Batman Incorporated #4
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham


This was just fucking fantastic awesome greatness of a comic! Best issue yet! We get the history of Kathy Kane – the original Batwoman and Morrison singlehandedly explains how she fits in continuity and how it all relates to his huge megaplot. Who is Dr. Dedalus? Was he really Kathy’s father? What is this war everyone is talking about? I didn’t see all this coming but Morrison hits it out of the park too and Burnham’s art is fantastic I love how he switches his style with the time periods.

A Fun Trip Through Batman’s History


Batman #682
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Lee Garbett

After last issue being a semi-disappointment, I was looking forward to Morrison clearing up some things in this issue. And er….it doesn’t. But by no means is this a bad issue, because it is great. Morrison explains how many of the Silver Age tales fit into modern continuity, even the original Batwoman. About Batwoman, I wonder if she is the mother of the current one. As in 52, she was referred to as Katherine the Younger as if there was an older Kathy Kane in her family. Or I have read a theory that this is the current Batwoman (maybe she died her hair red) who broke Batman’s heart when she came out to him. I guess it remains to be seen which of these theories are correct. All of the stuff that ties into Final Crisis is kind of confusing. How did we get from the end of R.I.P to what is going on with Bruce in Final Crisis. Will that be explained? By the way, I absolutely hate this Alex Ross cover and I can’t put my finger on why. Maybe because it is another glorifying the silver age cover, but that can’t be because that fits the tone of this issue. I think it’s the green. Makes the whole thing ugly. Hopefully next issue, we will see Batman’s history since Dick became Nightwing.