The Origin of the Wonder-Woman of China


New Super-Man #12
Written by Gene Luen Yang
Art by Billy Tan

I never thought of this before but since Superman has metropolis and it seems like Kenan’s whole life seems to mirror his, why not have Kenan protect a fictional Chinese city instead of Shanghai? Anyways, in this issue we learn about the origin of the Wonder-Woman of China who just like Wonder Woman comes from myth, but in this case from Chinese myth. The shocking Darth Vader-like reveal at the end of this issue is the Doctor Omen is actually actually Kenan’s mother! I mean it wasn’t so shocking it was hinted at but this was a good issue.

Superman Goes Dark

Action Comics #981
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Jack Herbert

This Jack Herbert seems like the perfect Superman artist. He draws the hero in such a beautiful way. I thought that Jurgens was showing us that the trio of the Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, and Zod are a force to be reckoned with in this issue but the final issue shows that something else has happened to Superman! And it is something I wonder will last for a while or will be fixed in one issue? I hope it gets explored well because I don’t remember this ever happening to Superman before this. This was a good issue of Action Comics.