Supergirl 55 and 56


Supergirl (Volume 5) #55
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle


This was an a fantastic issue as Supergirl continues to fight Bizzarogirl who has some absolutely hilarious lines here and Kara decides to escape to Bizarro World. I like how she remembered Reactron’s captivity and connected that with Bizarrogirl being studies by Doctor Light.


Supergirl (Volume 5) #56
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle


Supergirl goes to Bizarroworld and finds it being attacked by a big monster. It was a decent issue but not much to write about I guess.

Continuity Crisis


Supergirl (Volume 5) #52
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Ivan Rodriguez


This is part 7 of the Last Stand of New Krypton storyline that began in Last Stand #1, and continued here, here, here, Last Stand #2, and here. Supergirl teams up with Brainiac 5 and takes out the ship’s core in this issue. So I was kinda hoping that they would mention Supergirl’s time with the Legion of Earth-Prime, I can’t remember if she remembers it or not, perhaps that is why Brainiac 5 seemed familiar. But this Brainiac 5 seems to know here, does all the pre-crisis Supergirl tales with the Legion still happen in this timeline but later? And why does he refer to her as dying? The pre-crisis Kara died in the Crisis why would this Kara have died? I hope they clarify all this soon.

The Trial of Reactron


Supergirl (Volume 5) #47
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Matt Camp

Supergirl bring Reactron to New Krypton and the trial doesn’t go so well. A lynch mob comes after him and in the fight Reactron is killed. I knew it wouldn’t be that easy and I was correct. Alura and Gor conspired to have him taken away and tortured for information about earth in secret. Alura feels horrible about what she is doing but sees it as necessary, but she knows her late husband or her daughter wouldn’t approve. This was a decent issue. I liked the insight into the character of Alura and her hardened exterior and it was great to see the flashbacks with her and Zor-El. I wish this was more of a Supergirl focused issue but that is okay. I am sure we will get to see more of her next issue.

Reactron Extinguished


Supergirl (Volume 5) #46
Written by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka
Art by Jamal Igle and Eduardo Pansica

This is the conclusion of the Hunt for Reactron storyline that began here and continued here and here. This was a satisfactory conclusion as Reactron is finally defeated and it ends with Kara bringing him to New Krypton. It was great to see Thara morph into Flamebird and for Supergirl to reconcile her friendship with Thara. When are we going to see Chris become the Nightwing being. I want to learn more about these mystical beings. I think it really makes Chris and Thara much more interesting. I also want to know what Lana is hiding but I suppose we won’t find out until Kara confronts here. Some of the expressions on people’s faces seemed a bit off and not fitting what they were saying. Lois looks angry through her whole scene with Lana and I didn’t like that. I suppose that could be because of Pansica’s art.

Sam Lane Makes A Great Villain


Action Comics #882
Written by Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates
Art by Pere Perez
Co-Feature by Rucka and James Robinson
Art by

This is part 3 of the Hunt for Reactron storyline that began here and continued here. I didn’t expect Reactron to kill the entire Squad K – especially when I was starting to really like their leader. This little crossover has been a lot of fun and action-packed so far and I can’t wait for next week’s conclusion. The Superman books are the best they have been in years – even without Superman. Sam Lane is the ultimate villain. The Captain Atom back-up finally explains why Captain Atom went crazy and became Monarch in Countdown – he was being controlled by Mirabai. Now I am not sure why she sent him into the multiverse to do all those crazy things – but Countdown was so poorly thought out that it doesn’t really matter does it. Major Force shows up and when that asshole shows up you know things are bad. It was good to see Natasha Irons as well.

Sometimes Lois Is Just As Heroic As The Super Heroes


Supergirl (Volume 5) #45
Written by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka
Art by Jamal Igle

This is part 2 of the Hunt for Reactron crossover that began here. This was a tremendous issue that furthered the plot a lot. I like how Thara knew that Lana is sick (although Kara is kind’ve being a jerk to to Thara) and Lois acting like the hero. I hope she exposes her father and the whole operation when this is over. I love when Lois is portrayed as a smart and competent (but good-natured) reporter.

You Stupid Babootch


Action Comics #881
Written by Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates
Art by Pere Perez
Co-Feature by Rucka and James Robinson
Art by Cafu

This was the first part of the Hunt for Reactron storyline. This was a good issue that focuses on Supergirl, Chris, and Thara now as fugitives who the world blames for the death of Mon-El. I like how there is so much tension between Kara and Thara over her father’s death – and I really liked the art. I hope DC keeps Perez on this book because the art has been less then stellar before he came on. There were a lot of great moments such as Supergirl saying she has fortresses all over the world and she stole the idea from Batman. And I am actually becoming more interested in the mythology behind Nightwing and Flamebird. Oh and the best line of the issue has to be Thara calling Supergirl a “Stupid Babootch”. What a great fictional sware word for Krypton! The Captain Atom back-up didn’t really further the plot enough for me to get too excited about it.

World Against Superman


Superman #691
Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes

This is the fourth part of the Codename: Patriot crossover that began in World of New Krypton #6 and continued here and here. I like that it is implied at the end of this issue we have gone from World Without Superman to World Against Superman. General Lane has created quite the crazed plot to discredit Superman and Supergirl. From the looks of it, Lois may believe that Kara has gone rogue, which I hope she is smart enough to know that can’t be true. This was a really good storyline and while it only leads to more story, I feel it came to a good but sad conclusion.



Supergirl (Volume 5) #44
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

This is part 3 of the Codename: Patriot Crossover that began in World of New Krypton and continued here. And this storyline is as action packed and filled to the brim as always. Gates managed to give us all the plot points but still focusing mainly on Supergirl and I really liked that. Mirabai is a dangerous enemy. I fell for her illusions just as the characters did. I have no idea where this is going, but I am excited about it.



Action Comics #880
Written by Greg Rucka and James Robinson
Art by Julian Lopez
Co-Feature by Rucka and Robinson
Art by Cafu

This is the second part of the Codename: Patriot that began in World of New Krypton. I really enjoyed this. Probably even more so then I did the New Krypton crossover at this point in it. The plot and mystery is so thick; Rucka, Robinson, and everyone involved are telling a really awesome complex story here. Chris and Thara kiss before being captured by Project 7734. I loved Superman’s reunion with Lois after being away for so long. I wasn’t surprised that Zod’s shooter is working with General Lane after all the scheming we have seen Lane do. Everything is coming together and I imagine it is all going to explode in craziness. I can not really predict what is going to happen, but this is all leading somewhere big. The Captain Atom co-feature was beautiful to look at as he begins to remember who he is. The question now is where is he? Or When? Good stuff.

Supergirl 40 – 42


Supergirl (Volume 5) #40
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

So Lucy Lane is Superwoman! How? I do not know. Why? I do not know. Do I still wish she was Linda Danvers? No because Linda wasn’t a killer. This issue leaves me with more questions then answers but it was cool seeing Kara use her Batman and Amazon training.


Supergirl (Volume 5) #41
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Fernando Dagnino

Oh my Rao! That was the most disturbing ending of an issue I have read in a while. Supergirl pulls off Lucy’s disc thingies in a costume and Lucy cries as she expands and then freaking blows up disgustingly. What the hell? We still don’t have any answers as to why or how Lucy was Superwoman, but she is seemingly dead now.


Supergirl (Volume 5) #42
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

So I can’t really say that I am happy with this issue. We did not get any pay off! Sure, we know Lucy was Superwoman but not much more then that. This entire issue just featured Lois getting upset over the possibility of Lucy’s death and General Lane being a douchebag as usual. Really, I want answers and I am getting impatient.

Superwoman The Murderer

Supergirl (Volume 5) #39
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

The mystery deepens, I am starting to hope Superwoman isn’t Linda Danvers after all. I mean she brutally murdered Reactron’s girlfriend and there is no way Linda would ever do that. I do think Linda needs to return to the DCU soon or at least acknowledged as the original Supergirl in these pages. It would be great to see Kara and Linda meet. Superwoman may be a kryptonian after all, although I am not sure. What exactly is Lana’s job? I am confused on that. I will have to reasearch it I guess. This series is so good right now. Everyone pick it up even if you hated it before Gates took over. You will be pleasently surprised.

Two Lindas?

Supergirl (Volume 5) #38
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle and Matthew Clark

It’s a shame Gates hasn’t written this book since its inception. This is just that good! The same can be said for Igle’s art, which is top notch this issue. Check out the fight scene between Superwoman and Supergirl, gorgeous art there. Speaking of Superwoman, she may not be Kryptonian after all! Could she be Linda Danvers? I sure hope so. Either her or Flamebird should be Linda. And like Gates said at the convention, it looks like Supergirl will be taking over the Linda Lang identity again. Maybe that is how she hides from the ban on Kryptonians on earth? I don’t know but all of the threads are coming together and I can’t wait for the next issue.

The Women of Steel


Supergirl (Volume 5) #37
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

While I was looking forward to the whole Linda Lang status quo with Supergirl working at the Daily Planet, I am not complaining. I know that we will get back to that eventually. Right now Kara’s relationship with New Krypton and the mystery behind Superwoman is more compelling. My current theory is that Superwoman is Thara, as both Thara and Superwoman did not want Kara to go to earth and find Reactron in this issue. I think all hope that Superwoman is Linda Danvers has been lost now that we know she is definitely a Kryptonian. I still hope Flamebird is Linda though! Alura is still one crazy bitch and incredibly mean to her daughter. The only reason why I think Kara puts up with it is because she believes her mother is grieving over her father’s death. And as everyone know, in times of grieving everyone wants to be with their family.

Alura Is A Bitch


Supergirl (Volume 5) #36
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

This is Part 9 of the New Krypton crossover that began in the New Krypton Special, continued here, then in the Guardian Special, then here, here, here, and here. Seriously, this just keeps getting better. We see a lot more of Superwoman this issue and her costume is fantastic. I really love it! It has this great feel to it I don’t know how to explain it. She turns out to be really nice…that is unless she was hiding something. I was hoping she was Linda Danvers but it looks like she is definitely a Kryptonian so it’s not Linda. I still hope Flamebird is Linda. We see more of Flamebird and Nightwing this issue and learn that they took on the costumes to stop Zod’s followers. The New Nightwing’s costume is really a lot like Bat-costume, was the silver age Nightwing like that? I wonder.  I would love to see Dick Grayson and Bette Kane confront them. As for the Girl of Steel herself, I still wish she would change her costume lol. Oh and her mother, well, her mother is a bitch.

The Return of the Creature Commandos


Action Comics #872
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Pete Woods

This is part 7 of the New Krypton storyline that began in the New Krypton Special, then continued here, and then in the Guardian Special, and then here, here, and here. I am not sure how I feel about this issue, I mean it was good and decent but I just wasn’t that excited over it like I have on other issues of this storyline. The Creature Commandos are cool and I am surprised I have never heard of them before. I especially like the one who looks like Medusa. Pete Woods’s art is fantastic in this issue, a lot better then his recent work. Supergirl’s Dad I assume is killed, which makes me happy because I don’t like the idea of the Zor-Els being alive. I mean it is fine for this story but I don’t think they should live on past this. The most excting part must have been seeing the new Nightwing and Flamebird in Gotham, and Nightwing was flying and they knew Batman. Could it be Connor Kent and Linda Danvers? How awesome would that be.

The Spectacular Debut of Superwoman


Supergirl (Volume 5) #35
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

This is part 5 of the “New Krypton” Superman crossover that began in the New Krypton Special, continued here, in the Guardian Special, and here. And this was awesome, Gates continues to revitalize Supergirl in this issue, pulling a Geoff Johns, he explains away all the craziness of the character – the personality changes, the different memories of her parents – as being a result of Kryptonite radiation poison causing her mind and body to go a little nuts. He even tied in the weird crystal blood from Joe Kelly’s run on the book. Awesome! As for the new Superwoman – she looks great – I do hope it is Linda Danvers but it doesn’t look like it. Maybe Linda Danvers is Flamebird? I don’t know but I have a feeling she is coming back, even had a dream about it (Yes I am that much of a geek). I like the new origin of Supergirl – it is perfect and finally sets the character straight.