A Tragic Villain


Detective Comics #870
Written by David Hine
Art by Scott McDaniel


Hine ends his short run on Detective here as the Imposter Joker and Imposter Batman is revealed to be Winslow Heath. His story is sad and even more sad now that it has been revealed that his girlfriend’s horrifying death is what drove him to this. I hope he shows up again somewhere.

Wonder Woman Takes Flight


Wonder Woman #604
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Don Kramer and Eduardo Pansica


Okay the solicitations were wrong about this issue…we don’t find out why the timeline changed or anything and that is annoying as hell but whatever…I liked the issue. It wasn’t as crazy awesome as last but it was good. The guy we met last issue was a pawn, not the big bad and he is killed by Hippolyta’s ghost?? Interesting. Wonder Woman finally takes flight in this issue which is quicker then I thought she would. We learn the big baddie is called the Morrigan. I wonder what that means?

The Teen Titans Are Back!


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #88
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Nicola Scott


Wow! I had high hopes for Krul and Scott taking over this book and returning to its former glory. They exceeded my hopes in one issue! I loved every moment of this issue as Krul demonstrated with each and every character that he understands them and at the same times introduced new storylines in their lives. From Superboy and Wonder Girl’s relationship to Beast Boy and Raven’s to Ravager’s search for her mother to Kid Flash’s retention of things learned in the future I can’t wait to read more issue of this book. Scott’s art is beautiful to look at and she knows how to tell a story perfectly. The Teen Titans are back! Heck I am even excited to see Damian on the team! Not only does Krul start a new exciting run, he doesn’t ignore Henderson’s run either and even tells us that Aquagirl and Bombshell are alive and well. Fantastic start for this new creative team!

Every Page Is Filled With Awesomeness


Action Comics #894
Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Pete Woods
Co-Feature by Nick Spencer
Art by RB Silva


When did Action Comics get this good? I mean every page of this book is just fun awesomeness from Lex Luthor’s meeting with Death to Jimmy Olsen’s party with Aliens. Whatever I say will not do justice to how good this issue is. I loved every moment and Death stays true to her character in Sandman. I loved how Blackest Night was something she kinda noticed and found amusing – the Endless characters are so above and beyond the main DC Universe characters things that seem huge to the superheroes are very minor to them.

Welcome To Monument Point


Justice Society of America #44
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Scott Kolins


This issue begins Marc Guggenheim’s run on JSA, I liked his short run of Flash: Fastest Man Alive so I was looking forward to this. I am unsure how I feel about it yet. I find it kind of odd that Mr. America, Obsidian, and Doctor Mid-nite are all missing from the JSA roster as they fight this new terrorist in the city of Monument Point. I also think it’s kind of dumb that they aren’t just using a pre-existing unused DC city like Midway City or Vanity or all the others. I thought it was annoying that Jay Garrick called Barry Allen the “real” flash. But there are some good things about the issue, Kolins’s art fits the tone of the book wonderfully and I am glad that he is on board. The idea of the JSA running a city is interesting and Mr. Terrific losing his IQ slowly is another interesting development. I guess we will see where this goes.

Beetle Puke


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #37
Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Demateis
Art by Chris Batista


This was a funny issue with Booster having to deals a crazed oversexed alien woman named Estrogina who swallows the transformed Blue Beetle and Booster has to get her to puke him up. Yep that is what happens in this issue. It is all good and fun…but a part of me wants to get back to what is going on with Rip Hunter and Booster’s sister. I miss Jurgens on this book a lot.

Put Josh Williamson On A Monthly Book


Superman/Batman #77
Written by Josh Williamson
Art by Ale Garza


This was an amazing filler issue by Williamson! I read an interview – I forget where- where he talked about this issue and even then I could tell he really cared about these characters and DC Continuity – I was not disappointed by the issue one bit. Williamson pulls in elements of both Supergirl and Robin’s recent continuity including Blackest Night and New Krytpon but keeps it accessible for new readers and really explores the two characters in a profound way. DC better keep this guy on the payroll! I loved the final scenes with Robin and Batman discussing Supergirl….actually I loved everything about this issue. Very good.