Streets of Gotham 12 and 13


Batman: Streets of Gotham #12
Written by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, and Derke Fridoffs
Art by Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Szymon Kudranski


I don’t know why Dini is having such trouble writing this book solo but this is another kinda fill-in – although it is based on a plot by Dini. Luckily, it has Dini’s good writing and style to it as we get to know The Carpenter and are introduced to a new Bat-Villain, The Director. A crazy director who wants to make superhero snuff films. Dini is a genius at creating themed villains I sware! Anyways, he hires the Carpenter to build the perfect set but then plans on killing her when she is done. It’s a neat plot and meanwhile Damian gives a gift to Abuse that Batman won’t be happy about. I liked this. The Manhunter back-up was as good as always as Ramsey arrives at his mom’s place only to find Jane Doe dressed up in a skinsuit that looks like her! The art change from last issue was pretty dramatic. Not that I don’t like Kudranski’s art but it is just a completely different style.


Batman: Streets of Gotham #13
Written by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, and Derke Fridoffs
Art by Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Szymon Kudranski


The main story concludes the tales of the Carpenter as she is saved by Batman and all is a happy ending for this new fun character – she even defys Batman by deciding to stay in Gotham after all. It was really good. Hush is also dealt with here as the second plot apparently setting up with the next arc. I wonder what is in store for Tommy Elliot now that Bruce is coming back? The Manhunter back-up wraps up the co-feature as Jane Doe is defeated. The ending has Dick Grayson asking Kate out on a date. I wonder where this will go from here? Will Andreyko write their relationship or what? I don’t know but I will miss Manhunter in this book. Why is she being taken out and replaced?



The Flash (Volume 3) #3
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul and Scott Kollins


Wow this was rather uninteresting for a comic that is supposed to be about speed I feel like this arc is going very slow. We just get more Flash versus the Renegades from the future still blaming him for the murder of Mirror Monarch. Still no Wally or Bart or Jay and we see that Captain Boomerang is able to manifest Boomerangs due to once being a black lantern. Yawn.

The Most Wonderful Anniversary Issue Diana Could Get


Wonder Woman #600
Written by Gail Simone, Amanda Connor, Louise Simonson, Geoff Johns, and J. Michael Straczynski
Art by George Perez, Connor, Eduardo Pansica, Scott Kollins, and Don Kramer

Wonder Woman reverts to classica numbering…well the numbering of all three of her series put together. Six Hundred issues! Now this was a damn anniversary issue! Beautiful pin-ups and wonderful stories that not only celebrated the character’s rich history but brought her forward. Gail Simone’s story of Wonder Woman leading a band of female heroes was breathtakingly drawn by Perez and ended with a sulute to the Perez era of the character. It was great to see all those female heroes working together – and Grace was there! We haven’t seen her in a while. But of course my favorite story has to be Amanda Connor’s short Wonder Woman team up with Power Girl that featured the Batgirl Cassandra Cain!!!!!! It takes place in the past but it was so great to see Cassie in her suit and all her glory again I almost cried! Sure she didn’t exactly talk like Cassie – but I am not complaining at least we got to see her. What a treat! Not to mention it was a great little story where Wonder Woman explains how Power Girl can bond with her cat. Simonson’s and Johns’s stories were good spotlights of how powerful and amazing the character is but the real meat of the issue is Straczysnki’s prologue to his new run. Shockingly, something has changed the timeline of Wonder Woman’s life and now she is an orphan raised in the city by amazons after Paradise Island was destroyed. The new costume isn’t going to last and let’s face it – it’s not the great but Kramer does the best he can with it. I know this isn’t a permanent retcon and that Diana will make her way back to the original timeline so I am interested in where this radical new direction is going. I also wonder how this will effect the rest of the DCU.  This was the perfect anniversary issue for Diana!

Lord Of The Forest


Green Arrow (Volume 5) #1
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Digoenes Neves


After the disaster that was the Rise of Arsenal mini, many were expecting this series to be awful as well. I didn’t think so. Roy Harper’s descent into madness was clearly editorially driven. Krul is a good writer and he has shown that in the past. This issue is filled with his strengths. Green Arrow is now a vigilante living out of the forest that grew magically in Star City in Brightest Day. It is a pretty brilliant concept and makes Star City much more interesting then it ever has been before. Queen Industries is taken over by a russian woman in a mask – a really creepy nun-looking mask too. I like her already as a villain. Who is she? I have no idea. The biggest plus of this book has to be Neves’s artwork which is consistently beautiful. I just love it! I was very impressed with this issue and I’d say Green Arrow is the best it has been since Kevin Smith’s run. I hope Connor Hawke and Speedy show up eventually though.

Creepy Fuseli


Zatanna (Volume 2) #2
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Stephane Roux


It’s Zatanna versus the nightmare Imp Fuseli – who is actually from a real painting called Fuseli’s Nightmare. I like this creepy character and Roux duplicates the painting very well. Brother Night is creepy as ever and seems to have the soul of Zatanna’s Dad under his control. This book has been really good so far and I love what Dini is doing with the character. This storyline takes place back when Zatanna was member of the JLA during McDuffie’s run it seems – that makes sense since it was announced around that time.

Evil Alphas


Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #49
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Ardian Sayaf

John Stewart is captured by the Alpha-Lanterns who have gone rogue and are now working for Cyborg Superman. The Alpha Lanterns have been a pain ever since their creation I wonder if they will be decommissioned after this storyline. John’s retconned Marine thing is really being shoved down our throats and it kind of annoys me but I suppose I am getting used to it. Kyle and Soranik are still going strong although their is tention over Jade – I hope they stay together I like them as a couple. The new creative team continues to make this the best GL comic being published now.

All Is Well


Power Girl (Volume 2) #13
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri


Well I have to say that as I suspected, the book still maintains good quality with Winick coming on. He knows how to write humor and balance it with action – he always has. He can be hit or miss – but he can do that and I have no idea why some people are so down on him as a writer. Basri’s art is also perfect for Power Girl – it is different from Connor but that doesn’t mean it is bad. This book recaps Maxwell Lord’s return and then wiping away the memory of his existence. It is written in such a way that it also recaps Power Girl’s history – I am not sure if the mind wipe worked on her – I think it did as she does forget the mission to find Lord. I think Lord himself is responsible for her company going bankrupt all of a sudden somehow. I was glad to see Terra wasn’t dropped from the book too. All is well for this series.

Past, Present, and Future


Superman #700
Written by James Robinson, Dan Jurgens, and J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Bernard Chang, Jurgens, and Eddy Barrows


In this anniversary issue we get three stories in one. The first by Robinson closes off his run on this book by focusing on the reunion of Lois and Clark after the whole New Krypton thing. The dialogue is a lot of awkward but I think the message that these two really love one another came across well. Jurgen’s story takes place in the past and has Superman teaming up with Dick Grayson Robin and in the end doing his homework for him so he doesn’t get in trouble with Batman. It was really good and I loved the surprise ending where Clark gets a note from Batman at the daily planet. The final story begins JMS’s run on this book as a woman comes to Superman angry that he was off planet and because of this was unable to save her husband’s life. Honestly, I think she was a out of line here but I can see why this would effect Clark emotionally. We will see where JMS goes with it. All-in-all it was a good issue, I don’t think it was as epic as Batman’s anniversary issue but it was still good and focused on the character’s past, present, and future.

Magog 8 – 10


Magog #8
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Tom Derenick

This was confusing. I guess earth is going to be invaded by aliens? That plot came out of no where and Magog is stopping a hostage situation. I am not sure why the Shield showed up to take Axel to an army base? I am lost.



Magog #9
Witten by Keith Giffen
Art by Tom Derenick

Hmm things get interesting again as the Shield is hijacked by Killer App and the Planeteers shows up? Who are they exactly? I like the idea that Magog’s
are covertly trying to take over the world. I have no idea where this is going.


Magog #10
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Tom Derenick


Magog scares away a really frightening alien creature that planned on taking over earth and basically consuming all life on it. David is freaking out cause he is afraid that perhaps there is more to this being possessed thing then he thought. This marks the end of Giffen’s run I believe and Kolins will come in to finish off this series. I hope all the threads will be resolved and we can get some type of conclusion.

Saturn Queen Attacks


Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 6) #2
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Yildiray Cinar and Francis Portela


Saturn Queen shows up and brainwashes Brainy and Ultra Boy. At the same time, the Legion is dealing with xenophobic protesters as the refugees from Titan arrives on earth. There are so many plot threads going on and I love all of it. This is how you write a comic. It manages to have action, adventure, relationships, and politics but it doesn’t seem too busy. Levitz is a freaking master at storytelling. I love this series so much already and it isn’t even “My legion.” I never read the Reboot Legion but was Gates always so cranky or is that a new part of his personality? He seemed to be so here. A part of me misses the Phantom Girl from Earth-Prime who talked to herself and Saturn Girl being a mute. Those were cool additions to those characters but I Guess I will just have to get used to their Earth-0 counterparts. This book is great and I hope everyone keeps reading it!

Brand New Era

sg53Supergirl (Volume 5) #53
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

This series begins a brand new era. As the whole New Krypton storyline ends, we see a Kara not only giving up being Supergirl but even being Kara Zor-El. She decides to take on the name Linda Lang full-time in this issue. Now this would be the pefect moment for her to casually mention that the name Linda comes from Linda Danvers and it is a way of honoring her predecessor but no… Gates chooses not to do that. What the hell, the guy gets asked about Linda Danvers in every interview he does he can’t throw a line in? I hope this is editorial interference or something. Anyways, this was actually a pretty great issue and I was happy to see Lana and Supergirl patch things up. Bizarro Supergirl arrives in Metropolis and attacks Doctor Light and Gangbuster and I am sure Kara will have to take her on and be Supergirl again. The art was great and the storytelling was great and I think it is a great start to the new era for the character. I am just annoyed at the lack of mention of Linda Danvers 53 issues into this book.

Azrael 8 and 9


Azrael (Volume 2) #8
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Ramon Bachs


Azrael succumbs to the personified Seven Deadly Sins in this issue. I assume these guys were from his mini I did not read because they act like they have met Michael before here and I don’t remember them at all. I like the idea that the eighth deadly sin is Faith but I feel like not much happened in this issue. Bachs’s art is also kind of annoying me I don’t know why I just feel like he draws Azrael too small.


Azrael (Volume 2) #9
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Ramon Bachs

This was a rather quick issue and perhaps it was rushed. I like the exploration of faith as a sin and how religion has cause so much evil in the world.  That was good stuff I just wish Nicieza had explored it more. Azrael is almost convinced to kill the pope by this but is stopped by the White Ghost. Interesting stuff but I feel like a lot more could have been done with it.

Birds of Prey: Wanted

Birds of Prey #2 001 Birds of Prey (Volume 2) #2
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Ed Benes and Adriana Melo

Um pretty much EVERYTHING goes to hell for the Birds of Prey in this issue. Black Canary is blamed for the death of the Iceland guy from last issue and is now a wanted criminal and the Birds ended up fighting the cops. The White Canary is pretty awesome whoever she is and seems to be behind this. I sure hope it is not Cassie (But I don’t think it is anyways). Creote and Savant are murdered. There goes another gay character. Come on Gail, you of all people are not who I would expect to be killing off the few gay characters in the DC Universe. That bothered me. Oracle decides it is time to go to war with whoever is behind all this and Black Canary’s secret identity is revealed to the world! I have a feeling this has something to do with Sin. Could Sin be the White Canary somehow? I don’t know. The only bad thing about this issue was the damn art. Benes couldn’t even finish the issue and he didn’t draw backgrounds for the pages he did run. They are in Gotham and we are supposed to believe their are no backgrounds!

Interesting Things Are Around The Corner


R.E.B.E.L.S. #17
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Sergio Arino

In another exciting issue of this always entertaining series, the conflict between Tamaran and Rann is ended by Vril Dox creating a treaty between the two. I have a feeling that having Blackfire and the Tamaranians live with the Rannians is not going to go so well. This should be interesting. I wonder how Starfire will deal with it. The Trial of Brainiac hinted at should be interesting as well.

To 700 More!


Batman #700
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, Andy Kubert, Scott Kolins, and David Finch


Morrison returns to the main Batman book to celebrate the 700th issue. I am not sure why everyone around the blogosphere wants to rip on this book. I enjoyed it more then anything Morrison did when he was actually the writer of this series! I liked the look at Batman through different eras and it was awesome to see Batman Beyond and everything. I thought all the art was superb and it worked really well. This was a great anniversary issue.

Sirens 11 and 12


Gotham City Sirens #11
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Andres Guinaldo


This was a fun story about Harley Quinn’s heyenas escaping their hideout and killing the neighborhood dogs. Harley ends up donating them to the Zoo by Catwoman’s orders and Poison Ivy gets a new job! This book continues to be great! How could someone not be reading a book starring these three characters?!


Gotham City Sirens #12
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Peter Nguyen

This story is a sequel to the Catwoman Black Lantern story from a few months back – and it is great to see it get followed up. I love the idea of Selina’s sister as an evil psycho nun trying to kill Catwoman because she believes she is posessed by a demon. Bedard writes some bloody stuff here including Maggie murdering a Cat and another nun. Will Dini be returning to this book? It seems strange that Bedard is continuing the Poison Ivy plotline that Dini started but I am glad it is not being ignored. Goof stuff.

Father’s Day


Secret Six (Volume 3) #22
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore


Just in time for Father’s Day is this lovely story that flashesback more to Catman’s evil father who forced him to murder his mother – what a fucking bastard that guy was – and I like the twist ending where Catman and Cheshire’s son is adopted away or was he? It was kind of unclear but I hope that this was the case. Anyways, this was an awesome but disturbing story. Where will this book go next?