Donna Flys Solo


Titans (Volume 2) #20
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Sergio Arino

Donna Troy goes solo in another spectacular single issue Titans tale. I have to say that Johnson could write a Donna Troy ongoing – he gets her and really makes me like her. I always loved her but I mean hear she seems so much more real. I love that she is going out and starting her life over again. She has been a full time hero for far too long. Miami will be a nice choice for her I think. The guy that Donna likes is a blonde named Tom – come on that is confusing and makes me think of Nemesis right away. Couldn’t we have a non-Wonder Woman like romantic interest for Donna? Oh and I sure hope she doesn’t keep the glasses look for her secret identity. I am pretty sure during the Wolfman/Perez days she didn’t even have a secret identity.

Bad Fashion Choices


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #73
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Joe Bennett
Co-Feature by Sean McKeever
Art by Yildiray Cinar


First of all, I am sure I mentioned it last time, but the outfits that Joe Bennett draws the female Titans wearing out on the town are so ridiculous and not at all what a real teenage girl would wear. Belly shirts are not that popular and are frankly slutty as all hell when they are that high up. And I am so sick of the Calculator I am not even kidding. Anyone who has been reading DC books since Identity Crisis knows that Calculator has been in every book. He was an interesting character at first, now he is just over used. This isn’t so bad writing-wise I still feel that Miller understands these characters and gives them each a unique voice and I liked the team work that they used in this issue. I enjoyed the Ravager Co-Feature more this time around although I was kinda hoping Will had good motives instead of bad. I hope that we see Rose build a supporting cast.