Barry Allen 20 – 23

Flash 20

The Flash (Volume 5) #20
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Neil Googe

Meena is back and is now an agent of Black Hole for some reason in this okay but forgettable issue focusing on Iris investigating grave robberies being perpetrated by Back Hole. Not much else to say about it.


The Flash (Volume 5) #21
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Howard Porter

Ok this is Part 2 of the Button crossover with Batman that began here. Flash is investigating what happened to the Reverse Flash in the Batcave. Barry decides to use the Cosmic Treadmill to follow the energy signature on the button to its source. Which honestly seems like a dumb move by the Flash considering what happened the last time he used it. Batman joins him (it is never really explained how Batman is just running behind the Flash on it) and they see elements of the timeline from before New 52 and Barry even says it is not an alternate universe but part of the stolen years! The real DCU IS BACK BABY! We see Martian Manhunter as forminmg the league and Identity Crisis and Barry’s death during the Crisis. I was smiling with joy as I read these pages.

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Settling In


Gotham City Sirens #18
Written by Peter Calloway
Art by Jeremy Haun


This issue was much better as it is revealed Talia is behind all of this wanting to erase Catwoman of her memories of Batman and I liked the dialogue between Harley and Ivy. I think Calloway is finally getting settled writing this book. I still don’t buy Zatanna even thinking about mindwiping Selina again but oh well.

Like The Creators, But Not The Comic


Batman Confidential #50
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Jerry Bingham

The switches between the far East and Gotham left me very confused as to what the hell was going on in this issue. The second feature with the Justice League was interesting but I still just didn’t care. Definitely not impressed with this arc so far and I like these creators.

Black Lantern Title


Suicide Squad #67
Written by John Ostrander and Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore

I love that DC is bringing back old series as Black Lantern titles, what an awesome concept. This is the first one I am reviewing. I know very little about Suicide Squad but have heard great things about Ostrander’s run on the title, it doesn’t really matter though as the reader is caught up and the focus on the issue is more on Secret Six, who I know and love. So many great moments in this, pick this up especially if you are a Secret Six Fan.

Justice League 39 and 40


Justice League of America #39
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley

Why did Kimiyo just call Doctor Light Curry at the end of this comic like he was Aquaman? That is some bad editing and the kind’ve sloppy editing and mix ups that have plagued this title since it began. Not really forgivable. All-in-all this was a rather forgettable issue where neither of the creators showed how good they could be.


Justice League of America #40
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley

I have to say that this was an intense issue of Justice League where the heroes are emotionally and physically taken to their breaking points by the Black Lanterns. It dealt with race and rape. And it was very uncomfortable to read and almost mean-spirited in the way that Robinson’s Cry for Justice has been. I can’t say that I object to the subject matter but just in the way it was handled, I really felt like Kimiyo Hoshi was being raped in this issue as I was reading this. If not physically, at least on an emotional level and why the hell did Bagley have to draw her running around naked? That was unnecessary and disturbing. I don’t mind the subject matter but I felt like the entire story had no light – it was completely cruel.

Brought Back Too Soon


Adventure Comics #507
Written by Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates
Art by Jerry Ordway
Co-Feature by Johns and Michael Shoemaker
Art by Clayton Henry

If it weren’t for the fact that I know Johns is leaving this book after issue six, I would be okay with this Blackest Night interlude focusing on Superboy-Prime versus Black Lantern Alex Luthor but with this interlude, it means we are only getting one more issue of Superboy and that just sucks. Oh well. This was still good. It was great to see Earth-Prime comic shops and Superboy-Prime reading them to find out what happens next. And of course it was just awesome to see my  favorite Legion (The Legion of Earth-Prime) back! But I got to say that we just saw Superboy-Prime in Legion of Three Worlds and I think he is being brought back way too soon. The Legion back-up was probably the best it has been yet with a sweet story about Blok and White Witch.

This Was Actually Good


Justice League of America #38
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley

Holy shit! This must be the most underrated comic of the fucking year. After reading all of the horrible reviews and the abysmal so far Cry for Justice mini, I actually enjoyed this a lot. That’s a good thing – because this book has been bad for a really long time. Bagley can certainly draw better then any artist this book has had and Robinson’s dialogue is much better then it has been over in Cry for Justice. I liked it. Sure, Blue Jay dying was stupid and we don’t need another superhero dying but forget that, I liked the moments in the cave and all of the talking about its history and even Young Justice. It’s too bad Plas is going to stay on the team because he is always fun. The fight with Despero was even exciting because Bagley is an artist who makes it easy to see what is going on. Forget what you have heard, I think this is a good start to the Robinson – Bagley run.

Death in the DCU


Green Lantern (Volume 4) #43
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

If this issue doesn’t get you excited for Blackest Night the nothing will. This was an excellent issue detailing the history of the Black Hand, the murder of his family, and suicide and then his rise from the dead as the first Black Lantern and embodiment of the Black Lantern Corps. Mahnke’s are is as gorgeous as ever and I think he may be my favorite artist at DC for event books. I love the DC Universe and its continuity and it was so exciting to see Mahnke draw all the heroic deaths over the years. My only complaint is story-wise, why the fuck no mention that Kyle was basically the entire Green Lantern Corps for a decade! It’s just another example of DC favoring silver age old-fuck heroes. Oh and fuck Didio by the way and his stupid ass DC nation column about the Justice League. Am I being a little mean with this review? Sorry. Let’s go back to the positives, this was an amazing issue that brings us right into what will hopefully be the greatest event DC has had in a long time.

JLA 13 – 26

Justice League of America #13
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Joe Benitez

When I first read this issue, I was a little turned off. I guess I expected more from the first issue of McDuffie’s run and I certainly expected better art. But now I think this was a pretty good read and did remind me a lot of the TV show. Good start, and at least much better then anything Meltzer did on this title. I think the Injustice League is very cool and I like how they are opposite numbers of the League. Of the villains we have seen so far this is what the breakdown is.

Lex Luthor

The Joker

Poison Ivy

Wonder Woman:

Killer Frost

Shadow Thief

Green Lantern:

The Flash:
Gorilla Grodd

Black Canary, Vixen, Black Lightning, Red Arrow, Geo-Force, and Red Tornado are sadly without any villains yet.

Justice League of America #14
Written by Dwayne McDuffie

Art by Ed Benes

This is another good issue. The Injustice League is shown to have Cheshire and Shaggy Man in it’s ranks as well. Cheshire is a Red Arrow villain arguably (even if he has a kid with her) but Shaggy Man and Dr. Light are just general villains not specific to anyone.

Justice League of America #15
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Ed Benes

The way Batman basically tells Firestorm that he has no choice, he has to join the Justice League was awesome! This concluded the Injustice League arc and it was good, but this arc as a whole would have been a whole lot better if someone else was doing the art.

Justice League of America #16
Written by Dwayne McDuffie and Allan Burnett

Art by Joe Benitez and Allan Jefferson

Eh….this issue was okay. It just served as a preview to two other mini-series’s which is kind of annoying. I would have rather had a story in this series that starts and ends in it.

Justice League of America #17
Written by Dwayne McDuffie and Allan Burnett

Art by Ed Benes
and Joe Benitez

Haha the main story I could care less about. It was lame and had awful art. But the back up written by McDuffie was good because McDuffie comments on the fact that Meltzer’s whole Vixen is using the powers of the Justice League thing makes no sense. I love it! Take that Meltzer!

Justice League of America #18
Written by Dwayne McDuffie and Allan Burnett
Art by Ed Benes and John Boy Meyers

Meh….this was very decompressed and was basically filler. They could have cut this entire issue of the arc. But the back up was good.

Justice League of America #19
Written by Allan Burnett
Art by Ed Benes

Thank god this arc is over because it was not very good. It just served as a sidestory to another mini-series! Whatever happened to this series having its own stories. Hawkgirl being so jealous over Cheshire is just stupid and seems completely forced. Also, I know Geo-Force was transferred to the Outsiders but you would think someone would have mentioned it for people who aren’t reading
the Outsiders. Instead, he just dissappears. That’s bad editing.

Justice League of America #20
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Ethan Van Sciver

This was by far the best issue of McDuffie’s run so far. And you wanna know why, Ethan Van Sciver. Look at how much of a difference Ed Benes’s art makes with McDuffie’s writing. McDuffie is a good writer, but Benes’s art is soo bad that it is killing a good story. Anyways, this was a beautiful issue with a nice story with the Flash and Wonder Woman. I liked it a lot.

Justice League of America #21
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Carlos Pacheo

This is a final crisis tie-in issue that is rather enjoyable. In fact, it was just as good as last issue. This book is sooo much better without Ed Benes. Please DC, get rid of him! Anyways, it made me happy to see that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were going to add Martian Manhunter back in the league before he died but the trinity is acting kind’ve elitist. Libra is a visually stunning character and I can’t wait to learn more about him in Final Crisis.

Justice League of America #22
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Ed Bene

Unfortunately Bene is back this issue….with some ultra terrible art. He draws just one body type…it’s so annoying. Plot-wise, it was only okay. Red Tornado taken over by Amazo does NOT interest me, especially when the League already fought Amazo under Meltzer’s pen. The vixen subplot interests me more but not by much. I really can’t reccomend this issue.

Justice League of America #23
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Ed Benes

While this may have not been a horrible issue if Ed Benes was not doing the art, it was horrible when comined with the art and the rather dull fight with Amazo that lasted the entire issue. Damn. And this series was finally getting good again.

Justice League of America #24
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art byAllan Goldman

Yay! Benes is gone again this issue. This made the fight with Amazo so much better but still rather dull. The best moments of this issue were at the end where they go to meet Animal Man. I did not even think of the vegatarian thing. I am intrugued as to where this is going.

Justice League of America #25
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Ed Benes, Ian Churchill, Doug Mahnke, Darick Robertson, Shane Davis, and Ivan Reis

This anniversary issue was rather good. I am happy to find Red Tornado leaving the team as I never really grew fond of the character. Also, Anansi seems like a great villain for the league to face. I like how he speaks and how he spins the webs of stories. I look forward to the next issue.

Justice League of America #26
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Ed Benes

Now this alternate reality issue of JLA is one of the best issues of McDuffie’s run. He can write some great stuff when he isn’t editorially mandated to do things. There were so many great moments. The Brown Bomber! LMAO. It was refreshing to see Vixen calling upon Animal Powers again and I have to wonder if Meltzer only had it go away because he was too lazy to look up animals to use (:. But the anansi thing did seem to end rather quickly. I bet McDuffie wanted it to be longer but then was told he had to do the whole Milestone crossover thing. Well at least this is a new arc I can look forward to, even if it is editorially mandated.

Superman Batman 40 – 48

Superman/Batman #40
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Dustin Nguyen

Uh oh Batman is getting horny! This arc seems to be playing up the whole New Gods as actual Gods thing that Morrison has introduced. I like it a lot and Bekka definitely has an effect on Batman’s desire here. Nguyen was the artist on JLA when I first got into comics so I get a feeling of comfort from it. It’s not amazing art, but I like it. Check out the rack on Bekka though hehe, I don’t blame Batman for desiring her. If I was straight, I might do the same.

Superman/Batman #41
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Dustin Nguyen

Superman’s little dream sequence in this issue was hilarious. I loved all the cameos and the appearance of the guy from the cover of Action Comics #1. I think, if I am not mistaken, that we ever see the inside of the Source Wall.

Superman/Batman #42
Written by Alan Burnett
Art by Dustin Nguyen

The conclusion to this was a little anti-climactic but still good. Overall, I liked this arc a lot. And I so rarely enjoy arcs with the New Gods.

Superman/Batman #40
Written by Andy Lanning & Andy Lanning
Art by Mike McKone

Um ya this was kinda boring and pointless. I don’t know, Dr. Light using a light projection of the old Teen Titans to fight Superman and Batman is kind of well lame and not interesting. I can not really tell you why that is, it is just how I feel I guess. The mystery man at the end of the issue could be either Luthor or Libra, not sure which one it is.

Superman/Batman #44
Written by Michael Green

Art by Shane Davis

Michael Green begins his Superman/Batman run with this issue….hopefully he sticks around longer then every other writer since Loeb left the title. Shane Davis’s art is awesome and I think it fits perfectly with this book. And Green’s writing makes for great superhero storytelling. He actually utilizes Superman’s super-speed power that I don’t think a lot of current writers really utilize to its potential. I like the “freak of the week” reference to Smallville. I think this is the first time in comic continuity they have acknowledged that kryptonite can effect humans in strange ways. The beginning with the shooting of the movie about Superman and Batman was hilarious, especially with how wrong they got Batman’s origin. Also, the idea of hunting down all the kryptonite in the world is very intriguing.

Superman/Batman #45
Written by Michael Green
Art by Shane Davis

Another superb issue by this new creative team. The only thing I had a problem with was the reasoning for Aquaman attacking Superman was a little faulty. Why doesn’t he want him taking Kryptonite from the ocean? Oh and has everyone forgotten he goes by Joseph now, not Arthur?

Superman/Batman #46
Written by Michael Green

Art by Shane Davis

This was a pretty fun issue in which Silver Kryptonite apparently causes Superman to act like a child. It was pretty good. And it wasn’t stupid or done for laughs either. Very well-written.

Superman/Batman #47 Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art by Shane Davis

Whoa this was a pretty kick ass issue. It makes pe
rfect sense for the government to have a kryptonite storage place and kryptonite weapons in case Superman goes rogue, I am surprised no one though of it before.

Superman/Batman #48
Written by Michael Green
and Mike Johnson
Art by Shane Davis

Well, Smallville is nearly destroyed this issue. Luckily it will be rebuilt and Amanda Waller is a real bitch here. I’d argue that Green is turning out to be the best writer this title has ever had.