JLA Classified 35 – 37

JLA Classified #35
Written by Dan Slott and Dan Jurgens
Art by Jurgens and Jerry Ordway

This is the last of the three realities that Red King is inhabitating and I must say that it was a lot of fun to see the ways the Red King comes up with to kill the Justice Leagyers (Although I wish Batman and Plastic Man had put up more of a fight before the died). This arc has been a lot of fun so far.

JLA Classified #36 Written by Dan Slott and Dan Jurgens
Art by Jurgens and Trevor Scott

So this story arc concludes in what is a little bit overly long issue. A lot of stuff could have been cut but I didn’t mind that much. I can’t say I truly understand everything that went on but it was a fun ride, and it was great to see Plastic Man get such a huge role. In fact, he is the only leaguer that really remembers all of the othe realities, which is pretty cool. Nice Arc, I am glad I read it.

JLA Classified #37
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Carlos D’Anda

The idea of Amazo having a half-human son is pretty cool and adding the fact that he has false memories into the mix makes it all even better. I thought this issue was a pretty good start to what looks like a promising story arc. The art is pretty good too. I am not sure why it took so long for this to come out, but I am glad it finally has.


Action Comics #848
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Allan Goldman

As of late, the Superman books seem to be dealing with religion a lot and this issue is no different. Nicieza crafts a story while not amazing or inspirational, deals a lots with this issue of religion and forcing beliefs on others. I am not sure what exactly is going on with Clark comparing his life in Smallville to the new metahuman, Redemption’s life in his hometown. They don’t seem similar. Clark never had a ‘John Jones’ like pastor. I suppose that will be dealt with more in the next issue. So far we are not given a clue if Redemption really believes in his cause and is just a misled young man or if he is evil and killed them all unpurpose. Goldman’s art is something I am unfamiliar with but I definitely liked it. He draws a Clark as a little too buff though. Other than that, I have no complaints. I would like to see his art on other books as well.

Hawkgirl 60 – 62

Hawkgirl #60
Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Renato Arlem

So Hawkman is back and Hawkgirl basically tells him that she wants to break up because she secretly know that the Hawks can’t be together if they are to survive. I think that is pretty cool and logical but the dialogue is so clunky in this series. It’s worse than Star Wars. Oh and it looks like hurrican Katrina actually happened in the DCU.

Hawkgirl #61
Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Renato Arlem

I gotta hand it Simonson, the dialogue is still clunky but the idea of Hawkgirl turning into a robot being at the end of this issue was pretty cool. The New Gods are popping a lot lately probably because they will be involved heavily in Countdown. Here we get to see the female furies who I am not that familiar with but I am enjoying them. I enjoyed this issue.

Hawkgirl #62
Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Renato Arlem

I don’t really get the end of this issue, how does she know Hath-Set is in gotham just from the picture? I thought that she had that vase and it was destroyed when the gizmoid came out? Oh well, whatever, this was an okay issue. Nothing really amazing happens and the writing still isn’t great. The Female furies are fun though and at least we have next issue to look forward to with Batman. Because as you know, he makes everything better!

A Quicker Way To Travel

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #51
Written by Tad Williams
Art by Shawn McManus and Walden Wong

Tad Williams continues his so-far brilliant run on Aquaman this issue. In just two issues, he has expanded the new Aquaman’s supporting cast and introduced a new fun sidekick as Topo. Who is also handy by introducing the others to the concept of Hatches or magical portals in the ocean. It is about time. I always wondered how the old Aquaman got around the ocean so quick. Maybe he knew about hatches too? But no, I don’t think the old Aquaman is dead, just comastose. He will be back. And the re-introduction of Aquagirl is just perfect. She has been missed and I am glad she is back along with Subdiego (although didn’t it get raised above water in WWIII?) Black Mantus may be incredibly overused as an Aquaman villain but I trust that Williams will do something different and fun with the character than what has been done before. Highly recommended. Everyone should give this book the chance it deserves.

PS: Why is The Flash in the scene visiting the old Aquaman with the Justice Leaguers? Bart is not a member of the League and he was never really close with Aquaman, what is the deal with that? Weird.

Green Lantern Corps 9 – 11

Green Lantern Corps #9
Written by Keith Champagne
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

Ya I am pretty much at a loss on what happened in this issue. You know, could it hurt to recap what happened in the previous issue because I barely remember and now I have no idea what was going on in this issue. I think the butterfly girl is bad now, maybe? This was just confusing. Sad really, I remember liking this arc before. This issue just really needed that recap and the way the Dominator was defeated seemed very very very anti-climactic.

Green Lantern Corps #10
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Rodney Ramos

The art in this issue was beautiful but I can’t help but feel this series is much better if read as a trade. There should at least be an explanation on the first page as to what the Green Lantern Corps is for newbies. I am far from a newbie yet this book confuses even me sometime. Don’t get me wrong though, I did enjoy this issue and all the banter between Lanterns. The Corps seems to have trouble within and I can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on with Mogo.

Green Lantern Corps #11
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

While there still is no recap in this series, this was a really good issue. A lot of stuff is happening that is all leading toward something pretty explosive (the sinestro corps). The Guardian know some kind of crazy prophecy is coming true and Natu and her new partner (whose relationship is a lot of fun to watch) face the Children of the White Lobe. I wonder if these are new characters because they are really cool villains, really creepy. The end was pretty shocking and it is obvious Guy is going to be framed for the murders. And I still wonder why Mogo has seemingly gone rogue. Probably possessed by something.

The Bat and The Beetle

Brave and the Bold #3
Written by Mark Waid
Art by George Pérez and Bob Wiacek

Waid and Perez pound out another fantastic issue this time around. Suprisingly, I have found that the Batman and Blue Beetle team-up has been favorite yet. These two characters (outside of Infinite Crisis) have not really gotten the chance to team-up before and that is what makes it all the more interesting. Watching Blue Beetle, a fairly new supehero, admiring the accomplished veteran hero that is Batman was really fun. Waid makes nice use of Blue Beetle’s powers, I think even better than John Rogers has done over in Jaime’s own series. The part with Supergirl and Lobo was also really fun and I can’t wait to see what goes on with them next month. I am not familiar with the fatal five, Waid probably could have done a better job explaining them (Although I guess that is what Wikipedia is for now-and-days.). This was a lot of fun.

Flash 9 – 11

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #9
Written by Mark Guggenheim
Art by Ron Adrian and Art Thibert

New writer Mark Guggenheim begins his run on the Flash this issue and it is a total 180 from this title’s first run. From the get go, Guggenheim shows that his run is going to be good. Now, I have accepted Bart as the Flash for a while now, but for those who haven’t, I think Guggenheim will open their mind to Bart. This issue relected a lot on Bart’s past but at the same time moved the character forward and was a great jumping on point for readers. Bart decided not to join the titans nor the Justice League until he is ready and I think that was a good idea. Great issue.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #10
Written by Mark Guggenheim
Art by Ron Adrian and Art Thibert

Well, this was another great issue by Guggenheim, who seems to be redeeming this series to its former greatness. I really enjoyed this. Bart in Police Academy is really fun and cool. I loved his detective work on this issue as well. The last issue was pretty surprising, particularly if you are familiar with the character of Iris Allen. And it is soooo nice to see the Rogues again.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #11
Written by Mark Guggenheim
Art by Ron Adrian and Art Thibert

So Inertia is gathering the rogue’s together to destroy the Flash and to build a machine time? It may not seem like the greatest plot but Guggenheim handles it very well and makes it pretty exciting. Especially the last page, which is pretty shocking but not totally surprising. The Flashes have a history of revealing their identities to the public, but I wonder if this time it will stick or if it will go the way of Wally West’s secret identity? Who knows? All I know is that this story looks like it is going to be a roller coaster ride of fun.