Detective Comics 867 and 868


Detective Comics #867
Written by David Hine
Art by Scott McDaniel


I am not the biggest fan of McDaniel’s art and is it can be too zany and cartoony and take away from a story – but it worked pretty well here I’d say. The Jokerz are the kind of thing that McDaniel can do well. I never read a story about them before except I remember them from Batman Beyond as the imposter Joker gang. Here it seems like they have been in Gotham before so hmmm I wonder if they are not new to the comics. What makes this interesting is that was once a gang of practical jokers and vandals has suddenly become violent like the real Joker himself. Good stuff.


Detective Comics #868
Written by David Hine
Art by Scott McDaniel

The war between Guardian Bats and Jokerz become bloody and violent and things are getting crazy out of control. We learn the origin of the imposter Joker – a young man permanently disfigured by Joker venom years ago. He makes an interesting villain as he seems to be angry with Batman for never permanently getting rid of the Joker ala Jason Todd. This arc continues to surprise me with how good it is.



Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 6) #4
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Yildiray Cinar


So was thinking about Gates…since he comes from the Earth-247 Legion, could there be an Earth-0 version of himself running around that he could run into? Levitz should deal with that at some point. Anyways this book is fileld with so many plots and storylines one can always find something to like. This issue was great and I wonder why Shadow Lass is so interested in Earth-Man, who will be the new Legion Leader, and all that jazz. Levitz continues to kick ass here.

The Shroud’s Significance


Azrael (Volume 2) #11
Written by David Hine
Art by Guillem March


Wow this is heavy stuff we are dealing with in this issue. DC took a big risk by publishing it, and I am glad they did it was a fantastic issue but even insinuating that Christ was not ressurected is dangerous to do in a world filled with fundamentalist crazy Christians. I wonder if the priest is lying though and there is some other significance to the shroud? Anyways, the Crusader is still a terrifying villain and it is sickening that he is recreating real life martyred saints. The idea that people did this to each other at all is really awful cause these are some gruesome deaths but damn this is a good book and more people should be checking it out!

Thought Bubbles


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #86
Written by Felecia D. Henderson
Art by Jose Luis
Co-Feature by Rex Ogle
Art by Ted Naifeh

More awkward dialogue from Henderson here but she has certainly improved a lot. It is nice to see the use of though bubbles in a comic too. I have no idea what is going on with Dr. Barnes but I am intriqued and I am hoping that Bombshell and Aquagirl will be okay.  The back-up was still good as the trio ends up in hell. I liked the mention of Kid Devil…it seems like the Titans have forgotten they recently lost a dear friend and member of the team but Zachary Zatara certainly hasn’t. Although I wonder what he meant about Eddie’s soul.

Fantasy Forest


Green Arrow (Volume 5) #3
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves


Ollie is saved by the forest and white light that heals his wound. We still don’t know who it was that shot him but he finds a new friend in Galahad – apparently a guy from Star City who at the very least believes he is the Galahad of Legend. In a really cool scene the forest goes through all the seasons in moments. Although Star City is in California – so they don’t have seasons right? Oh well we can chalk that one up to it being a magical forest. Meanwhile, we learn about this new Queen’s backstory and how she met and fell in love with Ollie’s father when she was a teenager. I love how they are fleshing out Ollie’s parents cause we really don’t know much about them and Ollie has been around as a comic character for 70 years! I am loving this book still and the art is as breathtaking as always. I wonder where Speedy is though…shouldn’t we at least get a mention of where exactly Ollie’s ward is during all this.



Outsiders (Volume 4) #32
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan

Um….can we just have the team back again? Why is this filled with shitty dialogue and no movement in plot months after months? How is it that a guy who writes a comic like this is DC’s co-publisher? This is embarassing. I love me some Outsiders but this book is not getting any better!

Mind Space


Action Comics #892
Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Pete Woods
Co-Feature by Jeff Lemire
Art by Pier Gallo


Lex discovers the spot where the black rings dissapated I take it and it is able to mess with minds. This is deep stuff involving quantum physics and the mind as part of the space-time continuum. Not what I expected when I heard this book would star Lex Luthor but I like it! Cornell has proven to me this will be a good run! Deathstroke is overused and now even has a book he stars in so I think his inclusion here was completely unnecessary but what can you do. The Superboy Co-Feature which is really just a preview of the upcoming Superboy book was interesting to say the least. Why is Raven half-naked throughout it?

Archetypical Bullet


Batman #702
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel


This concludes the lost chapter of R.I.P and I have to say I quite enjoyed this issue. One wonders why this wasn’t told back then but oh well we got a lot more information here about how Bruce was sent back in time by the Omega Sanction. I love how Morrison describes the God-Bullet as the archetypical bullet – the bullet of all bullets – therefore truly Batman’s ultimate enemy. Great writing and really cool stuff to think about. I am not sure where and how Batman recorded the message for Superman though. I will probably have to go back and reread.

The Greatest Green Lantern Working With The League Again


Justice Society of America #42
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley


This is part 4 of the JLA/JSA crossover that began here and continued here and here. Action-packed it wasn’t filled with as much plot and great moments as the previous parts – I found that to be a little disappointing but Robinson is still whipping up a fun-filled adventure here and I can’t wait to see how it concludes. Kyle would never be so eager to kill Alan Scott- even if the Guardians thought it was for the best.

Vegas Magic


Zatanna (Volume 2) #4
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Chad Hardin

Zatannna travels to Las Vegas and meets up with her cousin and a strange billionaire with a talking picture. In the end, she gets attacked by some crazy fire demons. Gotta love this book! Hardin was also a perfect fill-in artist as I liked his art a lot and it works nicely here. I don’t know why Dini has not been writing Gotham City Sirens lately, but at least this book is Dini-rific. I look forward to seeing more of Zachary Zatara as he makes a great sidekick to Zatanna.

Planet Pounding


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #35
Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Demateis
Art by Chris Batista and Pat Olliffe


This is fun and action-packed and I liked that Ted knew that Booster was from the future all along and Barda admitting she actually does like Ted and Booster but hmmm…I guess I really don’t care about the overall plot and this planet pounder thing, I would rather get back to the Maxwell Lord stuff. Having the darkstars show up was pretty cool though.

Final Issue Mysteries


Magog #12
Written by Scott Kolins
Art by Kolins


So Magog runs into an old friend from childhood who has joined some wierd cult and Magog joins them too. I guess that is what happened? Not quite sure and I have no idea where this is going or if it will tie into Brightest Day but this is the final issue of this series. Everyone knew it wouldn’t last and Magog probably should never have got his own book but there were some good moments along the way.

One Night Stand


Adventure Comics #517
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Kevin Sharpe
Co-Feature by Jeff Lemire
Art by Mahmud Asrar


The main Legion story…not sure what to think of it. Teenagers do drink and have sex in real life, but I don’t know, seemed a tad inappropriate for the Legion at this point in their history for Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy to be going out on a barcrawl and ending up in a one night stand! Saturn Girl wanting to prove herself was a good storyline though and everything. The back-up with boring old Ray Palmer did nothing to excite me. I miss Panda and Head and all the great Ryan Choi supporting characters and Ryan himself. Why isn’t Ray trying to solve Ryan’s murder? I really don’t like seeing freaking Calculator again and I hope this is the last we see of him for a while.

Sister In Silk


Birds of Prey (Volume 2) #4
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Ed Benes and Adriana Melo

Black Canary defeats White Canary using her sonic scream in a freaking awesome moment you won’t want to miss. I loved it! The intensity of this story arc was amazing. If only it had all been handled by an artist that drew backgrounds! Ugh! We find out who White Canary is and it is a big pay off for long time fans of the Birds. In fact, this whole story arc had really been a look back at Gail’s previous run on the book with Savant and Creole and Dinah’s training in Singapore and all that. Now that we know Lady Shiva is involved it can only get more crazy.

Arsenal Joins


Titans (Volume 2) #26
Written by Eric Wallace
Art by Fabrizio Fiorentino


Arsenal joins these new Titans with a plan to take down Deathstroke with Cheshire. Roy has changed a lot since Lian’s death and I get that…I hate seeing him like this and I hate that Lian is dead but I see this as what would happen to Roy after he lost his daughter – the most important thing to him in the whole world. Having him in this book makes the team a lot more interesting. This was by far the best issue of Wallace’s run to date. I like that Wallace is also fleshing out the characters by having small moments between each members of the team. One thing really holding this book back is the art…Fiorentino makes some scenes pretty confusing with the way he sets them up. He is a good artist I just think he needs to work on his storytelling skills.

Superman 701 and 702


Superman #701
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Eddy Barrows


I had read all the terrible reviews of this issue before I read the issue itself…that is probably why I enjoyed this issue more then most as I expected it to be downright awful when there were actually some inspiring moments here. Yes, Superman should have taken the guy to the hospital and he does act like a pompous jackass at the end and to Lois, but I liked the idea of him taking on the gangsters and the women he stopped from committing suicide. So there is hope for this walk to be successful afterall I think.


Superman #702
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Eddy Barrows

Now this was more like it! Superman walks to Detroit, discovers illegal alien immigrants and revitalizes the detroit economy all in one issue. This was a huge improvement over the first issue of JMS’s run as her manages to combine comic book fights with social commentary and true heroism without seeming to be preachy. I am excited that Batman will be showing up too! It would have been nice for them to mention that the Justice League once worked out of detroit but oh well. Good issue.



Batgirl (Volume 3) #13
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Pere Perez


Batgirl takes on Clayface as he breaks into a bank in this one-shot issue. It was a fun romp but still no Cass…and seeing Steph as Batgirl just isn’t the same or give me that hell ya feeling as I did when I saw Cass kicking ass in her Batgirl costume. I do like Steph a lot though she is a fun character and in no way was this a bad issue. Great to see Wendy working as Proxy now.