The End of Zorcrom

Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #16
Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by John Timms and Johseph Michael Linsner

Harley teams up with Power Girl and Terra to take on Zorcrom and they finally defeat him. While talking amongst themselves what to do with him, he walks into the street, gets hit by a truck, and dies. It was amusing. Dark comedy all around in this book. I still find the art tedious and some of the jokes fall flat but it was an enjoyable conclusion. I look forward to Paul Dini in the next issue.



Serious as a Fart in a Space Suit


Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #15
Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Khari Evans, John Timms, and Joseph Michael Lisner

This issue marks the first time I have seen Power Girl post-Rebirth. Power Girl’s relationship with Atlee seems to have survived Flashpoint intact. How much of Power Girl’s history is the same I wonder? She certainly does not remember her time with the JSA but does she know she is from Earth 2? I am interested to find out. This was a fun issue mostly because of the dialogue between Harley and Zorcrom who is a character I kinda hope mellows out and sticks around as a “Vegeta” type anti-hero. His opinions about enslaving humans are just too funny. Speaking of funny, my favorite Harley line in this comic is “Serious as a Fart in a Space Suit.”

Harley Quinn 1 – 14

Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #1
Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Chad Hardin

I knew that Harley Quinn seemed to be way more popular since I stopped reading comics just by looking at once in a while the last few years. At first I hated that they sexified her costume and everything but after reading this comic I can see why she has become so big. This is hilarious stuff! Connor and Palmiotti write Harley as if you can hear her accent and funny quips in your ears. The way the zombie outbreak gets started is so morbid but funny. And all of these side characters are intriguing – the gang of Harleys, Red Tool, etc…


Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #2
Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Bret Blevins and  Chad Hardin

I did not enjoy this issue as much as the last but this is still a fun book. In this issue, it is mostly just Harley fighting the zombies in various ways and some of the jokes felt flat to me. But I loved the part in the bathroom.

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The Most Wonderful Anniversary Issue Diana Could Get


Wonder Woman #600
Written by Gail Simone, Amanda Connor, Louise Simonson, Geoff Johns, and J. Michael Straczynski
Art by George Perez, Connor, Eduardo Pansica, Scott Kollins, and Don Kramer

Wonder Woman reverts to classica numbering…well the numbering of all three of her series put together. Six Hundred issues! Now this was a damn anniversary issue! Beautiful pin-ups and wonderful stories that not only celebrated the character’s rich history but brought her forward. Gail Simone’s story of Wonder Woman leading a band of female heroes was breathtakingly drawn by Perez and ended with a sulute to the Perez era of the character. It was great to see all those female heroes working together – and Grace was there! We haven’t seen her in a while. But of course my favorite story has to be Amanda Connor’s short Wonder Woman team up with Power Girl that featured the Batgirl Cassandra Cain!!!!!! It takes place in the past but it was so great to see Cassie in her suit and all her glory again I almost cried! Sure she didn’t exactly talk like Cassie – but I am not complaining at least we got to see her. What a treat! Not to mention it was a great little story where Wonder Woman explains how Power Girl can bond with her cat. Simonson’s and Johns’s stories were good spotlights of how powerful and amazing the character is but the real meat of the issue is Straczysnki’s prologue to his new run. Shockingly, something has changed the timeline of Wonder Woman’s life and now she is an orphan raised in the city by amazons after Paradise Island was destroyed. The new costume isn’t going to last and let’s face it – it’s not the great but Kramer does the best he can with it. I know this isn’t a permanent retcon and that Diana will make her way back to the original timeline so I am interested in where this radical new direction is going. I also wonder how this will effect the rest of the DCU.  This was the perfect anniversary issue for Diana!

All Is Well


Power Girl (Volume 2) #13
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri


Well I have to say that as I suspected, the book still maintains good quality with Winick coming on. He knows how to write humor and balance it with action – he always has. He can be hit or miss – but he can do that and I have no idea why some people are so down on him as a writer. Basri’s art is also perfect for Power Girl – it is different from Connor but that doesn’t mean it is bad. This book recaps Maxwell Lord’s return and then wiping away the memory of his existence. It is written in such a way that it also recaps Power Girl’s history – I am not sure if the mind wipe worked on her – I think it did as she does forget the mission to find Lord. I think Lord himself is responsible for her company going bankrupt all of a sudden somehow. I was glad to see Terra wasn’t dropped from the book too. All is well for this series.

The Naming of Stinky And Return of Vartox


Power Girl (Volume 2) #12
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor


The Palmiotti-Gray-Connor era of Power Girl comes to an end with this issue. This book turned me off completely when it first came out – I despised it but by the end of the second arc I think it is just a joy to read every page and this issue is no different as we get the return of Vartox! Some great Terra and Power Girl moments – and even the naming of Power Girl’s cat. Hats off to this creative team because they will be missed on this book. I can only hope the next team can be half as good because these guys were just outstanding!

PeeGee 10 and 11


Power Girl (Volume 2) #10
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor


So it looks like Ultra-Humanite switched his brain with Terra’s. I hope Terra is alright after this I really like her and think she makes a great sidekick for Power Girl. I hope she stick around when Winick takes over this book.


Power Girl (Volume 2) #11
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

This was pretty awesome. The second go around with Ultra-Humanite was much better then the first. Satanna is quickly becoming PeeGee’s archvillain as well. Terra’s city and Terra herself are incredibly powerful. I wouldn’t have realized this until Ultra-Humanite too her body and almost toppled New York with it. I am glad that she is alright and it will be interesting to see what comes of Ultra-Humanite now that he has his regular body back. It was a little naive for Power Girl to offer him a job though.

Satanna And Her Sonic Boom Hammer


Power Girl (Volume 2) #9
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

While I miss Vartox already, this was another good issue of Power Girl. Satanna arrives with her animal circuis and a sonic boom hammer. Really…just about anything can happen in this book. You gotta love it! The beginning was only so-so with PeeGee running with a towel. I mean do we need any more cheesecake jokes in this book?But it was an enjoyable issue.

More Trips To The Cineplex


Power Girl (Volume 2) #6
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

This was a fun ending to this story arc. I am glad that the space girls decided to stay on earth – I like them a lot – it is refreshing to see aliens that don’t actually mean harm. I hope they become part of Power Girl’s supporting cast. Speaking of PeeGee’s supporting cast, Terra is back again and I can’t say enough how much I love the moments between her and Power Girl – and they go to the movies again! Yay! I love the fake movies they watch. This book is still a lot of fun.

PeeGee 3 and 4


Power Girl (Volume 2) #3
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

Okay after really thinking this series sucked last issue I have to admit this was a lot of fun and exciting. There is a perfect mix of action and humor and while most would be quick to point out Amanda Connor’s artwork, the dialogue is just as good. Pamiotti and Gray really showed me that they can write a good comic here. Let’s just hope they stay consistent from now on.


Power Girl (Volume 2) #4
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

This was another really fun issue! This creative team are great storytellers. Now that the Ultra-Humanite arc is over this series is really getting good. I like that Terra is becoming Power Girl’s sidekick and seeing them go to the movies and then afterwards fight villains is awesome! If that is all this series is about I would still read it. I like how Power Girl treated the Dungeons and Dragons girl and gave her a job. This was just really good. I am a Power Girl fan now!

New Roster

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #69
Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Allan Goldman and Yildiray Cinar

Miss Martian returns from the Dark Side Club with a bunch of teen heroes this issue. And in the end, the new line up consists of Wonder Girl, Aquagirl, Bombshell, Static, Kid Eternity, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle and the powerless Red Devil. I am excited for this new line up. McKeever is leaving this book (He is only credited with the original story of this issue) and I hope they put a new writer on for long term who can really develop this team and keep them together for a while. No more roster changes for now! Aquagirl is drawn strange in this. She is looking less and less latino. I like the budding frienship between her and Static though.

Indigo Omens

Titans (Volume 2) #10
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Howard Porter and Jesus Saiz

I’m sorry but why wouldn’t the Justice League and the Titans think of wearing more secure goggles. Those goggles fell off their head every chance they got. The main story was a typical Winick battle issue. I originally thought that Winick was leaving the title after this issue, but the Origins and Omens back up makes it look like he is staying after the McKeever crossover as it looks like he is bringing back Indigo! The one-time Outsider who I really loved is featured in the last splash page and I really hope that this means she’ll be back! Winick may not have done the best on this book, but if he brings back Indigo in it I am going to be singing his praises. Oh and Nightwing leaves the “team” in the back up as well. This issue was decent, the coloring was a bit off sometimes though. Red Arrow had blonde hair in a panel or two and one panel made it look Wonder Woman was wearing just a bra. But It wasn’t a bad issue by any means.

Unearthing The New Terra

Supergirl (Volume 5) #12
Written by Jimmy Palmioti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

This was a great filler issue. Most filler issues do nothing to further the plot of a series and are completely unimportant. Palmioti and Gray manage to introduce their new character and also further along Supergirl’s quest to find out her true purpose. I really felt for Supergirl in this issue. She has so much responsibility thrust upon her and she just wants to have fun. It kind of mirror the passage to adulthood that many teenagers go through. Nice stuff. Connor draws Supergirl less anorexic than her regular artists which is fantastic. Supergirl can have a good body without barfing after every meal and Amanda Connor proves that in this issue. The new character that I was talking about is the new Terra, who I actually liked a lot. She is the exact opposite of the original, this new Terra is a truly selfless hero. We rarely see that in superheros these days. I look forward to her mini-series.