Let’s Hope The Next Arc Is Less Confusing


Outsiders (Volume 4) #20
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Lee Garbett

Hmmm….I can’t say I completely understand what just happened in this issue. Who exactly were the Insiders? Just immortals? I am going to have to reread this story arc and I bet this thing reads a lot better in trades then in monthlies. So I am not going to judge it and say it was bad but I was rather confused. It was nice to see the Creeper in action and I liked the conversation between Ra’s and Vandal Savage but ya I am not sure what happened. Hopefully Tomasi’s next arc will be less confusing.

Hush Hush Kitty


Gotham City Sirens #2
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Guillem March

This issue didn’t wow me as much as the debut issue. I think it was the art. I mean I still love Dini’s writing of these characters but all of the colors looked washed out. So it’s the colorists fault that I did not enjoy this issue as much. I question why Dini decided to bring back Hush so soon after Heart of Hush, I think the characters works best if used sparingly (but before Dini I didn’t think the character worked at all so I give him props for that) and he is using him both in this book and Streets of Gotham. Hush is using Harley to get to Catwoman after Selina stole all his money. I hope she kicks his ass.



Green Lantern (Volume 4) #44
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

Let me tell you, I didn’t expect to love Blackest Night as much as I did and this issue is no different from the rest of this event. I love Martian Manhunter, he is the heart and soul of the Justice League and any long time readers of this blog know I complained a lot of how he was treated by DC (aka Dan Didio and Brad Meltzer) after Infinite Crisis. Johns understands this and I loved when Barry said he didn’t become Alien, he was Alienated. Barry is exactly right. Any Martian Manhunter fans should read this issue. This was a quick read and did seem kinda filler but I still loved it because of it’s Martian Manhunter content and Mahnke’s great art. What a battle he drew.

She Blinded Me With Science


Supergirl (Volume 5) #43
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

Wow! That was a really powerful story much more compelling then any of the Superwoman issues. I really enjoyed this issue. Gates tells a day-in-the life emotional story of Kara writing to her dead father but at the same time managed to further the mystery of Superwoman by introducing the idea that Lucy stayed in the apartment of a Kryptonian woman who has since disappeared. Supergirl joins the science guild in this and it reminds me so much of how she is like her cousin, she is joining because she wants to understand in her mother better. Kal joined the military guild to keep an eye on Zod while Kara joined to keep an eye on her mother. I like that. This was really the first issue where you get the feeling that Alura does really care for her daughter and that maybe she just shows her love indirectly, like showing Kara the different guilds so she can make that choice on her own. I liked that and it fits Alura’s character and upbringing perfectly. Igle draws a beautiful New Krypton. This was an awesome issue.

From Gotham To Moscow


Batman Confidential #31
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Andy Clarke

Milligan’s writing is decent on the start of this new arc but it is really Andy Clarke’s art that makes it worth the read. He draws Moscow and Gotham perfectly…what an underutilized talent he is for DC. They should put him on something higher profile then this book and R.E.B.E.L.S. The idea of Batman traveling to Moscow didn’t excite me at first but Milligan set up the city and the “Bear” quite nicely that I am looking forward to reading this story.

Vigilante 7 and 8


Vigilante (Volume 3) #7
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Rick Leonardi

This is a return to the main story after the awful crossover with the Titans books. I enjoyed it a lot and we are slowly learning more about Doian – the Vigilante. It seems like he may have killed someone he loved in the past and I liked all the talk about the differences between him and Adrian Chase. Wolfman writes a pretty awesome Penguin and Leonardi draws a scary one.


Vigilante (Volume 3) #8
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Rick Leonardi

Hmmm interesting so the Vigilante’s late wife was the daughter of a mob boss. I am excited the he is moving to Chicago, I am a Chicago native and it is always fun to the see the DCU version of Chicago. This is a really good series and like Warlord, it is sad more people are not reading it. I really enjoyed this issue.

Give An 82-Year-Old Man Some Respect


The Warlord (Volume 4) #4
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Joe Prado

Joe Prado returns this issue to bring this book back in my favor. After last issue was a little confusing, this issue explained a whole lot and got me excited for this series again. Sadly, it seems that no one is reading it and it has no marketing push from DC but I will enjoy the ride while it lasts. Prado’s art is breathtaking and it really seems that this story is building to something spectacular. Grell writes some really amusing moments such as when the Warlord realizes it’s 2009 in the outside world and he is now 82-years-old or when he asks who is president now. I liked when Shakira turned into a cat as well. Pick this up people, if you like this kind of stuff you won’t be disappointed.

The Boy Wonder Meets The Girl of Steel

sb62Superman/Batman #62
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

You may think I am nitpicking, but this blog is called the CONTINUITY Blog for a reason. Robin simply did not wear that costume yet when Kara first came to earth. The editor should have caught this and told Albuquerque cause there is no way this adventure takes place one year after Infinite Crisis. Unless it takes place right before Supergirl joined the Teen Titans…hmmm…I suppose you could place it there but it seems like Kara should have met Tim long before then. Otherwise, this was a really fun issue. Any time we get to explore Arkham it is a good comic and this is no different, and Albuquerque’s art is perfect for this book! I never really liked his Blue Beetle art because I thought it was too cartoony but I think he adjusted his style or something because I enjoyed his art here a lot. I am glad he is the regular artist.

Adam Beechen Returns To The DCU


Brave and the Bold #25
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Roger Robinson

This is the first time we have seen Adam Beechen in the DCU since the Batgirl Mini (Thanks Beechen for restoring her character, we all appreciate it) and I have to say that this was a weak issue of Brave and the Bold. I really didn’t find the plot very compelling at all and I have yet to be sold on Hardware as a character. He didn’t interest me in Justice League and he doesn’t interest me here, but I don’t downright loathe him or anything. Jaime has some funny lines as he did the narration but I just felt like the whole thing was rather boring.

Lois Finds Out


Action Comics #879
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Diego Olmos
Co-Feature by Ruck and James Robinson
Art by Cafu

Things are heating up in the main story as Lois finally figures out that her father is alive. I love the way she figured it out too – by getting Mon-El to x-ray his grave. I wonder how happy she will be when she finds out what her father is up to? The cover art is weird – why is it that Thara seems to have different hair every time an artist draws her? The while flame powers that she has reminded me of Linda Danvers and got me sad about how much I miss her but Geoff John’s comments about Linda here got my hopes up! Come on Sterling have Supergirl meet Supergirl! Anyways, the second feature was decent as we see Captain Atom is back in time now – or  in another universe I suppose we will find out and it looks like he is finally remembering who he is and his time with the Justice League after the whole Countdown debacle as Monarch. It will be interesting to see what is up with him. Cafu’s art was great as well.

Imposters And Skin Suits


Batman: Streets of Gotham #2
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Georges Jeanty

Okay I did not expect the main story with Hush to go the way it did – but I liked it! I am very interested in seeing how this plays out with Hush posing as Bruce and Dick not being able to do anything about it (I assume). it was also cool to see the League’s reaction to Bruce’s  fake return. We still don’t know who the new Black Mask is and I hope we find out soon enough. I also wonder who this mysterious new vigilante guy is? I hope it’s some guy from the past and not some random new duded. Nguyen’s art kindve annoyed me because it was said that Gordon was there – but I did not see Gordon. Did he read the script? But I really enjoyed this issue. The Manhunter Co-Feature was kick ass and I liked it even better then the last issue. Jane Doe is one scary villain! Art-wise it seemed like Kate was drawn like a little girl sometimes and I didn’t like that at all but story-wise it was great.

An Actual Good Issue of this Book… Wow!


Titans (Volume 2) #15
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Jose Luis

This was really more of a Tempest story then a Titans story but that is okay. We haven’t had a Tempest story in a long time and it is good to have him back. Is the stranger who left the Aquaman uniform Joseph Curry or the Aquaman during Final Crisis? I hope it’s Joseph cause I want to know what the hell happened to him. I am not sure how I feel about Dolphin and Cerdian being dead but I will wait to see how this plays out in Blackest Night. Is it just me or are they seemingly setting up Garth to be the new Aquaman? That could be interesting as it is a direction I did not see coming at all. I have to say this was a really well-written and good issue of this series, which is a rarity these days. Heck this is definitely the best art that has ever been in this series.

The “Real” Starro


R.E.B.E.L.S. #6
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Claude St. Aubin

I like how the team is growing and will still grow. All of the team members have serious potential and I can’t wait to read more about them. Bedard has yet to win me over with this warrior version of Starro. I don’t buy that this is the “real” Starro because I think the giant starfish is a lot more interesting. And you know some writer is going to come along one day and say that this was just another guy possessed by Starro. St. Aubin’s art is seriously lacking in this issue. Everything seemed a bit off. He is usually a good artist though. What happened to Andy Clarke anyways?

I have something controversial to say….


There I said it. It doesn’t interest me at all, it is not in continuity, and is a sad desperate nostolgic weekly comic for old ass jaded comics fans who will probably jerk off to it. This is the 21st century people, the newpaper thing is dying; get over it.

Oh and comics from the silver age (which I imagine Wednesday comics is going to try to emulate) were mean’t for kids and therefore are not any good except if they are read by kids. Despite what some bloggers want you to think,  modern comics are better cause they are written for teens and adults. Sorry but it’s the truth. End of rant.

Mr. Toad R.I.P?


Batman and Robin #2
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely

It took me a while to get to review this because during my initial read I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I should and wanted to re-read it. I am happy to say that I must have been in a bad mood when I first read it because this issue was damn good. Sure it’s not as exciting as the first issue was, but it is still good. Quitely’s art while I always think it is overrated, it was definitely not as good as last issue. I just wasn’t in to the fight at the police station nor thought the facial expressions were as good as they could be. Story-wise I loved Dick’s conversation with Alfred and the Circus of Strange are really cool. I really hope Mr. Toad isn’t really dead cause I definitely enjoyed him. So ya this was a good issue but I think I just expected more, especially since next issue is the last issue of this arc.

Focusing On Dinah


Green Arrow & Black Canary #22
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

This is probably the best issue since Kreisberg took over the book. I really enjoyed seeing Dinah talking to Wildcat about wanting to be a hero when she grows up in the flashback and all of the main story with Black Canary. Giving so much attention to Dinah kind’ve makes up for his previous issues where he seemed to be turning her into a damsel-in-distress character. The back-up Green Arrows story was very sad. One thing is Dinah’s asking of Ollie to give up being Green Arrows seems so weird and forced. He has only been slightly more violent, why is she acting like this? In fact, he really didn’t do anything violent in this issue. It is odd.

The Name Still Stinks But This Issue Is Better


Red Robin #2
Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Ramon Bachs

This cover gave away the identity of Red Robin months ago when it was released so I don’t know why DC tried to pretend like it was a big secret. Anyways, I enjoyed this issue much more then its debut issue. I am starting to rethink my attitude about Tim going “dark” he has been through a lot of shit. I don’t like the way he treats Stephanie in this though. Poor Stephanie Brown is always treated like shit even though she is always just trying to help. This series really should have continued Tim’s old numbering because it is very much a continuation of the “Robin” series. Don’t you wish Tim chose to be the new Nightwing instead of this Red “I am a burger chain too” Robin bullshit. It’s a great looking costume and always will be but the name really stinks. I also don’t like that Tim is always referred to as Tim Wayne now, I get that he wants to respect Bruce but isn’t that a little bit disrespectful of his real father, Jack Drake? Anyways, this was an enjoyable issue that kept me much more entertained that the prior issue.