Three Felines in One Issue

Catwoman (Volume 3) #55
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Adam Hughes

This issue was good but it didn’t accomplish much. We still don’t know who is the father of Selina’s baby. Is it Bruce or is it Slam? I do hope it is Bruce but I have my doubts. Although I guess this is a great hook for the writer, the longer Pfeifer keeps the suspence going, the longer people will stay with the book. I am still really digging the film freak and all of his movie references. The Angle Man is just a bastard this issue and Pfiefer does a good job of making you hate him. There were also some funny moments when Selina puts on the costume and moments that show how Selina really is a good mother to the baby. The art was a little strange at times. For example, why does Selina have brown hair in some scenes? Doesn’t she have jet black hair? Also, she is shown with a blue costume in part of the issue. Her costume is black! I suppose that this is the fault of the colorists. Anyway, not much happens but I still enjoyed this issue and will be sticking around for more.

PS: Holly makes it seem like Wildcat is a better fighter than Selina. I just have to say if they were in a fight, I’d bet on Selina.

R.I.P Jade

JSA Classified #12
Written by Stuart Moore
Art and Cover by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti

This story I think is really about the death of Jade and how it affects Alan Scott. Well, at least this part of it. I think this is important because it does need to be dealt with somewhere and this is as good of a place as any. Vandal Savage is not portrayed as even remotely likeable this time around, the way he murders his daughters cat in the flash back and even his facial expressions make you hate him. So hats off to the artist although the flashback to Jade’s death makes Donna Troy, Starfire, and Jade look terribly ugly with distorted facial features. But this is only a minor flaw in what is essentially a well-drawn and well-written book.

Some Hopes

Checkmate (Volume 2) #2
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Jesus Saiz
Cover by Lee Bermejo

Another well done issue by Rucka and company. I am really digging the art. Maybe I will check out some other stuff Saiz has done. The cover is also just goregous. I think they should include a character list at the beginning of every issue like they did last issue. It can get confusing who is who with all the code names flying around. I loved the mentions of things currently going on around the DCU. Great use of Continuity! I also am loving the debate between the characters on weather it is acceptable to kill to stop crime. This mirrors the debate between comic fans themselves about whether heroes should kill. I see both Alan Scott and Sasha’s points so I am completely neutral in the debate. Sasha and Mr. Terrific’s relationship came as a surprise. I hope this doesn’t mean her love for Batman is totally gone. I hope that people won’t forget that Sasha is originally a Batman character and I hope Rucka will deal with that in this series at some point. Solid Issue.

Top 50 DCU Characters

Just like every other blog I have decided to list my 50 Best DCU Characters. I guess this makes me a follower but who cares, this is fun. Here Goes:

1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
2. Superman (Clark Kent)
3. Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
4. Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
5. The Joker
6. Plastic Man (Eel O’Brian)
7. Robin (Tim Drake)
8. Supergirl (PAD Version)
9. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
10. The Black Canary (Dinah Lance)
11. Raven
12. Aquaman (Orin/Arthur Curry)
13. Martian Manhunter (J’onn Jonnz)
14. The Flash (Wally West)
15. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
16. Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
17. Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
18. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley)
19. Black Adam (Theth-Adam)
20. Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
21. Superboy (Connor Kent)
22. Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
23. Alfred Pennyworth
24. The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
25. Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny)
26. Dr. Psycho
27. Lex Luthor
28. Lois Lane-Kent
29. Wally the God Boy
30. Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzell)
31. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
32. The Flash (Jay Garrick)
33. The Flash (Barry Allen)
34. Two-Face (Harvey Dent)
35. Commisioner James Gordon
36. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
37. Animal Man (Buddy Baker)
38. Kid Flash (Bart Allen)
39. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
40. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
41. Donna Troy
42. Speedy (Mia Dearden)
43. Arsenal (Roy Harper)
44. Ra’s Al Ghul
45. The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)
46. Halo (Gabrielle Doe)
47. Argent (Toni Monetti)
48. Indigo (Brainiac 8.0)
49. The Bulleteer (Alix Hollower)
50. Detective Chimp

Hal Is Up To His Old Tricks

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #11
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos
Cover by Simone Bianchi

This issue, understandably late, was the second for Green Lantern one year later. Once again, Geoff puts together a nice mixture of action packed events and warm character moments. I loved the introduction of the new Crimson Fox. It put a smile on my face and should put a smile on the faces anyone who liked Justice League Europe back in the day. I like how Fox is being forced into joining the Global Guardians as this organization has always been kind of shady and I am not surprised to see them acting this way now. I am a little worried about Hal, as defying the guardian’s wishes has never been a good thing for him and I hope he knows what he is doing. The two page spread where Hal is in front of the guardians is just magnificent and kudos should be given to the artists for that. Also, Geoff manages to make Guy likeable this issue which is something that is rare. I know Guy has his fans but usually he just comes off as a cocky jerk to me. So Kudos to Geoff. The ending was pretty cool although I have never found the manhunters that fascinating and do not know much about the cyborg superman.

Green Arrow Kicks Butt

Green Arrow (Volume 3) #62
Written by Judd Winick
Art and Cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

This issue was just a big fight between Green Arrow and Deathstroke. While that is cool, it is just too decompressed. If you look at comics like last month’s issue of Birds of Prey and this, it is sad. Birds of Prey had so much in a single issue while this had basically one drawn out scene. I liked Ollie’s statement about Ted Kord (Even though Maxwell Lord murdered him and not the society) and I think more heroes should be remembering Ted as well as Superboy in 52. I also liked how Deathstroke got his ass handed to him by Green Arrow and realizes that Green Arrow has been retraining himself in the last year (ala every other hero that was missing for the year) and I have a theory that he probably trained with with his son at the monastery. I am looking forward to seeing Connor Hawke and Speedy soon as I really miss them being in this title. I also have a theory that the national guard is after Green Arrow and not Deathstroke, but I could be wrong. This was a bland issue but get it if you really like long drawn out fight scenes.

The End…Finally!

Superman/Batman #25
Written by Jeph Loeb
Art and Cover by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines

Before I start my rant, I have to say, I did not totally hate this issue. There were some cool moments like seeing all the supergirls together. Now onto the regular scheduled rant: This blew. And I mean blew. In fact, really since the end of the Supergirl Arc in this book. This has sucked. I have really lost confidence in Jeph’s writing. He just throws whatever he thinks is cool into a story without any respect for plot or actually making sense. Maybe for some people this is fun and brings them back to their childhood or something, but my childhood was in the nineties so I have no fond memories of the silver age and I am completely turned off by this whole thing. Jeph’s ego seems to have inflated so much that he thinks he does not even have to respect continuity. I am glad he is leaving this title for good.

Batgirl Rant

Robin #150
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Freddie Williams II
Cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

While the cover of this issue may have been too cool for school, the insides of this book are not. But first, I should tell what I liked about it. I liked Beechen’s writing of Tim Drake, when he says he did geometry for eleven hours I smiled. This is a dedicated crime fighter, unlike Dick or Jason were, Tim is Batman Jr. He really could be Batman one day, he is driven enough. Other than that, I was appalled by this issue. Now this was not Beechen’s fault, I am sure what made this story bad was an editorial mandate. Cassandra Cain has gone bonkers, so bonkers that she is totally out of character. For 73 issues of her solo series, we saw a girl who although trained to kill, she turned her back on that life and grew into a person to be admired. Why destroy that? There is no reason. Cassandra from her series would never become a killer or for that matter, talk like she talks in this issue. Cassandra was a shy girl, not this monster she has become. I would much rather have Cassandra dead than turn into a villain. It is a more hainous comic book crime than Hal Jordan going Rogue as one of the most important aspect of Cassandra’s character was her devotion to not killing. I only hope that the next issue we find out things are not as they seem and maybe just maybe Cassandra has not become a villain. God, I hope so.

DC’s Newest and Craziest Superhero Team Makes its Series Debut

Shadowpact #1
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and Cover by Willingham

See I expected this to be good but I did not expect to be this good. This was a really fun read. It reminded me of PAD’s Supergirl and Fables rolled up into one. I simply loved it. It has this charm to it that only Willingham can bring to a comic. The storyline was cool, and the fact that the shadowpact has been missing for a year in the big red barrier thing was smart on Willingham’s part. He really doesn’t have to explain what they have been doing in the last year because they have only been one place. What is so great about this new series, is that I couldn’t have cared less about Nightshade, Nighmaster, Bluedevil, The Enchantress, Ragman, and Detective Chimp before this. Now I want to know more about each and every one of them. What the villains are doing is very creepy and reminded me of that short story the lottery that you always had to read in high school english classes. Speaking of these villains, they all seems to be evil doppelgangers of the Shadowpact members. I wonder if this was purposeful…I guess it has to be. The only problem I saw with this issue is I don’t see why Detective Chimp had to get a new costume. His old costume was way cooler. Anyways, great start to this new series and I am looking forward to reading more. Everyone should definitely buy this.

Glad To Finally Enjoy This

Nightwing #120
Written by Bruce Jones
Art by Joe Dodd and Bit
Cover by Jock

This issue is the best so far that Nightwing has to offer OYL. This is a dark book that can be pretty creepy and violent at times but I think that is okay for Nightwing. If it was a Flash book, I would say that it was too dark, but this is fine for Nightwing. The monster man guy thing is just very bizarre though. A little too weird for my tastes but it really doesn’t matter. I liked the mention of the Outsiders being dead, that relieves any doubt that the general public believes that the Outsiders are not alive. I wonder how the pulled of there fake deaths. I enjoyed the moment between Dick and Clance where she is taking about Jason’s mental issues and how he was supposed to have died twice. This pretty much confirms that Jason was thought to have died in Batman #650. I do hope they get to explaining what happened after that issue anhd not have it as a dangling plot thread. I am even starting to like the character of Cheyenne and was surprsied that she is a metahuman. I do hope that Dick cuts his hair soon though, I am not liking the hair.

Cool Moments

Detective Comics #819
Written by James Robinson
Art by Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke
Cover by Simone Bianchi

This issue was just a bunch of cool moments, not much happens to further the plot. But still a good issue. Batman and Robin’s fight with Killer Croc was cool, Two-Face speaking to Harvey Dent in his head was cool, and the Jason Bard scene was cool. I think they should really have more Harvey talking to his evil side scenes in comics. It really shows just how insane Harvey is and there is something creepy about it. It is like a non-funny version of when Gollum speaks to himself in Lord of the Rings. I am sad to see that Orca is officially found dead this issue. I loved that big whale of a woman. The scene between Jason Bard and her husband was strange, but funny at the same time. It was kind of sad to see him die though. The Tally Man is a character I am not familiar with so I was not shocked or anything by his sudden appearence. I guess I should do some research.

The Ravaging Slut

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #35
Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Tony Daniel and Sandra Hope

Tony Daniel is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and I think everyone should check out his blog which I have linked on the right. He really makes the One Year Later Titans twice as good as they were before. I really am liking this new status quo. I know, I know, it seems like I like everything but I don’t care, I think that is a good thing. Much Like Robin’s new costume, I think I am finally used to Wonder Girl’s new attire. It is growing on me. I loved the overtly sexual scene with the Ravager and Robin, that was just funny and unlike most femal heroes, it makes sense for the Ravager to be slutty. I mean she is the daughter of Deathstroke for christ sake. The only real problem I found with this issue is the brotherhood of evil. I really don’t get what is so fascinating about them. I never have found them that interesting but apparently a lot of people like them since they keep coming back. The last shot of the new Doom Patrol was cool and I seem to be the only one that assumed that that was Hush and not Negative Man at first. I am probably wrong about this since everyone else in the internet comic communuity assumed it was Negative Man but I am still hoping I am right and it is Hush. Just so I can say I was right!

More Fiery Fun

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #25
Written by Stuart Moore
Art by Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne
Cover by Brian Stelfreeze

This series is fun. Killer Frost trying to suck all of the heat out of the sun was just cool. Stuart Moore is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. I love how strange Gahenna is, I love the moment between her and Jason’s father. I love the interaction between Firehawk and Jason. I really just have soft spot for this series. I like how Stuart acknowledged what happen to Nora Freeze in Batgirl. Nice use of continuity. By far the best moment this issue though was Firestorm’s reaction to Batman. He admires Batman because Batman manages to be so scary even without any powers. That is how real heroes should treat Batman, with admiration. Take that HAL JORDAN.

Superman Villains United

Superman #652
Written by Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Another good issue of this storyline. As you can probably tell from the cover, this issue returns to focusing on Superman’s rogues gallery although there isn’t as much characterization of them as in prior issues. I know nothing about most of these villains, they all seem interesting except bloodsport because well I guess he just seems plain. I think this was the low point of this storyline. It didn’t get me as excited as the other issues although it was still loads better than this series was before one year later. My favorite moment must have been how Lois finds out that Clark had regained his powers. Pretty cool that he could be leaning on an oven and not notice. People with any knowledge of DC History will notice that Superman’s power level is about the same as Earth-2 Superman’s. I wonder how this ties in.

Holly Does Not Quite Meow For Me Yet

Catwoman (Volume 3) #54
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Adam Hughes

This issue continues the trend in the DCU of formerly lame villains becoming cool. This time it is Angle Man who gets the treatment. While not on the same level that Cat Man has become cool, Pfieifer does manage to make Angle Man much cooler than he ever was here. I do not think I have ever read anything else where these Lopez guys did the art but I must say I do like it. They should probably get more work. I am not so sure if I like Holly as Catwoman still, she just doesn’t seem Catwoman-like. She is too naieve and innocent, not enough femme fatale in her I guess. But I will give her a change to prove herself. Meanwhile, Selina is being a good mother of a baby whom I am not sure who the father of is. I am less convinced that it is Batman’s kid this time around for some reason. Not sure why I have changed my mind about that. I am excited about the introduction of Film Freak who since reading this I have learned is an old villain. I like him, he is creepy and in a way he reminds me of my love for films and trivia. (Accept I am no villain).

Too Much Terrific

Action Comics #838
Written by Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Is it just me, or is Mr. Terrific appearing in like every DC Comic now. It is getting a tad annoying. I don’t mind the character but I am not his biggest fan either and I do not see why he has to be in like every comic. Anyway, this issue was pretty good. This storyline once again fails to dissapoint and it had a great freaking ending to boot. For a while there, I was actually scared for Clark. Now that I think about it, there was no way Clark was going to be harmed but I guess for a second there I forgot that this was a corporate entity that will never be permanently killed. THAT IS A GOOD THING. You know a comic is good when you believe that Superman could possibly die. Great Suspense and Great Tension. This issue focused less on the villains but I am sure we will get back to them soon. Can’t wait to see how Metropolis reacts when Superman makes his return.