Maybe Even Better Than Rucka


Batwoman #0
Written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman
Art by Williams III and Amy Reeder


If I had any doubt that Batwoman couldn’t fly without Rucka, I do not after reading this! Holy shit was this awesome. Williams and Reeder both blow you away with their art on every page and at the same time a great story is being told without Batwoman ever speaking a word! Batman narrarates as he follows her. They write an awesome detective Batman too! I can’t wait till february!

Feeling Guilty For Not Killing A Baby


Justice Society of America #45
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Scott Kolins


We find out the terrorist who destroyed Monument Point was a baby that Jay and Alan let live during WW2 even though they were told to kill him. So Jay feels ultra guilty about all this and decides to stay and help rebuild the city. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is where the hell Obsidian and Mr. America are? There is no mention of where the hell these two members are…did they leave the team? That just annoys me. I also still think Guggenheim should have usex another of the billion unused DC fictional cities that already existed instead of creating this new one. Oh well….at least the concept is interesting and I look forward to see where it goes.

Abuse In My Backyard


Superman #705
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Wellington Dias and Eddy Barrows


This is JMS’s last issue on this series as he ditched his duties on this book and Wonder Woman in a completely unprofessional manner. But anyways, I liked the story of the abused kid and all. Most of the issue takes place in Mount Prospect, IL. I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and my parents actually live in Mount Prospect now so this was kinda cool…although it’s sad that the abused kid has to come from there. There was nothing Mount Prospecty about the art though as Barrows drew it like any suburb but still…cool to see the town mentioned.

Find What’s Missing


Batman and Robin #17
Written by Paul Cornell 
Art by Scott McDaniel


Paul Cornell takes over for three issues before Tomasi comes on board here and I’d say Cornell wasn’t kidding when he kept saying in interviews that this wasn’t just filler. The Absence is an interesting new villain and not just because she apparently had a hole in the head but just the idea of looking for what’s missing seems like great story potential. I want to see where this goes. McDaniel’s art seemed different here too…good different. I was pleasantly surprised as I am not his biggest fan but I think he stepped up his game for this book.

A Day At The Magic Museum


Zatanna (Volume 2) #7
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Chad Hardin


This was a decent filler that had a goofy villain made up of the clothes of old sorcerers that retained their magical essence. It’s a goofy idea but it worked and I enjoyed it. I didn’t even mind that it dealt with Zatanna’s Dad even though I am so sick of every Zatanna story dealing with her Dad. Let’s move on already! Anyways, fun filler and I want to see this magical museum again sometime. Where is Dini? He must have been really busy to not write an issue of this book cause he loves Zatanna.

Fallen For This Book


Action Comics #895
Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Pete Woods
Co-Feature by Nick Spencer
Art by RB Silva

I have seriously fallen in love with Action Comics. This is a book starring Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen. I never would have guessed I would be loving it this much but I have to say that this book has stole my heart. Everything about it is good. The Jimmy back-up was hilarious. The Lex story made great use of continuity. In other words, buy it.



Gotham City Sirens #17
Written by Peter Calloway
Art by Andres Guinaldo


This seemed really decompressed. I mean not much happens here except the girls look for Catwoman, they find Catwoman, and they leave. Where is Dini and why has he been gone from this book for so long? I also highly doubt they are going to actually mind wipe Bruce from Selina’s mind. So while it wasn’t a bad issue, I wasn’t into it that much.