True Faces Of Evil


Birds of Prey #126
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Claude St. Aubin

This was another fantastic issue of Tony Bedard’s run which is sadly coming to an end next issue. Out of all the Faces of Evil issue, this one was the most “faces of Evil”-ish of them all. Most of the issue, in fact, all of the issue is dedicated to the Calculator. This must take place after Final Crisis, as we get mentions of the internet going down like it happened during Final Crisis. The true evil that is Matchmaker is also shown this issue as he matches a young serial killer with a victim. Luckily he is stopped by Huntress. I’d like to reiterate that I really hope these Platinum Flats characters are used in other places around the DCU. They are really great villains.

Knocking That Smile Off His Face


Birds of Prey #124
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Claude St. Aubin

The news that Didio wants to bring back Barbara Gordon as Batgirl (A total step back for the character, and a complete insult to Cassandra Cain) made it very hard for me to enjoy this. Not to mention the Birds are wrapping up their time in Platinum Flats which was a setting I have rather enjoyed. Seeing Oracle go toe-to-toe with the Joker and get her revenge was pretty cool. I am just sad that this series is wrapping up after a decade of Oracle and her operatives fighting the good fight. Everything else in this issue was just decent, nothing to write home about. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. The new artist I liked a lot and I think he fits the series well. I have never heard of him before though.

Nuttier Than Squirrel Poop

bop123Birds of Prey #123
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Michael O’Hare

This was a thrilling issue. This series is JUST as good as it was under Simone’s pen. Pick it up people! The Joker calls Oracle “Nuttier than Squirrel Poop”! I mean come on that is amazing. These new villains are some of the creepiest and interesting to be created in the last decade of comics. Especially Matchmaker, who is all parents’ worst nightmare…he matches pedophiles with their perfect victims online. I like all of these villains are really invested in 21st century techno-culture and web 2.0. The Joker not recognizing Barbara was hilarious and the ending I did not expect, but I am glad that he didn’t recognize her right away because it really shows how off his rocker he is. Is it just me, or does the Calculator look very different then his previous appearances in this issue? And does anyone know when Barbara was referring to when she said she had only come face to face with the Joker once since the shooting?