Batman: Streets of Gotham #21
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen


The final issue of Streets of Gotham marks the end of more then just this series. It marks the end of Hush posing as Bruce Wayne after Jane Doe rips his face off (How is he able to talk after that? Wouldn’t that be too painful) and it also marks the end of Dini’s writing in the Batman corner of the DCU which is sad. The House of Hush arc was no where near as exciting as the Heart of Hush storyline but it was still good and added a lot to the history of the Waynes and Elliots. I have a feeling it was cut a little short. I wonder when we will see Hush again or when Dini will return to writing Batman.

Boy Man


Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 6) #11
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Daniel HDR


So Starman is going back to being called Star Boy now? Seems kind of strange…why is Earth-Man the only one allowed to be called Man now? None of them are really teenagers anymore right? Anyways, this was a fantastic start to the Legion of Super-Villains arc as all of the Legionnaires search for the villain group. Levitz sure knows how to pack a lot into one issue.

Confused But Still Awesome


T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (Volume 3) #5
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Cafu


Okay so very confused. So Toby was the leader of Spider’s brother and he was posing as Toby and the Menthor helmet made him turn against his brother. What did they want from Raven? I hope we get some more clarification soon or did I miss something?? Still an awesome comic though.

Best Hope


Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #58
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham


This is part 2 of War of the Green Lanterns which began here and it was awesome! Ganthet tells Kyle Rayner it was no accident he was given the last ring and that he was the Corps’ best hope then and still is today! Hell to the ya he is! He is a dreamer with a heart; the perfect Lantern. Anyways, it looks like Parallax has taken over the entire Corps I imagine he was never able to do that before when he was stuck in the battery because he didn’t have Krona’s help. Things are getting crazy!

Penguin’s Nose


Batman: The Dark Knight #2
Written by David Finch
Art by Finch


That was a quick read for a comic book that is so incredibly late but whatever, it was still good. Finch’s artwork is fantastic and the story is interesting even if I have no idea on how it all connects just yet. Who is the Ragman-like monster killing homeless people and what is with this amulet? Oh and Finch draws a big nose on Penguin doesn’t he?

Corps Take Over


Green Lantern (Volume 4) #64
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke


Okay things go to hell for the Corps really fast in the first part of “War of the Green Lanterns” as Krona and the entities take over the Guardians and restore Parallax to the Central Power Battery. Oh and a bunch of folks get stuck in the book of the black. It was really good for an opening chapter of this crossover, but a little too much Hal Jordan and Johns’s annoying Hal Worship going on.

All I Can Say Is This Was Amazing


Xombi (Volume 2) #1
Written by John Rozum
Art by Frazer Irving


Seriously?! I have never read the original Xombi book but in one issue Rozum and Irving have me hooked! Read this book people! This is crazy far-out stuff I can’t even explain it. Catholic Girl, Nun of the Above, violent snow angels, underground prisons! This is all in one issue! The concept of the character is even cooler than I thought.

Roxy Forever


JSA All-Stars #16
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Freddie E. Williams II


Um I loved this issue! Roxy has quickly become my favorite thing to come out of this book – well tied with Anna Fortune and I was worried about what would happen to her with this book ending. Well sure enough we flash forward to the 852rd century and she is still around helping Hourman Matthew Tyler out. Awesome! There were a lot of great moments here. The art still bugs me sometimes though.

The Return of the Crusader


Batman #708
Written by David Hine
Art by Guillem March


This is the first part of the Judgement on Gotham crossover that was lead up to from the now cancelled Azrael series. You don’t have to read the Azrael book to get this but it certainly helps. It was great to see the Crusader back as he was definitely the best villain to come out of that book. March’s Batman is drawn differently here, but not in a bad way. I guess Devil’s Square has replaced the East End as Gotham’s “bad neighborhood” now. I hope we get to see the East End again eventually as it was Catwoman’s stomping grounds for so long. No idea what is going on with Dick after being stabbed with the sword but it’s an interesting mystery and this was a good start to the crossover.

Lobo Clones


R.E.B.E.L.S. #26
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Claude St. Aubin and Daniel HDR


I am also sad that this series will be ending in may but at least it gets to go out on a great arc. I initially thought bringing back Starro was too soon but he is the villain you would want to conclude the series with. I loved the flashback to Lobo’s origin here and the scene with Adam Strange’s daughter. The Starros would be great to see in live action and creepy now that I think about it. I wonder if we will get to see the Lobo clones unleashed? I sure hope so.

White Knight


Batman and Robin #21
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason


The second part of this arc blew me away here. I never expected it to get this intersting. Tomasi and Gleason have created an intriguing new villain the White Knight – a man murdering relatives of Arkham inmates and treats them like martyrs – even going as far as giving them anesthetic so they don’t feel pain and passionately made wings. Awesome and Gleason’s art helps make this Gotham mystery a beauty to look at. I was very impressed.

Death and Resurrection


Freedom Fighters (Volume 2) #7
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Travis Moore


Let me start this off by saying I am pretty upset this book is ending in May. DC never gave it a chance – I blame Flashpoint but whatever. This was an awesome issue as the Freedom Fighters finally come face-to-face with the Jester! Amazing action, story, and art has made this book one of – if not the best – book DC has put out since it started. I sure hope Firebrand isn’t really dead but it was great to see the return of Uncle Sam! Kick his ass Sam!



Batgirl (Volume 3) #19
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Ramon Bachs


Eh this was okay. The mystery and this slipstream character doesn’t really interest me and I know I am a Cass fan so one may think I am biased, but this series is wayyyy overrated. It was cool to see Batman Inc gave Steph her own “cave” of sorts though.

Eradicated By Doomsday


Outsiders (Volume 4) #37
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan


This is the second part of the Reign of Doomsday storyline that began in the Steel One-Shot. It was okay. Didio’s dialogue is of course horrible and everything, but Tan’s art has improved tremendously even if I did not know what was going on with the fight half the time. It looks like Eradicator is dead but I doubt it. At least we get to see Halo back in action.

Logging Off


Red Robin #21
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Marcus To


Red Robin and Anarky managed to shut down the unternet in this interesting issue. I am not sure I completely understand what the unternet is – but I like the concept and the connections to Final Crisis here. I was hoping that Cassandra Cain was in this because Nicieza has said she’ll be in this book in the spring but I guess I will have to wait a little longer.



Adventure Comics #524
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Phil Jimenez

I liked the second issue of this book focusing on Legion Academy even better then the first. I would love to see Lamprey become a full-fledged Legionnaire – she is just too cool looking. I wonder if this is Chemical Kid’s mom who is the big bad? Speaking of Chemical Kid, he was way more likable in this issue.  I want to see more Variable Lad in action. Jimenez’s art is as beautiful as ever.

Super Speed


Superman #709
Written by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson
Art by Eddy Barrows and Allan Goldman


This was a cute little meet up with the Flash that allows Roberson to explore super speed and further the plot about the strange things that have arrived on earth from New Krypton. I enjoyed it. Although the whole thing makes me miss the days when Wally was the default Flash instead of Barry.