Scarabs= Extra Terrestrial Technology

Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #9
Written by Keith Giffen and John Rogers
Art and Cover by Duncan Rouleau

This was another fun issue of Blue Beetle and the art wasn’t too bad. I guess I am not one for cartoony art and usually this book has way too much cartoony art, but Duncan does a decent job here. This series never lets me down, it always has at least one fun part to it and this issue was all fun. The virtual “Beetle Cave” is a really fun and cool idea. Although, it does seem like a heck of a lot of people know that Jaime Reyes is the Blue Beetle. I guess it isn’t too bad though, I mean most people who know his ID seem trustworth. Brenda and Paco are great characters and I am surprised how fast the writers of this series have managed to develop a solid family of supporting characters around Blue Beetle. The idea of the scarab being alien in origin didn’t surprised me because it has been rumored for so long, but it still doesn’t quite explain why the Jaime Blue Beetle looks so different from the Dan Garret Bluee Beetle. I am itching to know the answer to that question. I look forward to the next storyline where Brenda and the Blue Beetle go to the worlds of the New Gods.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes 19 – 24

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #19
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

This was fun little mystery and I have to admit, I didn’t guess who was behind the murder at all. I was actually quite surprised by it. That is good writing. We get a lot more insight into the character of Chameleon this issue and I am beginning to really like him. Good issue.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20 Written by Mark Waid and Tony Bedard
Art by Barry Kitson

This book is a lotta fun and I love when they talk about what has happened to the world from the present until the 31st century, maybe that is because I am a continuity/history buff. I don’t know. What I do know is that I enjoyed this issue although Cosmic Boy falling in love with Supergirl does seem a little forced. Supergirl’s reaction to hearing of Bizzaro-Brainiac was funny and I loved the story of how B-B created Big City.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #21 Written by Mark Waid and Tony Bedard
Art by Barry Kitson

I am glad the Dream Girl isn’t actually ressurected, if she was, it would make death seem meaningless in this series. Instead, we see Brainiac 5 realizing that not everything in the world can be solved with science. Another thing I enjoyed this issue was the idea of an upcoming election of a new leader. I can’t wait for that. It was also fun to see Supergirl acting like it is all still a dream.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #22 Written by Mark Waid and Tony Bedard
Art by Barry Kitson

The relationship between Shadow Lass and Karate Kid was very similar to a relationship that I just recently got out of so this issue really hit home for me. I enjoyed it a lot. See I knew that the Cosmic Boy-Supergirl thing was forced, and it turns out Waid wanted it that way. Cosmic Boy’s reaction to Supergirl is because of mere physics, not love. I have to say this is one of the most underrated series out today. I highly reccomend it.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

I actually felt bad for Supergirl in this issue, I mean she has been through a lot and waking up only to find out that it wasn’t a dream and her home planet really was destroyed and her cousin really is superman and she really was thrusted into the future against her will to work with the legion. That must be hard news for her take. But I think the legion did the right thing in making her see the truth. Now, seeing as I know nothing about the pre-reboot legion, I know nothing about the surprise character at the end, who happens to be Mon-El I believe. Time to do some research.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #24
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson

This issue continues this series with great success, I still think this is series is highly underrated. I love the monologue about Kandor’s history since it was bottled and it makes perfect sense why they would not want Kandorians knowing what happens to Kryptonians once they leave the red sun. It also made me smile to see Supergirl deciding to stay with the legion. Brainiac 5 can be a real jerk sometimes though. The ending was good too, I look forward to next issue.

That’s It?

Hawkgirl #58
Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Joe Bennett
Cover by Howard Chaykin

I have come to the conclusion that I just hate Hawkgirl’s current mask, it is not appealing to the eye. I definitely do not like it. I think that why I am unsatisfied with any artist that comes on to this book, the stupid chaykin designed mask. It is fugly. Now besides that, this issue wasn’t bad persay, I mean it was enjoyable but, it was very decompressed. Not much happened, Hawkgirl realizes that she still has some powers without the Nth Metal (I guess that was kinda cool to find out) and she escapes from the asylum that she was being imprisoned in. I feel like more could have happened in one issue. This whole storyline is moving way too slowly. Oh and since when can Hawkgirl’s wings be controlled remotely? I was not aware of that. Has it always been that way? That definitely confused me. So to conclude, this wasn’t bad, it was just way too decompressed.

A Brand New Era For The Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey #100
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood, Paulo Sequiera and Robin Riggs
Cover by Jerry Ordway

It’s exciting to see a book like Birds of Prey reach its 100th issue, it is like the little engine that could. Gail Simone and Chuck Dixon before her have created a great series out of the adventures of Oracle and her agents. Here is to another hundred issues! This issue introduces a new era for the Birds, with Dinah leaving the team it looks like Oracle is turning the Birds into a who’s who of DC females as shown by the cover of this issue (which is great by the way.) It was fun to see all the lady super-heroes get their invitations into the Birds. But what about Gypsy, wasn’t she going to be a permanent member now? She is not even mentioned in this issue. Strange. While I enjoyed the main story, I enjoyed the back-up a lot more. I love how Dinah tells her life story to Sin. I am actually kindve excited to see that Dinah and Ollie might get back together, even though I know it has been hinted a million times in the past. Will their always be Black Canary back ups in this series? I guess time will tell but I certainly enjoyed this one. Fantastic milestone issue.

Superman/Batman 28 and 29

Superman/Batman #28
Written by Mark Verheiden

Art by Ethan Van Sciver

This was a dark issue, darker than this book usually is, some people might complain about that but I loved it! This issue was suspenseful and cool, Martian Manhunter has gone crazy and has elevated powers and now he is going after Batman and Superman. While it may seem like the superhero gone rogue thing has been done too many times before, but it really works in this issue. Verheiden pulled it off. Van Sciver’s art is wonderul as usual too. By far my favorite quote this issue must have been, “Your fine, is someone else’s two weeks bed-rest” – Superman to Batman.

Superman/Batman #29
Written by Mark Verheiden
Art by Ethan Van Sciver

In this issue we find out that it wasn’t really Martian Manhunter last issue but a different shape-shifter. This creature is apparently part of a bigger plot and is able to control Green Lanterns, which is why it is able to control Kilowog and Hal Jordan this issue. I don’t know if I liked this issue quite as much as the last but it was still good. Certainly a lot better than anything Loeb wrote when he was on this book. The art is fantastic and I am wondering who exactly is behind all this craziness. I look forward to next issue.

Wonder Woman 2 and 3

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #2
Written by Allan Heinberg
Art and Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Heinberg continues this series’ debut arc this issue, a little, but it does not matter because he certainly deliver this issue. This was more fun super-hero action. This issue we find out that Bruce Wayne set Wonder Woman up with the Diana Prince ID. It is hard to accept the idea that no one recognizes Wonder Woman because she has glasses on and her hair is up, but I suppose if it works for Superman, it can work for Wonder Woman. Great issue.

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #3
Written by Allan Heinberg
Art and Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

This issue was fun, just like the last two, but I have to say that the lateness of this book is getting rudiculous. I know Allan has other things to do but if you sign on to write a comic book, in my opinion, you should be ready to have it on time. End of rant. Besides that, the art in this is wonderful and the story is fun. I am not that familiar with Circe as a character but she seems like a cool villain, it interesting to find out she is the reason why Wonder Woman’s villains are getting upgrades. Wasn’t Cheetah a regular woman last issue. Why does she look all Cheetah-like again? Is that Circe’s doing, I am not sure.

Hats Off To Gibbons

Green Lantern Corps #6
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and Cover by Gibbons and Michael Bair

I think this book has great art, and what’s amazing is that Gibbons manages to write a good story and do great art. Hats off to him. Ranx is an interesting villain and I wonder if he is a Gibbons-created character or not. I like him. It is sad to see Korugar turning its back on Natu. She seems pretty upset about it and considering she is my favorite character in this series, it upsets me as well. I feel bad for her. Guy is actually likeable in this series, unlike he was in the JLI days. That makes me happy, I never thought I would ever like Guy Gardener. Oh and since Geoff Johns isn’t uitlizing John Stewart over in the main Green Lantern book, I think its time John co-starred in this book. He is a high profile character now and I think he should star in at least one monthly book. He is just too big of a draw, to not have him in a book would be missed oppurtunity.