I Will Miss You Bart

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #13
Written by Mark Guggenheim
Art by Tony Daniel

Normally I would be like oh no why did they kill such a great character. But Guggenheim writes such an amazing final issue for the Fastest Man Alive that all thoughts like that were thrown out the door. I was honest-to-god sad seeing Bart die. His time as the Flash was tragically short, and as bad as this series was at first it has become really good lately. The rogues are certainly going to pay for what they have done. Bart was loved by a lot of heroes. Seeing Robin’s reaction to hearing the news is what got me the most. Tim has endured so much lately and the way that Daniel draws his reaction is just perfect. While I think the character was just annoying as Impulse, DC has done a great job of making Bart a great hero these last few years and I was so happy to see him honored the way he was over in Countdown. He got one of the best comic book funerals ever there. I am glad to have Wally back but I will miss you Bart. Rest in Peace.

Ten Atomic Bombs!

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #12
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Tony Daniel

Guggenheim writes the most suspenseful issue of this series yet. The ticking clock on this cover is symbolic of its pages inside. MY heart raced (no pun intended) for Bart this issue. I don’t know much about the Black Flash or what this means for Bart and I don’t know how Iris and Valerie are going to solve the problem of ten atomic bombs possibly hitting Los Angeles (Or the power of ten atomic bombs) but I am hoping they deal with it. The Rogues have absolutely fucked up this time. I am liking how this series and Teen Titans have really upped Inertia, not that I knew anything about the character before, but it seems now he has become this Flash’s archenemy. He is a pain in the Flash’s side constantly and I hate him, and to hate a villain means he is a great villain. Albeit, it doesn’t look like Inertia is going to be around much longer considering he is holding the power of ten atomic bombs inside of him.