Nothing Special


Justice Society of America #27
Written by Jerry Ordway
Art by Ordway

You know you would think after writing this title with Johns in the last arc Ordway would know to draw Judomaster as an Asian women, you can blame her hair on the colorist but she definitely did not have Asian features here. I am not sure who the threat is that they are facing. The idea of spirits that hate America is kind of lame but it might work. We shall see what the next issue brings. Otherwise, this was an okay fill in issue. Nothing special.

Dear Gog!

jsa21 Justice Society of America #21
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Dale Eaglesham

Dear Gog….when will this story end! You know, I do like this story, but enough is enough already. I am really getting sick of all of this kingdom come nonsense. Why did Ross have to hijack this title? Oh how I loathe him. Anyways, besides that point, this was a good issue, if not a little bit repetitive. I mean how many times have we seen the Justice Society fight over Gog already? At least this issue most come to the conclusion that Gog is bad. But I question, is he really that bad? He is promising great things for the world, why not worship him? I guess it kinda goes against the superhero motto of doing things because you are good and not for something in return. The splash page of the entire team was fun to look at. I do have to say…that after 21 issues, the character of Wildcat’s son has yet to seem useful at all. I hate that he has the name Wildcat, as I have always find the multiple codename at one time thing annoying in the DCU. I still wish Alan Scott was called Sentinel even. Anyways, I look forward to next issue which will at last be the final issue of this storyline.