Just Bring On The Eclipso


Justice League of America #53
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley


I was disappointed with the conclusion to this arc. I mean it was better then anything pre-Robinson but man was it not that great of an ending and Bagley…he must have known he was leaving when he drew this cause this was a weak issue on his part. That last splash page could have used some serious editing. Elasti-Woman is wearing the wrong costume and Damage is there – Damage is dead! Come on DC! I am looking forward to next month’s Rise of Eclipso story though!

Shadowpact 3 – 7

Shadowpact #3
Written by Bill Willingham

Art by Cory Walker

This was a fun conclusion to this storyline. It establishes that what was only a few days for the Shadowpact, was a whole year outside of the blood barrier. Way cool. I doubt that this will be the last time we see the Pentacle, they are just too cool of villains for the shadowpact to stay in limbo. Oh and I didn’t realize how powerful Nightshade really is until this issue.

Shadowpact #4
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Steve Scott

This was a stand alone day in the life story of Blue Devil, although the rest of the Shadowpact was mentioned, they don’t make an appearence. I always hate when comic issues do that, the stars of the title should all be in the issue. But besides that little nitpick, this was a fun story. Mr. Green and Mr. Grey were funny villains and I hope Willingham brings them back sometime.

Shadowpact #5
Written by Bill Willingham Art by Steve Scott

This was another fun issue, picking up where issue 3 left off. It was fun to see what happens to each member’s belongings since they have been missing for a year and though dead. Makes me wonder what would happen if I dissapeared and came back. The final scene with Ragman is great and I look forward to learning more about this new villain with an awesome name, Dr. Gotham.

Shadowpact #6
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Cory Walker

Just in the first few issues of this series alone, Willingham has managed to create some fun villains for the shadowpact. And in this issue the wild huntsman and Blue Moon are added to that list. The scenes with the oblivian bar were fun as well. I think it is safe to say that the Phantom Stranger is the official narrarator of this series and I think he works great in this role. This is the most fun book that DC is putting out.

Shadowpact #7
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Tom Derenick

I actually do not have that much to say about this issue except it was a lot of fun, just like this book always is. I wonder of Derenick actually read last issue, because Nightmaster was not wearing those clothes before. The congregation’s light attack was pretty cool. Oh and I hope Rex the Wonder Dog becomes a permanent member of the team.

Fun + Creepy = Cool

Shadowpact #2
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and cover by Willingham

In the second issue of shadowpact, we are treated to more of this fun/creepy story. We now get to know this anti-shadowpact team better and boy are they a cool villain team. I do hope that this story is not the last we will see of them. It is rare for cool new villains to be created now and days but Willingham hits it out of the park with these guys. Each of them are creepy, yet there is something about them that makes you like them. I guess because they play by the rules so to speak. They work together very well. Karnevil is a sick little guy and I am worried for Detective Chimp. Please don’t kill my favorite Chimp (I am just kidding I know they would never kill this series most popular character.) I wonder if the devil guy is really Blue Devil’s brother. I think it would be interesting if he was and how that would affect Blue Devil, knowing that his deal with Neron affected his family as well. Speaking of that, are we supposed to know the God Strega is trying to wake up? I did not recognize him but Willingham made it seem like we as an audience knew him. This series continues to impress.