World’s Finest Astronauts


Superman/Batman #64
Written by Joe Casey
Art by Scott Kolins

This is a prelude to a bigger story that will be coming up in this book and I have to say it got me excited for it. Batman goes into space – in a bat astronaut suit by the way – when a mysterious space ships is found floating. With the help of Superman, he discovers that it is an ancient Kryptonian ship that had been invaded by other aliens. The art is good and fits the tone of the story, some of the dialogue from Superman seemed a little forced but not that terrible. I enjoyed it.

The Grandson of Brainiac


R.E.B.E.L.S. #8
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Andy Clarke

This was another good issue of this series and it is great to continue having Clarke on the art. I hope he doesn’t leave again any time soon. I like the relationship between Dox and his son. Dox is a jerk sometimes but he does seem to care for his son. I would expect him to have too much time to reduce his son’s intellect but he does it anyways so that his son could have a normal childhood and not end up like his grandpa Brainiac. Wildstar’s powers are really fun and powerful. I am enjoying learning so much about these characters.

Being Introduced To The Web and The Hangman


The Web #1
Written by Angela Robison
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick

I was pretty excited to read this. Not because I have any familiarity with the Red Circle characters, but because I really enjoyed the Shield’s first issue and the Web is just an awesome looking character and that cover is beautiful. Now I didn’t read the one-shot and his origin – in terms of why he became the Web is not recapped here – which would have helped but it didn’t necessarily hurt the story which involves the Web searching for the reasons why his brother was murdered. There are a lot of intriguing things about this character – from his costume to his internet presence and rich family. This should be a lot of fun. The Hangman back-up was actually even more interesting then the main feature, I like the idea of the Hangman and I didn’t think I would. I like that he literally becomes the Hangman at night by transforming and he is also visually appealing. Robert Dickering is an interesting character.

Benevolent Space Girls?


Power Girl (Volume 2) #5
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

The “Space Girls” are less malevolent then the cover and the previous issues made us think they would be. They just seem to be some partying aliens looking for a good time and don’t want to hurt anyone…but I may be wrong. Terra didn’t show up in this issue and I actually missed her. The dynamic between Karen and Terra is really great and fun. Not that this issue wasn’t fun…it definitely was and I called that the hot guy was an android before the reveal! I like the supporting cast being built in Karen’s company and the subplots within that. It is what makes this book more then just a standard superhero book. Good stuff.

Life On The Outside: Captain Marvel Jr.

It has been a while since I have did an Outsiders Bio so here is a refresher on what this is all about

Major Spoilers is a great blog and comics news site. I especially like their rundown on oh….every single member of the Legion of Super-Heroes ever! It is a lot of fun to read. So, I decided to do the same thing on my blog (I hope they don’t get mad). Instead of the Legionnaires, I want to focus on a superhero team that is even more under appreciated then those from the 31st Century….a team in the 21st Century; a team that that exists on the fringes of the Superhero Community….and yes I am talking about THE OUTSIDERS.

The Outsiders have always been a favorite team of mine. Maybe because I like the underdogs? Maybe because of the characters? Maybe I have no reason. I just know I like them. From Barr to Winick to Dixon, they have always captured my imagination. It seemed fitting to do this now since Tomasi’s run is about to begin and we are getting another overhaul of the team. I can’t promise it will be as witty and well-written as the Hero Histories over on Major Spoilers – in fact I can guarantee that it won’t be – but I will try my best.

Today, I want to focus on another short-lived member of the Outsiders. Sometimes called CM3, Currently going by the name Shazam, but for most of his superheroic career Freddy Freeman was known as Captain Marvel Jr.

captainmarvelcomplete copy

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Justice League of America #37
Written by Len Wein
Art by Tom Derenick

This issue concludes Len Wein’s fill-in arc and I must say that it was a sucess. Wein utilized each of the powers of the team members in unique ways and gave them all equal screen time. That is much better then McDuffie or Meltzer ever did on this book. I wonder where this story is going to continue? Under Robinson’s pen? I don’t know because there was definitely a cliffhanger about the Key and a possible murder of Professor Fortune. But anyways, this was a good arc and Wein should be proud of it.

Batwoman’s Alfred


Detective Comics #857
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by J.H. Williams II
Co-Feature by Rucka
Art by Cully Hamner

Damn is this a beautiful book. I mean people are not joking when they talk about how great Williams’s art is. It’s breathtaking and stylish. And story-wise things got interesting this time around as we discover that Alice is Kate’s sister? Interesting and I am interesting in learning how that happened. One thing that I have been thinking about is the idea that Batwoman is helped by her father – I almost wish that she was self-made like Bruce was – but now that I think about it I guess Bruce always had Alfred – so the father thing works. The Question back-up was rather forgettable I must say.