Action Comics 977 – 980

Action Comics #977
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Ian Churchill

I expected that Superman would now remember his New 52 life and his Pre-New 52 life after events of the last issue where the New 52 Superman and our Superman were combined but that isn’t exactly what happens here as Superman explores his history through the Kryptonian recording we only got a story similar to the Pre-New 52 history with a combination of the Geoff Johns and John Byrne origin stories. Also, Perry White knows about Jon Kent and Lois and Clark got married again in this universe and everyone remembers it. Interesting.


Action Comics #978
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Carlo Barberi

More of Superman’s history is told in this issue as see Death of Superman, Superman’s marriage and proposal, and pretty much his entire history up to 2011 and the New 52 is back! I can’t be happier about that. If you were a fan of the New 52 Superman – and I do not know why you would be – you would not be happy as that history is completely written over where now Superman disappeared for the new 52 era as he focused on raising his son out of the public eye and only returned to the Daily Planet and a public life as Superman recently. The New 52 era is at least not remembered by Superman or completely erased. This all ties into DC Rebirth as Mr. Oz threatens Superman again in the fortress of solitude. I loved this issue.


Action Comics #979
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Patch Zircher

Clark and Lois are moving back to Metropolis…and as a city dweller myself I am excited for them. Meanwhile, the Superman Revenge Squad now consists of Cyborg Superman, Mongul (who bows once again to Cyborg Superman – I love to see these two together again), Blanque, and Metallo. They are looking to recruit Zod next.


Action Comics #980
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Patch Zircher

The Superman “Revenge Squad” tries to beak Zod out of Belle Reeve in this issue. I am glad Jurgens did a refresher on Cyborg Superman’s origin because I always forget how interesting it is. Most of the issue focuses on them trying to get through this barrier around Belle Reeve that seems to cause your worst nightmares. It was a decent issue.

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