Amazing Art


Brave and the Bold #20
Written by David Hine
Art by Doug Braithwaite

Hine and Braithwaite’s awesome run on this series continues in this issue. We learn more about the planet Hal and Phantom Stranger visited last issue and its Green Lantern has gone a little rogue. Braithwaite’s art is breathtaking as he really brings this plant-like world alive in each panel. What an amazing artist. DC needs to do more with him. I love the designs of all the different aliens. I am not sure what is going on with the little girl, but we will know soon enough. The fact that these plants can hurt the Phantom Stranger shows how much of a threat they are. Phantom Stranger is almost God-like in my opinion, he even says it himself. I wish Kyle was in this and not Hal as it might make more sense considering Kyle is living in space now but whatever. That is not the creators fault, DC seems to be obsessed with Hal Jordan as of late. Anyways, people, check this out! It is really good.



The Vigilante (Volume 3) #1
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Rick Leonardi

The Vigilante is a character I am only minimally familiar with and I can’t say that this issue really hooked me on the character. I am mean this series has potential but nothing so far really proved to me that this is anything but another generic action book. The art is perfect for this series and I love the Vigilante’s costume. It reminds me of a Power Ranger (and yes I realize the character predates Power Rangers). I am not sure who this superhero traitor Vig (Can I call him Vig?) is investigating is. I hope it is NOT Jericho because as I said in my Titans Review, we have seen that too many times before. I know that this series is going to crossover with the Titan books, which is exciting and is exactly the kind of push a book like this needs in order to gain readers. This book needs a hook.

At Least We Get A Happy Ending


The Flash (Volume 2) #247
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Carlo Barberi, J. Calafiore, and Andre Coelho

This may or may not be the last issue of this series. Sadly, they are bringing back Barry Allen (a much inferior character) and retiring Wally.…at least he ended on a high note as this is a good story and it is a good explanation for him to give up the super hero business to focus on his family. But I don’t see that staying the same for long. The art was so inconsistent this issue, it was a bit distracting. And no, Wally doesn’t die. Nobody does. It is a happy ending for the West Family. Their only true enemy is Didio, who wants to move the DC Universe backwards instead of forwards. Yes, I know I mention this in almost every post now but it’s true, and I am bitter about it.

Immortal No More


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #27
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopestri

Despite emphasis put on other members of the trinity’s storylines right now, this is really the one everyone should be looking at. Genocide defeated Wonder Woman in battle, and has not only stolen her lasso, but wove it into her body! Now that’s creepy. As for Genocide herself, I have read a lot of people saying she is poorly designed, but I really like her look. I loved Donna and Wonder Girl’s reaction to the news of Wonder Woman’s death, but they do seem a little quick to assume Wonder Woman’s dead. I mean Diana has died before, and has come back. And here she isn’t even dead, so what are they worried about exactly? Sarge Steel is still acting crazy and I have no idea why. And Zeus’s proclamation of what is to happen to the Amazon’s is EXACTLY something the Greek God would do. I wonder how Wonder Girl will react to her own father taking away the immortality of the amazons?

Morrison’s Farewell


Batman #683
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Lee Garbett

This is Morrison’s final issue on Batman, and, well it was damn good. Just like last issue, we get more memories from Bruce’s life mixed with a fake what if memory if Bruce had never become Batman. This issue was much more clear. I like the idea that Dick would have died going after his parents’s killers if Batman never existed. It shows how important Dick and Bruce are to each other. Same with Gordon. And Catwoman for that matter. And hey, we see Batgirl’s silhouette! Yay! Thanks for actually having her appear in your run at least once Morrison. The end of R.I.P is finally revealed…Batman survived the explosion and goes on to Final Crisis which is his real last case. Yes, DC totally handled this wrong and I am pretty sure this wasn’t originally how it was going to happen but I don’t really mind. What I do mind is Didio’s fucking DC Nation column in the back, not only does he totally disrespect Kyle and Wally, but what he says is definitely a lie. There were no plans to bring back Barry Allen, just read interviews with other creators like Johns and Waid who have said DC didn’t know what the hell they were doing with Flash. I can’t wait till the day Didio leaves DC and the DCU can actually move forward instead of backwards. But anyways, this issue was good.

Life On The Outside: Martian Manhunter

Major Spoilers is a great blog and comics news site. I especially like their rundown on oh….every single member of the Legion of Super-Heroes ever! It is a lot of fun to read. So, I decided to do the same thing on my blog (I hope they don’t get mad). Instead of the Legionnaires, I want to focus on a superhero team that is even more under appreciated then those from the 31st Century….a team in the 21st Century; a team that that exists on the fringes of the Superhero Community….and yes I am talking about THE OUTSIDERS.

The Outsiders have always been a favorite team of mine. Maybe because I like the underdogs? Maybe because of the characters? Maybe I have no reason. I just know I like them. From Barr to Winick to Dixon, they have always captured my imagination. It seemed fitting to do this now since Tomasi’s run is about to begin and we are getting another overhaul of the team. I can’t promise it will be as witty and well-written as the Hero Histories over on Major Spoilers – in fact I can guarantee that it won’t be – but I will try my best.

In the first installment I want to focus on an easy one. He was once a mainstray of the Justice League and very much an insider but for at least a few issues he lived life on the Outside – I am talking about the recently deceased Manhunter from Mars; J’onn J’onzz, aka Martian Manhunter


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Manhunter #37
Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Michael Gaydos, Carlos Magno, and Dennis Calero

So what happened to the abortion plot? You know the one that was solicited and inspired the cover for this issue? It looks like it was changed at the last second (To avoid controversy? I don’t know) and instead we get a look at 15 years in the future when Ramsey is deciding to become a superhero and Obsidian’s daughter is now Jade. I liked it a lot but I was looking forward to the abortion plot. Oh well. It was nice to see such a healthy relationship with a mother and her gay son and his lover in comics. It made me really happy. The DCU is full of lesbians, but there are very few openly gay male characters and Ramsey and Obsidian are better characters because of it. The Sweeney Todd stuff is interesting as well. This is actually the penultimate issue. I wonder how it will all end?