The Prison’s Top Bitch Kitty


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #36
Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Demateis
Art by Pat Olliffe


The title of this post is also what Estrogina – a new character I believe – refers to herself as in the last page of this issue haha awesome. I liked this issue and I like that they are tying into Invasion – which I didn’t expect to happen. But I don’t know, I am not sure that they have Skeet’s “voice” quite right. He is almost too human in this? Skeets is great and I think he is very human-like. But Jurgens always wrote him with less, smart ass remarks I guess. Either way, Giffen and Demateis have quite a lot going on here. It is pure craziness with Ted Kord turned into a chipmunk and a kitty bitch haha.

Archetypical Bullet


Batman #702
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel


This concludes the lost chapter of R.I.P and I have to say I quite enjoyed this issue. One wonders why this wasn’t told back then but oh well we got a lot more information here about how Bruce was sent back in time by the Omega Sanction. I love how Morrison describes the God-Bullet as the archetypical bullet – the bullet of all bullets – therefore truly Batman’s ultimate enemy. Great writing and really cool stuff to think about. I am not sure where and how Batman recorded the message for Superman though. I will probably have to go back and reread.

Planet Pounding


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #35
Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Demateis
Art by Chris Batista and Pat Olliffe


This is fun and action-packed and I liked that Ted knew that Booster was from the future all along and Barda admitting she actually does like Ted and Booster but hmmm…I guess I really don’t care about the overall plot and this planet pounder thing, I would rather get back to the Maxwell Lord stuff. Having the darkstars show up was pretty cool though.



Justice Society of America #39
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Jesus Merino


For some reason I thought this was the conclusion of this arc but I guess not. This was all good as we check up on the heroes making their escape from the Nazis. It was cool to see grown up versions of our favorite heroes. The twist is that Mr. Terrific is going to use Obsidian to send a message back in time I guess we will see how it goes next issue.

What A Twist!


Batman and Robin #8
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Cameron Stewart

Whoa! How the hell did no one think of that? SPOILER ALERT!!!Of course it was a clone…the clones of Batman Darkseid was trying to create. That was the body that Superman found during Final Crisis. So Dick just brought an insane clone of Bruce back to life! What a twist!!! I am not sure what is going on with Batwoman exactly and there was a little too much channel zapping in this which Morrison is fond of but readers can not stand but still what a twist! This was a great issue, great art, great twist, and I loved the moments between a crippled Damian and Alfred.

Always and Forever Princess Diana


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #39
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Everyone rattles behind Wonder Woman in the conclusion of this story arc. Alkyone is defeated by Hippolyta and Achilles, we learn why the Gods changed after Countdown, and what “The Olympian” meant. There were a lot of great moments that showed how kick ass Wonder Woman is including her stealing the bracelets back and declaring herself always and forever Princess Diana. That being said, I am ready for a Wonder Woman as superhero story, I always liked her best outside of Themyscara.

More Ugly Art


Green Arrow & Black Canary #26
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton and Renato Guedes

Not going to lie, I have no idea who those guys were at the end of this and why they are putting Everyman in as Green Arrow again or what not. Was it even Everyman? We never saw any proof of that. This storyline is already annoying and we are only one issue in. The art in this issue was just awful. Why can’t this book get good art? Both Norton and Guedes are better artists then this crap. This book has just gone down hill.