Warlord 14 – 16


The Warlord (Volume 4) #14
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Chard Hardin


Hmmm so an alien has landed in Skartaris and the new Warlord, Joshua/Tinder has to fight it and somehow his unborn sibling is healing him magically. Interesting stuff.


The Warlord (Volume 4) #15
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell


Grell is linking this all with 2012 theories and it is very interesting. Who is returning? And are these aliens talking about Skartaris or the outer Earth? I wish this series could continue longer as Skartaris is a beautiful place with a lot to offer in storytelling judging by some of the visuals in this issue.


The Warlord (Volume 4) #16
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

You can tell that Grell wanted more issues to finish his story as this was kind of a rushed ending but I think it was a great way to end the book. He does not bring back Travis Morgan but instead has the new Warlord and the rest of the gang seal off Skartaris from Earth to stop an alien invasion. At least that is how I understood it. I loved the message to the general at the end telling the story of Skartaris. Who knows when we will see Skartaris again? But this was a great little ending to Grell’s epic.

Warlord 11 – 13


The Warlord (Volume 4) #11
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

The Warlord takes off to fight his newly reborn archenemy Deimos in this issue and we learn about what Warlord believes happened to his son. It is interesting. Grell’s art seemed a little off here I don’t know it was like rushed at some parts, otherwise I have nothing to complain about.


The Warlord (Volume 4) #12
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

This story is pretty rushed for something of such immense importance. Really it seemed like panels were missing or something. I don’t really get what exactly happened with Tinder – but it is revealed that he is in fact Warlord’s son. Travis Morgan is killed in this issue and I assume Tinder aka Joshua will become the new Warlord.


The Warlord (Volume 4) #13
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Chad Hardin

The new Warlord faces a monster from outer space that has crashed in Skartaris. This was all set up but it was cool to see General Lane…or at least I think it was General Lane. All I know is that this book could really benefit by being more connected to the rest of the DCU.

International And Interdimensional Incidents


Action Comics #887
Written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trauttman
Art by Pere Perez
Co-Feature by James Robinson
Art by Cafu


This issue shows just how in touch Lois is with the superhero community as she gets flown across borders by her connections. Flamebird and Nightwing try to fight the new “False Rao” but ultimately Nightwing gets thrown back into the Phantom Zone. Will this be his final fate? Not sure but I look forward to finding out. Rucka does not write any part of the co-feature which is rather strange since he isn’t doing Last Stand of New Krypton either. I don’t want to start rumors but could there have been some kind of falling out with him and Robinson? Or is Rucka just not interested in the Superman stuff anymore? Who knows? The back-up was short and sweet as Captain Atom goes through Skartaris and into Sorcerer’s World to take on Mirabai.

Warlord 9 and 10


The Warlord (Volume 4) #9
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

I love that this issue features a guy with a video camera interviewing people about the life of Travis Morgan – The Warlord. It serves as a great plot device to update new readers like myself. The half-naked people and sex can be a little distracting at times, but oh well I suppose it is part of the appeal of the book and the world of Skartaris.


The Warlord (Volume 4) #10
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell and Chard Hardin

I have to say that enjoy Hardin’s art much better then Grell’s. Grell’s art seems…well…old and seventies. Hardin’s style is just easier on the eyes. I am liking this arc a lot as we discover more about the Warlord’s past.

An Old Goddess


The Warlord (Volume 4) #8
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

So the woman that Morgan was talking to turned out to be an old Atlantean Goddess I think I am not sure. But I did like the discussion of religion and gods in this issue and the recap of the Warlord’s origin. Grell’s art is inconsistent and I think it is the inker – whoever that was. This series needs to have recaps of previous issues if it wants to bring in new readers or sustain the few it already has. I have said it before and I will keep saying it. I also kind of wish that there had been some connection to Aquaman with all the Atlantian stuff but Grell didn’t go in that direction. It would have been nice.

Warlord 5 – 7


The Warlord (Volume 4) #5
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Chad Hardin

Come on DC! This is a series that needs a recap. You don’t promote it at all and then don’t even recap what has gone before in the beginning. It’s like they want this to fail. Ugh. This was good, I just couldn’t remember some of what had gone before.

war6The Warlord (Volume 4) #6
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Chad Hardin

The enemy is defeated and the first arc of this comes to a conclusion. It was a nice battle but I guess I expected more out of this then I got. What happened to Joe Prado?



The Warlord (Volume 4) #7
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Grell

So the Warlord has amnesia and we learn about the old gods. Sure this was pretty to look at but extremely decompressed.

Give An 82-Year-Old Man Some Respect


The Warlord (Volume 4) #4
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Joe Prado

Joe Prado returns this issue to bring this book back in my favor. After last issue was a little confusing, this issue explained a whole lot and got me excited for this series again. Sadly, it seems that no one is reading it and it has no marketing push from DC but I will enjoy the ride while it lasts. Prado’s art is breathtaking and it really seems that this story is building to something spectacular. Grell writes some really amusing moments such as when the Warlord realizes it’s 2009 in the outside world and he is now 82-years-old or when he asks who is president now. I liked when Shakira turned into a cat as well. Pick this up people, if you like this kind of stuff you won’t be disappointed.