Atom 15 – 25

All-New Atom #15
Written by Gail Simone

Art By Mike Norton

OMG! I forgot how much fun this series was! This is a countdown tie-in that ties in for about five seconds and then Simone takes it in a hilarious direction where we end up seeing the mating of two Japanese movie monsters…..crazy but hilarious stuff. It’s sad that this series got canceled.

All-New Atom #16
Written by Roger Stern
Art By Mike Norton

Roger Stern guest writes this issue which sees Ivy Town turned into sixties flower children community. It is a lot of fun, and actually include robots who mimic popular singing groups of choice!

All-New Atom #17
Written by Gail Simone

Art By Mik
e Norton

Another fun issue where The Atom and Giganta go out on a date – she is a real psychopath. I question why Wonder Woman would reveal her identity to Ryan so quickly but – er – well it’s not like she’s Batman.

All-New Atom #18
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Mike Norton
and Andy Smith

Haha I love the dialogue between Wonder Woman and the Atom in this issue….and I especially love the idea that the DCU has its own Ted Grant version of the George Foreman grill. But I get the feeling Ryan will not accept the Justice League invitation.

All-New Atom #19
Written by Keith Champaigne
rt by Jerry Ordway

This fill-in issue didn’t seem like filler at all and was really well-done. It was like The Atom meets the Descent meets Seven Soldiers. How many underground villages are there in the DCU?

All-New Atom #20
Written By Gail Simone
Art By Mike Norton

Simone’s final issue on this series wraps up a lot of plot elements from the last 20 issues including the discovery that Chronos being behind why Ivy Town is so weird. Simone did great work on this series, if only more people read it. I look forward to seeing what the new creative team is like.

All-New Atom #21
Written by Ric
k Remender

Art by Pat Olliffe

Remender begins his run with this issue, and so far, so good. At first I was kinda bored with just the Atom solo act but it got better in the second half when Panda and Head came in. This made me happy cause I hate when new writers just throw away the old supporting cast.

All-New Atom #22
Written by Rick Remender

Art by Pat Olliffe

This was an action-packed creepy but awesome issue with The Atom fighting the monster that he found in his bloodstream. I find it hard to believe that Panda is actually dead (apparently I missed that last issue) but if he is, I am not too upset. It is sad though. At least we still have Head.

All-New Atom #23
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Pat Olliffe

I was right and Panda is still alive! Despite this fluke, the series is still completely unpredictable and awesome. I love the idea that they are now inside the monster where there is a whole another world where time moves faster. I wonder if Panda will somehow go back to looking like he used to though.

All-New Atom #24
Written by Rick Remen

Art by Pat Olliffe

Shit is hitting the Fan and Ray Palmer is back. I like the idea that the relationship between Ryan Choi and Ray Palmer was all a set up by Chronos, but do you think that was the original intent of Simone and Morrison? I doubt it but I like it a lot.

All-New Atom #25
Written by Rick Remender

Art by Pat Olliffe

Well, Panda sadly dies after all. At least he died a hero. I really liked that Ryan is going to continue on as the Atom and I look forward to seeing him around the DCU. This was a great series and I really encourage people to check out the back issues and trades.