Mxyzptlk Rebirth


Superman (Volume 4) #19
Written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art by Gleason

This is Part 3 of the crossover that began last issue and continued over in Action Comics. As it turns out Mr. Oz has been keeping Mxyzptlk imprisoned as well because of the chaos the imp could cause but he has escaped and kidnapped Superman’s son and erased Jon Kent from Lois’s memory. Mxyzptlk states that the universe is in “francture quantum space-time” and refers to those who are tinkering with the timeline which means he is aware of what Mr. Oz is doing or whoever is behind all this (Dr. Manhattan) or whatever. Mxyzptlk’s feeling of betrayal that Superman never came to save him from Dr. Oz is very amusing and shows how deranged the character is believing Superman and him were such good friends. He also says that Superman was split into 2 beings! Which further supports my theory that this is the same Earth as Pre-Flashpoint with memories erased because Superman was the only character that was split into 2 beings which explains the 2 Supermen. I could be wrong but the New 52 Superman and Lois return as red energy and help Jon Kent and the end of this issue. We shall see if I am right. I have to give it to Tomasi and Gleason – they are really demonstrating how good of a villain Mxyzptlk can be for Superman. He is powerful.

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