The Rebirth of Dark Supergirl


Justice League of America #51
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley

Robinson once again shows how much he understands and loves the DC Universe with the beginning of this issue. Instead of a random assortment of heroes trying to save Washington DC, we actually get an explanation for why each of the persons’ powers can help the situation. That is a rare feat in comics and I like the attention to detail! Meanwhile, the League is dealing with the threat of Omega Man – who is a bastard yet we don’t even know who he is yet and he has brought back Dark Supergirl. I miss Starman but this this is getting just as epic as the last arc! Great stuff!

Best Issue Of Series To Date

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #6
Written by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo
Art and Cover by Ken Lashley

This series isn’t as bad as everyone said it was, and this issue proves that. Wally’s fate is finally acknoledged! This is the moment Flash fans have been waiting for. Was it satisfying? I guess, I mean it seemed kind of force when Wally and Jay basically give Bart their blessing but it works. It is kind of sad that Bilson and DeMeo are leaving this book so soon, at the same time I think they aren’t the best writers this series could have. I am glad to see that Griffin finally defeated, but I am not all that intrested in Inertia either. Bring on the real Flash Rogues! I liked the stuff about how Keystone is so happy to have the Flash back. It add a positive touch to this book. Other than the ending, I guess it was a mediocre comic, but definitely the best issue of this series to date.