Outsiders 38-40

Outsiders (Volume 4) #38
Written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio
Art by Giffen

Keith Giffen joins Didio in this issue of the Outsiders and it vastly improves the dialogue…I would assume…I did not go back and re-read the previous issues but I do remember horrible dialogue. What is clear about Didio is he and I both have a common interest in the history of this team. If Didio loves these obscure characters and brings them back for his run, why can’t he understand the love for characters like Cassandra Cain, Linda Danvers, Kyle Rayner, and Wally West?! But I digress, this was actually a cool issue as we see the return of a lot of former Outsiders as they battle it out in Markovia. Hell, even Technocrat shows up. I loved it. I hate to say that, but Didio and Giffren did a good job here.

outsiders_vol_4_39Outsiders (Volume 4) #39
Written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio
Art by Giffen

The big villain manupulating things behind the scenes is revealed to be Veritas whose motivations are not explained and Geo-Force becomes one with the land of Markovia erecting huge walls of earth around the country’s borders for some reason. It was not as good as the last issue and left me very confused. It looks like Batman will be showing up for the final issue though.



Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #40
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan

This is the final issue of this series and truly a finale to the Outsiders’s long history in the DC Universe which is beautifully recapped in the pages of this comic. One day I want to go through this again and see if every Outsider appears in the flashbacks because it sure seems like they covered it all! I am actually very proud of Didio for this. I know I can’t stand the decisions he has made as head of DC but he sure does love the Outsiders. So why in the hell did he restart the continuity of the DC Universe with the new 52 if he loves the Outsiders so much! Geo-Force is left here a broken person and it is sad we will probably never see this resolved. I actually even liked Tan’s art in this. We even get to see him draw Cassandra Cain in a flashback! Didio included Cassandra in a book he wrote! Or…I bet it was Tan.



Eradicated By Doomsday


Outsiders (Volume 4) #37
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan


This is the second part of the Reign of Doomsday storyline that began in the Steel One-Shot. It was okay. Didio’s dialogue is of course horrible and everything, but Tan’s art has improved tremendously even if I did not know what was going on with the fight half the time. It looks like Eradicator is dead but I doubt it. At least we get to see Halo back in action.

Outsiders 34 and 35


Outsiders (Volume 4) #34
Written by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen
Art by Giffen

I like the idea of The Olympian getting involved with the Outsiders – but I don’t know how I feel about him actually calling his men Manazons. That is just dumb. I think we know why that Wonder Woman arc was called Rise of the Olympian despite its focus being on Genocide – Didio. He loves this character I guess. It is great to see Giffen joining the book as artist and co-plotter as it will probably gain some quality.


Outsiders (Volume 4) #35
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan

Ahh and Tan comes back for one more issue! He is not such a bad artist but he never draws backgrounds and I never know what the hell is going on when he draws this comic. Not to mention the dialogue is pathetically bad once again. Ugh at least Giffen is coming back next issue. Oh and since when does Black Lightning contain Black Lantern energy??

Bringing In History


Outsiders (Volume 4) #33
Written by Dan Didio and Phillip Tan
Art by Tan

The art is still awful…I have no idea what has happened to Halo and why she is a coma – and I see no reason for Geo-Force acting the way he is still, but I got to at least hand it to Didio for his use of continuity – even pulling from the nineties Outsiders series. I like that Didio at least respects the history of the team. But this is still awful storytelling.

Solid Conclusion


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #44
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott and Travis Moore

Gail Simone concludes her run on Wonder Woman with this issue and while it was a quick ending, I like the concept of the Citizenry and I love the idea that the Amazons are helping rebuild Washington DC, it really is a great way of ending the current numbering because of Amazons Attack and how awful all that was. I will miss Simone on this book – she has proven time and time again that she gets the character of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman’s Extended Family


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #43
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott and Fernando Dagnino


We learn the story about Astarte, Diana’s aunt. (Interesting from my knowledge Astarte is the name of both a demon from the Goetia and an ancient goddess) Apparently she was Hippolyta’s older sister who was taken instead of Hippolyta by aliens three thousand years ago. Seems strange considering Hippolyta was never a baby was she? Wasn’t she created from a woman who was murdered by a caveman or something? Maybe I am not understanding something I don’t know this was good I just wish it contained more Nicola Scott art. I wonder if this is Astarte’s first appearance. It seems to be so. I also like that Diana is going to be facing off against her cousin – the daughter of Astarte in the next issue.

Peace And Love


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #41
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Chris Batista and Fernando Dagnino


Can I just say that Gail Simone should stay on Wonder Woman, give Morrison or Rucka a new Wonder Book and keep Simone here. She understands the character tremendously. Power Girl’s inner dialogue about Diana pretty much showed that. Wonder Woman is more then fighting (although she is a great fighter) she is inspirational and full of love. Power Girl needed to channel Diana in order to stop the hatred consuming Washington D.C. I hope these Crow Children come back soem day because they were some damn scary Wonder Woman villains. The scenes with Etta and Steve Trevor were very suspenseful and Diana saves the day once again! Great issue! Plus The Olympian finding the reincarnation of his lover again warmed by big gay heart.

Always and Forever Princess Diana


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #39
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Everyone rattles behind Wonder Woman in the conclusion of this story arc. Alkyone is defeated by Hippolyta and Achilles, we learn why the Gods changed after Countdown, and what “The Olympian” meant. There were a lot of great moments that showed how kick ass Wonder Woman is including her stealing the bracelets back and declaring herself always and forever Princess Diana. That being said, I am ready for a Wonder Woman as superhero story, I always liked her best outside of Themyscara.

Wonder Man?


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #38
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

While this was better then last issue, I still can not say that this storyline excited me. I always like Wonder Woman outside of Themyscara then on the island, and this is a very Themyscaran story. It is great to see Donna Troy involved and Alkyone is a real bitch. I like that The Olympian – Achilles – is being set up as a sort of Wonder Man, even wearing a costume similar to Diana here. The cliffhanger ending was….interesting? I don’t really know what to make of it.

Civilian Life


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #37
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Bernard Chang


Chang’s artwork isn’t bad by any means – but Lopresti was so perfect for this book that he is truly missed by me this issue. Story-wise, this was an okay issue. Donna and Diana fight – apparently Donna is still under Genocide’s spell. I liked that Diana was proud of how much of a warrior Donna has become. This issue focuses far too on Diana’s relationship with the amazons – I want to see Wonder Woman being a superhero and see a supporting cast in her life as Diana Price and all that. I guess we will have to wait for that. I trust Simone has something in mind for Wonder Woman’s civilian life now that the DMA is no more.

How Nice For You


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #36
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Hahaha I love how The Olympian tells Wonder Woman that he was considered the greatest warrior who ever lived and she says “How Nice For You!” and attacks him. That is so Diana and is why I love her character. She may be hard to relate to compared to Clark and Bruce, but she is the bad ass of the trinity. I loved to see that Giganta is still dating Ryan Choi – I miss him and I wish that he was going to be in the Justice League instead of boring old Ray Palmer. It was all fun to see Wonder Woman teaming up with Giganta but I hope it doesn’t become a regular. Damn this book is good right now.

No More Arena Fighting!


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #34
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Yes because after a great storyline like “Rise of the Olympian” we really needed yet another metahuman fighting in arena storyline. This got old the second time DC did it, and they have done it 3,000 more times then that! I mean it is great to have Simone writing Black Canary again but this issue really didn’t do anything for me. I have seen this same situation too many times.

What A Great Storyline


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #33
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

The Rise of the Olypian comes to an end in this issue when Achilles takes over leadership of the Amazons and Wonder Woman rejects Zeus and says goodbye to her mother. I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect ending in that it was a true ending but left it open ended for Genocide’s eventual return. I think Simone has created a great new villain for Diana. I also like that Diana is not as loyal to the Gods as her mother is, probably because since she has lived so long in America she has taken on American ideals herself about blind loyalty. I am not sure where Simone will take Diana next, but I can’t way to see.

A Pissed Off Blood Thirsty Diana

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #30
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Wonder Woman gets really pissed off this issue and rightfully so. I love myself a pissed off blood thirsty Diana so I really enjoyed this. After Etta Candy is captured and tortured by Genocide, Wonder Woman single-handedly dismantles the society. I love how the usually frightening Phobia is even afraid of Diana here. Wonder Woman truly is a powerhouse in the DCU and a force to be reckoned with and Simone really portrays this well in this issue. I am sure some people will not like that Diana has resorted to killing Genocide but with a creature like this, she has no choice. She is not Superman and Batman, she is her own character and is willing to do what she believes is necessary. It is for this same reason that I have never had a problem with the murder of Maxwell Lord. As for the Olympian, his creation seems to be an after though in this story and not really something I am overly excited about right now. I thought he was going to be the male version of Diana, not Achilles. Unless he just has Achilles’s name and like Diana, is not the Achilles of myth. I don’t know.