Bludhaven Saviors


Nightwing (Volume 4) #24
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Miguel Mendonca

Nightwing is being hunted by a bunch of villaisn from aroudn the DCU inside a submarine. Now that is a fun idea for a comic book. Time Seeley pulls this off well (except for maybe when he has Dick Grayson refer to himself as the Dickster!) Some of these villains have only been created recently in the comics and not by Tim Seeley, which means Tim is reading all the books or the editors are just that good. Either way, I love it when the DCU comes together nicely. Blockbuster’s motivations for hurting Nightwing is interesting. He wants to be the hero of Bludhaven and sees Nightwing as a Gothamite who doesn’t understand the city. As for the final page, I wonder how Nightwing survives the explosion?

Villainous Relations

Nightwing (Volume 4) #23
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Minkyu Jung

I love how Tim Seeley is making Bludhaven a living breathing city with it’s own characteristics. For example, in this issue there is a sunken whaling ship in the bay that people call an Island because it has been there so long. In this issue, it looks like Nightwing and Defacer’s relationship is breaking down and while I don’t mind her, it will be interested to see her possibly turning back to crime and becoming a foe for Nightwing. The cliffhanger was something I did not see coming and I am excited to see how it plays out next issue and if Blockbuster really double crossed Nightwing.



I want to read a Linda Danvers/Cassandra Cain Phantom Zone story


Supergirl (Volume 7) #10
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Brian Ching

The beginning of this issue has a bunch of characters breaking a character out of her prison I did not recognize. This group included Mago, Emerald Empress, and what looked to me like Indigo from the Outsiders! I loved that character when she was around! Then I was sad to see Barbara Gordon in costume as Batgirl – a title that should belong to Cassandra Cain. Barbara is not drawn as even remotely terrifying as a bat or intimidating by Ching here, and that isn’t Ching’s fault, her current costume just sucks and she isn’t Cassandra Cain. While this is the best issue of this series yet, I even did not mind the art this time around, I am still unimpressed. I wish this was about Linda Danvers and Cassandra Cain teaming up. But hey at least we got Indigo back.


Supergirl Rebirth 1 – 9


Supergirl (Volume 7) #1
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Brian Ching

I went into this issue expecting to at the least find it boring if not hate it. I love Linda Danvers – she is Supergirl to me and ever since Kara Zor-El replaced her I have been pissed – and mostly pissed because no one ever seemed to mention there was a Supergirl before her. I want her to be acknowledged! And now we have Kara living with people who are Danvers. Can we at least ackowledge her somewhere Steve Orlando?! Anyways, I did not hate this issue. It was actually a good set up of taking what has worked with the Supergirl tv series and applying it to the comic book universe but still keeping it different enough to be its own thing. I sure hope Martian Manhunter shows up soon! That being said, I find the art distracting.


Supergirl (Volume 7) #2
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Brian Ching

Cat Grant is written as interesting as she is on the tv show in this issue when Kara goes to interview at the new Catco Worldwide Media. I appreciate that they followed continuity and explained that Cat left the daily planet to find this new company. The stuff about Supergirl’s Dad being maybe still alive as a robot annoys me as it has been done before. We don’t need more Kryptonian angst in DC Comics. Can we also get a new artist on this book? Sometimes Ching doesn’t even draw faces!

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Final Issue Mysteries


Magog #12
Written by Scott Kolins
Art by Kolins


So Magog runs into an old friend from childhood who has joined some wierd cult and Magog joins them too. I guess that is what happened? Not quite sure and I have no idea where this is going or if it will tie into Brightest Day but this is the final issue of this series. Everyone knew it wouldn’t last and Magog probably should never have got his own book but there were some good moments along the way.

Guest-Starring The Real Flash


Magog #11
Written by Scott Kolins
Art by Kolins


In the penultimate issue of this book, Wally West guest stars as Magog takes on a man who has wonder tech – linked to Gog- connected to his back. It was actually a good read and I really felt the emotion over Lauren’s murder. I kind of wish Kolins had written this series from the beginning. It was great to see Wally again – I like how DC says they support Wally and all that and then we never see him after Rebirth wtf. Well at least he isn’t as missing as Cassandra Cain.

Happy Ending


Justice Society of America #40
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Jesus Merino


The timeline is restored in this uplifitng issue. Willingham has Mr. Terrific warn the team of the coming attack by the fourth Reich and Obsidian is restored. I loved the moment where he jokes that he is “cured” of being gay to his Dad and the reaction on his Dad’s face – priceless! I gotta hand it to Merino for that use of facial expressions. I like how everything was explained and now the timeline has Obsidian involved in fight with Mordru and we are finally brought to the present time and the start of the JLA/JSA crossover. This was great stuff and I hope Willingham returns as writer after the crossover because his run has been excellent so far. I loved the moment where Mr. Terrific gives the little girl the college fund! And it looks like he is now dating her mom.