The History of Kid Devil

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #42
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Peter Snejbjerg

This issue is the perfect example of Geoff Johns’s uncanny ability to both move characters forward yet respect their history. This recap of Kid Devil’s life up till the present is exciting and emotional and fun all wrapped into one story. I loved learning so much about Eddie Bloomberg’s past. It isn’t all recap though, we learn how Eddie looks the way he does now. It is all Neron’s fault. That evil demon from hell who has messed with a lot of superheroes over the years. Kid Devil’s deal with Neron is horrible but I look forward to seeing how that will turn out in the end. I doubt that Kid Devil will actually become Neron’s slave. Eddie is a very troubled young man who has been through a lot and Johns shows in this issue that he is probably the most interesting of the current Titans. Great Issue.