The Continuity Blog is a a blog (obviously) that I have created to review and keep track of all monthly DC books since the one year later jump. It is just my little project…just for fun…and that is why you will find lots of spelling/grammar mistakes.

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  1. I stumbled across this blog was researching Dr. Psycho on the web. Does anyone know how he returned? I swear in an issue of WW he shot himself off panel. Everyone thinks he’s dead and then he returns about a year later. Did any writer on the WW title clear this up?

  2. You seem to have a pretty in depth analysis going on comics, props, or kudos or whatever. Just wondering if you had some insight into JSA Classified continuity, or any classified continuity (JLA, Batman Confidential, Superman Confidential, Legends of the Dark Knight). I know they’re mostly separate stories that happen in some vague “early time in their careers” time period yet at certain times there are tie-ins, ex. JSA Classified 10-12 tie-ins to One Year Later. Just asking for my own side project of creating a giant continuity of DC’s tpbs from Crisis on Infinite Earths to present (im sure others have done something similar but i havent found a complete one yet). Any help is appreciated.

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