I Am Ready For Batman And The Outsiders

Outsiders (Volume 3) #49
Written by Judd Winick and Greg Rucka
Art by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall

This is the final part of the Checkmate/Outsiders crossover that began here and continued here ,here, here, and here.
This was an action-packed finale to what was a suprisingly well done crossover. Outsiders is a hit or miss for me but this was a hit. I even like the idea that this series is ending and relaunching as Batman and the Outsiders. I love the original Batman and the Outsiders series so I can’t wait. Yes, I miss Halo (Too bad she won’t be back). There were a lot of great one-liners in this issue including Grace telling the Checkmate Agent about Batman warming up to people and the conversation at the end between Batman and Nightwing. I think it is totally in character for Dick to want to leave now and I liked how he says he actually doesn’t like being in the Outsiders anymore. Dick liked the Titans and the Outsider are not the titans. I look forward to the next issue, which is the final one before the relaunch.

Not Bad At All

Superman/Batman #37
Written by Alan Burnett
Art and Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Burnett spins an interesting Superman/Batman tale here by focusing on things happening in both Gotham and Metropolis that are connected. I like that approach and I have a feeling that I am going to like this arc a lot. I am not sure where it fits in continuity, Lex is clearly CEO of LexCorps still here unless some people are still loyal to him even though he is not his boss anymore. But besides that issue, it really was very good. Pete Ross makes an appearence, his first since Infinite Crisis I believe. He acts a little strange though, calling Lois hot. So mabe it really isn’t him? The ending was damn cool seeing Metropolis being eaten away by Kryptonite. It was also kind of interesting to read the thoughts going on in Killer Croc’s head. On the whole, not a bad start to this arc at all.

Return Of The Whip

Catwoman (Volume 3) #68
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez

This pulse-pounding issue of Catwoman was a really fast read…like I couldn’t believe it was over when it was. That isn’t to say that it was bad, just a fast-read. In the end, it looks like Holly is going undercover and we know she will end up at the Women’s Shelter over in Countdown. I am happy about that as I never really warmed up to her as Catwoman. I wonder what Selina is going to do now that her cover as Irena is blown. Anyways, the suspense of this issue was amazing. When Selina sees her baby in the middle of the road I felt the emotion right along with her and for a second there I actually thought Selina might accidentally run over her own child. Watching Catwoman work her whip was a geek-out moment as I don’t think she has used it in a while. This isn’t the last we will see of Hammer and Sickle but I hope that they get a good ass kicking next time.

2000 Klems On Supergirl

Brave and the Bold #4
Written by Mark Waid

Art by George Pérez

Brave and the Bold just keeps getting better. Does anyone else think Supergirl should keep that s her costume? I guess it is a little too nineties but anything is better than her current one. Lobo and Supergirl was surprisingly fun to watch interact. I love Lobo’s use of the word, Frak and Supergirl’s constant insulting of him…saying she needed microscopic vision to see his package was brilliant! I am not sure exactly what is going on, for example why the Legion have apparently come back in time to visit with Batman, who is now combined with a robot. Really! Anything can happen in this book! It’s great. Perez’s art evokes a simpler time in the DC Universe and I like that. The only complaint I have is that those Legion villain’s costumes are really dated. Let’s update them people.

Egg Fu’s Torture Fun

Checkmate (Volume 2) #15
Written by Greg Rucka and Judd Winick
Art by Joe Bennett

This is part four of the Checkmate/Outsiders crossover that began here and continued here ,here, and here. The best part of this issue has to have been the very end where Batman says “I don’t work for the Security Council”. That is so bats and I ate it up like candy! Rucka and Winick continue this crossover really well, we get to see Egg Fu who disgustingly tortures Boomerang and Sasha Bordeax just because he wants to know how they work! Not for any good reason! That is awesome. Egg Fu is one scary bastard but at the same time I can’t wait to see him when I pick up a comic. I can’t wait to see him hopefully get his ass handed to him next issue. Probably by the Dark Knight himself.

Say Good Bye To Your Face, Black Manta

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #53
Written by Tad Williams
Art by Shawn McManus

Tad Williams’s EXCELLENT run on Aquaman continues this issue. Yes, people this is EXCELLENT. Why aren’t you reading it? It is that good. Well-written, funny, clever, action-packed…it has everything. Williams is writing the best Aquaman stories I have ever read while still continuing the mystery and intrigue started with Busiek’s run. There was so many good things this issue that I don’t know what to focus. Aquaman turning into water, Black Manta’s villainous dialogue, King Shark’s violent attack on Black Manta, the new Aquaman’s clever escape plan…oh and Topo is still around so that is great too. The art is fantastic and fits the tone of the series perfectly. Please people, give this series a chance. I am begging you.

Welcome Back Wally

Justice League of America #10
Written by Brad Meltzer
Art by Ed Benes

This was the conclusion of the JLA/JSA crossover that began here and continued here , here, and here. And what an exciting conclusion it was, I mean if you aren’t versed in continuity you might be confused by this but it was a lot of fun for me because Wally West is back! I will miss Bart but it is time for Wally to be back and I was as thrilled as Roy Harper to see him alive and kicking again. The Legion brought him back but it looks like they meant to bring back Barry. I sure am glad it was Wally and not Barry. I was disappointed to see Batman dissapointed. It makes Wally look bad, like he is a worse Flash. Even if Batman thought Barry was coming back, he should still be happy that Wally is back. I mean Wally and Bruce served as Team members for years. I don’t get that at all and I blame Meltzer (:. But all of the mystery wasn’t solved but it doesn’t matter because I think the seeds are being sown here for the DC Universe’s future and it will all be played out around the Universe. That excites me a lot!