Outsiders 38-40

Outsiders (Volume 4) #38
Written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio
Art by Giffen

Keith Giffen joins Didio in this issue of the Outsiders and it vastly improves the dialogue…I would assume…I did not go back and re-read the previous issues but I do remember horrible dialogue. What is clear about Didio is he and I both have a common interest in the history of this team. If Didio loves these obscure characters and brings them back for his run, why can’t he understand the love for characters like Cassandra Cain, Linda Danvers, Kyle Rayner, and Wally West?! But I digress, this was actually a cool issue as we see the return of a lot of former Outsiders as they battle it out in Markovia. Hell, even Technocrat shows up. I loved it. I hate to say that, but Didio and Giffren did a good job here.

outsiders_vol_4_39Outsiders (Volume 4) #39
Written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio
Art by Giffen

The big villain manupulating things behind the scenes is revealed to be Veritas whose motivations are not explained and Geo-Force becomes one with the land of Markovia erecting huge walls of earth around the country’s borders for some reason. It was not as good as the last issue and left me very confused. It looks like Batman will be showing up for the final issue though.



Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #40
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan

This is the final issue of this series and truly a finale to the Outsiders’s long history in the DC Universe which is beautifully recapped in the pages of this comic. One day I want to go through this again and see if every Outsider appears in the flashbacks because it sure seems like they covered it all! I am actually very proud of Didio for this. I know I can’t stand the decisions he has made as head of DC but he sure does love the Outsiders. So why in the hell did he restart the continuity of the DC Universe with the new 52 if he loves the Outsiders so much! Geo-Force is left here a broken person and it is sad we will probably never see this resolved. I actually even liked Tan’s art in this. We even get to see him draw Cassandra Cain in a flashback! Didio included Cassandra in a book he wrote! Or…I bet it was Tan.



Eradicated By Doomsday


Outsiders (Volume 4) #37
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan


This is the second part of the Reign of Doomsday storyline that began in the Steel One-Shot. It was okay. Didio’s dialogue is of course horrible and everything, but Tan’s art has improved tremendously even if I did not know what was going on with the fight half the time. It looks like Eradicator is dead but I doubt it. At least we get to see Halo back in action.

Family Reunion


Outsiders (Volume 4) #36
Written by Dan Didio and Joe Bennett
Art by Bennett


Okay so in interviews Giffen said he was taking over art but that doesn’t seem to be so. Dan Didio is supposed to be the co-publisher of DC Comics – how does this guy have this job if he can’t even keep an artist on his own book? And wow is Black Lightning a dick to Thunder in this. The dialogue is still pathetically bad here but at least we get a reason for Geo-Force’s madness and it was great to see Thunder and Grace again (Even if Bennett decided to have her be in a thong the whole issue!)

The Most Wonderful Anniversary Issue Diana Could Get


Wonder Woman #600
Written by Gail Simone, Amanda Connor, Louise Simonson, Geoff Johns, and J. Michael Straczynski
Art by George Perez, Connor, Eduardo Pansica, Scott Kollins, and Don Kramer

Wonder Woman reverts to classica numbering…well the numbering of all three of her series put together. Six Hundred issues! Now this was a damn anniversary issue! Beautiful pin-ups and wonderful stories that not only celebrated the character’s rich history but brought her forward. Gail Simone’s story of Wonder Woman leading a band of female heroes was breathtakingly drawn by Perez and ended with a sulute to the Perez era of the character. It was great to see all those female heroes working together – and Grace was there! We haven’t seen her in a while. But of course my favorite story has to be Amanda Connor’s short Wonder Woman team up with Power Girl that featured the Batgirl Cassandra Cain!!!!!! It takes place in the past but it was so great to see Cassie in her suit and all her glory again I almost cried! Sure she didn’t exactly talk like Cassie – but I am not complaining at least we got to see her. What a treat! Not to mention it was a great little story where Wonder Woman explains how Power Girl can bond with her cat. Simonson’s and Johns’s stories were good spotlights of how powerful and amazing the character is but the real meat of the issue is Straczysnki’s prologue to his new run. Shockingly, something has changed the timeline of Wonder Woman’s life and now she is an orphan raised in the city by amazons after Paradise Island was destroyed. The new costume isn’t going to last and let’s face it – it’s not the great but Kramer does the best he can with it. I know this isn’t a permanent retcon and that Diana will make her way back to the original timeline so I am interested in where this radical new direction is going. I also wonder how this will effect the rest of the DCU.  This was the perfect anniversary issue for Diana!

High Expectations

Secret Six (Volume 3) #7
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

The art is still fantastic this time around, but the conclusion of the first story arc didn’t seem as fantastic as it could have been. I suppose I had high expectations because the previous issues of this book have been just that good. I don’t believe Junior and the Tarantula are actually dead, Junior is too good of a villain to kill off that easily. As for what was going on with Bane and Scandal, I don’t know. What was going on in that memory Scandal was having? I have no clue. Mad Hatter was great in this. Now that the Secret Six are in Gotham I wonder if they will become involved in the Battle for the Cowl?

As I Have Said Before, Batgirl Rules

Batman and the Outsiders #12
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Ryan Benjamin

Yes, Cassandra Cain is awesome! Didio respect her you big porn-mustached Jackass! I thought Tieri was leaning toward Batgirl betraying the team but no, she makes a mistake and the Outsiders disband but she demands that the team be brought back together. I like how Robin is worried about Batgirl in this issue because in the main bat-books it seems like they don’t give a shit about her. This book is actually tying into RIP more then most of the tie-ins. In fact, the Black Glove appears in this issue threatening the Outsiders. I don’t think Thunder will stay in the coma and I like how Grace speaks to God about it. And Remac’s death doesn’t bother me a bit, visually he was cool, but Salah was just annoying as hell. Tieri picked the right Outsider to kill off. I really liked this issue.

BATO 8 – 11

Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #8
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Julian Lopez

God I love this series….Lopez’s art is just plain gorgeous in this issue and I am actually really liking Remac….not the stupid annoying guy that controls him, but he is a cool looking hero himself.

Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #9
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Julian Lopez

Julian Lopez’s work is extremely underrated. This is some great work. I especially liked the detail put into Looker’s mansion…and I am not even an art person. Anyways, it was fun to see Looker again, she is a lot less annoying then when she was with the Outsiders.

Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #10
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Ryan Benjamin

Sadly this is Dixon’s last issue on this series and he doesn’t even get to finish off his whole arc with the thing on the moon. The idea of a parasite that gives metahuman powers is an interesting one. The opening page was particularly terrifying for an opening page….but I miss having Lopez on this title. I look forward to seeing how the crossover with Batman RIP goes.

Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #11
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Ryan Benjamin

Well I am happy to say that this wasn’t a bad issue. I liked how all the villains ar Arkham are singing “Ding Dong the Witch is dead” because Batman is missing haha. I also like how out of all the RIP tie-ins, this one was the most tied in…even referencing more events then just the Black Glove’s existence. I just wish the other Outsiders would stop picking on Batgirl….cause they SHOULD listen to her she is Cassandra Cain and she is kick-ass.