The Trip to Qurac


Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 2) #9
Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Dexter Soy

The Outlaws travel to Qurac in this issue beautifully drawn by Dexter Soy. Put this artist on every book DC. He is perfect. While in Qurac, Jason naturally reminisces about his death at the hands of the Joker as the Outlaws try to get the Bow of Ra back from the person they believe has it. This issue seems almost ripped from the headlines in terms of what is going on with Syria except that instead of poison gas, we have this magical bow. It has to be a coincidence. I really can’t say one bad thing about this comic starring Jason Todd, who knew I would ever write a sentence like that.

Artemis Meets Wonder Woman


Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 2) #8
Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Kenneth Rocafort

In this issue, Artemis tells Jason Todd the story of her friend Akila and how she first met Wonder Woman and once again I am shocked at how damn good this series about Jason Todd is. Every page is fun and exciting and it is great to learn about Artemis’s past. I wonder how well this dovetails with the Pre-Flashpoint first meeting of Artemis and Wonder Woman. So far, Lobdell has been great at utilizing continuity so I suspect it is very similar to or the same. Ok this series is in the top 3 of the Rebirth books I have read so far with Wonder Woman and Detective Comics. How is this even possible? I don’t even like Jason Todd.