is already dead anyways. Kolins’s art can be a little distracting but this was an okay issue…I preferred the parts in Star City then the Nanda Parbat stuff though.


Brave and the Bold #15
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Scott Kolins

This continued the storyline that began last issue with Nightwing and Hawkman. I like that Waid is playing up that Nightwing is probably the most trusted superhero in the DCU because that is totally true. I just wish Didio would recognize that and not try to kill him all the time. There was a little continuity goof, I am pretty sure Deadman told Nightwing about him knowing his parents already in Nightwing: Year One but that is just a slight error, and such things are very unusual for Waid. So ya this was an okay issue, nothing to get really excited about.

bb161 Brave and the Bold #16
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Scott Kolins

First of all, what the hell is Selina doing in this costume. She definitely did not have this costume until Brubaker took over her series and this takes place long before that if it is her first meeting with Superman. Kolins obviously knows very little about her history if he isn’t aware of this, and the editor is an idiot for not catching it. The story was good though, I liked the fake out with the cave. But this huge continuity error really distracted from what was a good story.


Brave and the Bold #17
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Phil Winslade

You know…I never thought about the similarities between Raven and Supergirl until this issue. While this is the first Waid-less issue of this series, it was still very good. Winslade’s art is much better then Kolins, and I liked the use of continuity as Wolfman clearly followed the Supergirl series well. I know that Supergirl’s father apparently didn’t want her to kill Superman though right, at least it is not how he is being portrayed over in the Superman books. I think Johns said that they were going to clear that up soon.


Brave and the Bold #18
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Phil Winslade

You know I kind’ve like the bad ass Supergirl and her sense of humor, I hope she doesn’t completely change. Raven and Supergirl’s dialogue here is excellent and really shows what Wolfman can do. The insult comic dog stuff was hilarious and the story had real depth to it as well. Check this out, you won’t be disappointed.


Brave and the Bold #19
Written by David Hine
Art by Doug Braithwaite

Okay….if you don’t pick this up because you are waiting for JMS to start his run then you are an idiot. This was amazing! The story is fascinating and the art….oh my gosh…the art is beautiful. Perfectly dark but still full of beauty and wonder….especially when Green Lantern and the Phantom Stranger go to Kahlo. I never thought Green Lantern and Phantom Stranger could make sense in a story together, but they really do here as magick effects an alien planet. The panel showing the little girl who wrote the Green Lantern Oath on the wall was breathtaking and well creepy all at the same time. Check this out people, it is worth it. I can’t wait for the next issue. Definitely the best book I read this week. And by far the best issue of this series yet.

Flash 231 – 246


The Flash (Volume 2) #231
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Daniel Acuna

And it begins….Wally West returns as the Flash with his two kids as sidekicks. Now I am not an expert on genetics by any means…but I am pretty sure that if Wally and Linda had children, BOTH would have dark hair and both would have aspects of Linda’s Asian descent and Wally’s Caucasian descent in their faces. Instead we have Jai looking completely Asian and Iris looking completely Caucasian and Iris has red hair. Makes no sense, but whatever it’s not that important I guess. I like Acuna’s art despite other people’s complaints and I did like this issue. I wish that in their little retrospective they didn’t ignore Bart who DID work out of Keystone for a bit before moving to L.A.


The Flash (Volume 2) #232
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Daniel Acuna

So the Flash manages to freeze all of Keystones in order to fight an incoming invasion of….Vagina Monsters?! Haha well that’s what it looks like sorry. Acuna’s art was still good but I don’t know how I feel about the colorist this issue, everything was a little bland. As for the story, the monsters seems kind’ve interesting but I wish this issue focused more on Wally then his kids as they take up about half the issue.


The Flash (Volume 2) #233
Written by Mark Waid and John Rogers
Art by Freddie E. Williams II and Doug Braithwaite

This was by far the best issue since Wally returned. We get more Flash then his kids and we get an excellent back up starring Jay Garrick. The Justice League also guest stars. I love Wally’s response to Batman telling him how to raise his kids, noting that Batman has gone through four Robins. I am glad Waid hasn’t forgotten Stephanie. I actually think I liked the back up better with the Planet Salvoth, I love how they look like dogs and the art was fantastic with Braithwaite. I miss Acuna’s art but Williams wasn’t too bad this issue.


The Flash (Volume 2) #234
Written by Mark Waid and John Rogers
Art by Freddie E. Williams II and Doug Braithwaite

The back-up story continues to be good and the main story is really picking up in this series. I find the kids a little annoying still but oh well it was still good. I have to wonder how these kids, if they aged instantly, make pop-culture quips and know how to even talk. Were they put in a virtual environment like Bart Allen was? I don’t know and I suppose it will never be explained. I also question why Wally would go after the vagina monsters (yes I am just going to keep calling them that), when they seem to have left. If they don’t pose a threat anymore, why be so aggressive?


The Flash (Volume 2) #235
Written by Mark Waid and John Rogers
Art by Freddie E. Williams II and Doug Braithwaite

The back up story connects to the main story here as we learn the Vagina Monsters are actually the Swamp Invaders from Planet Sorvath. In the main story, we get a nice scene where Wally talks to Jai about the fact that he may age till death quickly. (All of this remind me of the movie, Jack, with Robin Williams) and the Justice League acting kinda jerky toward Wally but otherwise the back up story is what has made this  good.


The Flash (Volume 2) #236
Written by Mark Waid and John Rogers
Art by Freddie E. Williams II and Doug Braithwaite

This concludes the opening arc in a very satisfactory way. While a lot of people were underwhelmed by this, I thought it was really good. I especially loved the back up story’s conclusion, and the final line where he says “I did not know ‘The Flash’. I knew Jay, Barry, Bart, and Wally. Waid and Rogers really get the humanity behind the character of the Flash and they show it here, especially in Linda’s speech to the council. Good stuff.


The Flash (Volume 2) #237
Written by Keith Chamagne
Art by Koi Turnbull

This fill-in issue was pretty decent. At least the writing was, the art was pretty awful. Look at that security guard guy, why is he so big! Who looks like that! Basically the kids fight Livewire while on a scavenger hunt in Metropolis, while the Flash goes to interviews. I like that Wally has to deal with things like interviews while being a superhero, it makes the character so human and down-to-earth. Chamagne is almost always a good writer, he needs to be given a regular book.


The Flash (Volume 2) #238
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

Tom Peyer begins his run on The Flash by introducing a new villain with one of the best concepts for a villain I have seen in a long time. Spin apparently plays on society’s fears and makes it a reality, like how the news plays on the fears of society. Very interesting stuff and a nice commentary on the state of modern tv news. I liked this a lot and I look forward to Peyer’s run on the series.


The Flash (Volume 2) #239
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

So it looks like Gorilla Grodd is behind the new villain, Spin. This was a good issue and I like Wally’s new job. Pretty cool. Peyer doesn’t write Jai and Iris to be quite as annoying as Waid did, but I still can’t really warm up to them. I wouldn’t be stressed if the people of Keystone turned against the Flash after the whole robbery thing even without Spin’s influence. People are easily manipulated.



The Flash (Volume 2) #240
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

Spin turns Keystone City into a living newscast in this issue. This is a really creative plot and I recommend people check it out. Peyer is definitely a good writer. The kids are kidnapped by the Dark Side Club, tying into Final Crisis. And it looks like Iris has aged to an adult. Grodd is one pissed off gorilla.


The Flash (Volume 2) #241
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

While it didn’t seem like it, a lot did happen this issue. Spin reveals his origin, and Grodd and the Dark Side Club are defeated. Iris is not aged (yet Williams draws her face as being exactly the same, because he can’t really draw that many faces.) To top it off, Wally has to save Inertia from the burning Flash Museum. I almost forgot Wally put him there, what a perfect punishment that was.



The Flash (Volume 2) #242
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

Wow, did that just happen? Did Iris just age and die? They were so close to saving her? Something tells me there is still hope. Her aging would be so much better if Williams knew how to draw different ages, she basically looks the same the whole issue but is talking as if she is aging more and more. It really distracted from the story. Williams does draw a cute Nzame though. I will give him that. The whole Edwar Martinez thing was really sad, and the murder plague is creepy. Good stuff.


The Flash (Volume 2) #243
Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

In this excellent conclusion to Peyer’s story arc, Iris and Jai are finally cured after Wally removes the black aspect of the speed force from them? Ya it’s kind’ve a weird way of saving them, but it works. I was hoping there powers would be gone so they wouldn’t were those hideous costumes anymore but they are still there. Peyer’s arc was really good and I hope he comes and does more stuff for DC in the future.


The Flash (Volume 2) #244
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Paco Diaz

I am not sure how I feel about this issue. It makes me sad that this arc is just depowering Wally so that Barry can come back and be the best Flash or some shit like that. Fuck you Didio and you’re let’s revert the DCU to 1984 attitude. Anyways, at least he can hit the speed of sound, which I believe is what Jay can do. The art and writing is good though. I am glad that Williams is gone, I was so sick of his art.


The Flash (Volume 2) #245
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Carlo Barberi

Okay If Linda is dead I am going to be really fucking pissed off. I doubt it but if she is that is so ridiculous. I am not one that freaks out every time they kill someone in a comic, but Linda’s death would so unnecessary. I am not sure what Black Lightning was talking about in the end with the spy thing. I did really enjoy the flashbacks to Wally’s time with the Titans though.


The Flash (Volume 2) #246
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Carlo Barberi

Okay like I said if she is actually dead I am going to really fucking pissed and she didn’t get any better this issue. In fact, the Spectre even says she is going to die. I am hoping Wally will figure out a cure soon. Death by bee stings, I mean come on! Besides this, Burnett clearly knows his Wally West history as there are lots of flashbacks to his relationship with Linda and his time as the Flash. Good retrospective but I am worried about Linda.

Welcome Back Wally

Justice League of America #10
Written by Brad Meltzer
Art by Ed Benes

This was the conclusion of the JLA/JSA crossover that began here and continued here , here, and here. And what an exciting conclusion it was, I mean if you aren’t versed in continuity you might be confused by this but it was a lot of fun for me because Wally West is back! I will miss Bart but it is time for Wally to be back and I was as thrilled as Roy Harper to see him alive and kicking again. The Legion brought him back but it looks like they meant to bring back Barry. I sure am glad it was Wally and not Barry. I was disappointed to see Batman dissapointed. It makes Wally look bad, like he is a worse Flash. Even if Batman thought Barry was coming back, he should still be happy that Wally is back. I mean Wally and Bruce served as Team members for years. I don’t get that at all and I blame Meltzer (:. But all of the mystery wasn’t solved but it doesn’t matter because I think the seeds are being sown here for the DC Universe’s future and it will all be played out around the Universe. That excites me a lot!