Suicide Squad Rebirth 1 – 13


Suicide Squad (Volume 5) #1
Written by Rob Willaims
Art by Jim Lee and Jason Fabok

Suicide Squad returns post-Rebirth with the exact same line up as the movie. Coincidence? I think not. I can’t say this was Jim Lee’s best work. I usually like his artwork (If not his choices for costumes *cough* Huntress * cough) but this seemed unpolished somehow or rushed. That being said, it was an interesting start as the Suicide Squad is sent to Russia to retrieve a Cosmic object of importance by Amanda Waller and they nearly die while dropping to Russia from space. I question how it is that Harley is living it up in Brooklyn in her own series yet somehow is in jail here? In the back up story, we focus on Deadshot and it looks like his daughter from the movie is being retconned into the main DCU. At least I know he did not have a daughter Pre-Flashpoint. Maybe she existed in the New 52, I don’t know.


Suicide Squad (Volume 5) #2
Written by Rob Willaims
Art by Jim Lee and Ivan Reis

In this action-packed issue, the Suicide Squad helps a girl named Hack escape from her prison cell and she turns them into digital information to warp to where the cosmic item is – which turns out to be a sphere which acts as a portal to the Phantom Zone. And yes sure enough Zod escapes and it looks like he kills Captain Boomerang. Is he dead again? We shall see I guess. The back-up story focuses on Captain Boomerang as he tells a fake origin to Amanda Waller. It was good fun.

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Booster’s Quest For The Girl’s Bathroom


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #32
Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Demateis
Art by Chris Batista


Well I am certainly glad the new writers are keeping Skeets around. I read somewhere that Giffen never uses Skeets when he writes Booster Gold and what is Booster without his faithful sidekick! Batista was a really good choice as his style is similar enough to Jurgens that the change wasn’t jarring and different enough that it isn’t imitation. This issue has Booster saving a little girl from the 30th century during the Great Darkness War (and getting her to a toilet). It was amusing but also serious and although I loved Jurgens’s run I think Giffen and Demateis have already won me over. I think they will keep the balance between fun and serious that has made this book so good over the last 32 issues. This was a great start to their run.