The Debut of the Black Hood


The Web #5
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Talent Caldwell
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick


The Black Hood makes his debut in the DC Universe in this sad tale written by Marc Guggenheim. Guggenheim writes the best issue of the Web to date as we see the effects of The Web’s stupidity in creating the Web hosts. One of the Web Host’s fails sadly (he really seemed like he wanted to do good and it was sad to see his murder) and gets the sister of the Black Hood killed. After taking some armor from the old Justice League bunker and the bandana of the man who murderd his sister, Mateo Burland becomes the Black Hood. I wish that that they kept his old costume design, but it works better in the context of the story for him to have the bandana. This was very sad but great issue. I can’t say that I really understand what is going on in the Hangman back-up. Definitely my least favorite issue of the Hangman back-up to date.