Who Will Be In The New Justice League?

Justice League of America #0
Written by Brad Meltzer
Art by Ed Benes, George Pérez, Jim Lee, J.H. Williams, Gene Ha, Dick Giordano, Eric Wright, Tony Harris, Kevin Maguire, Dan Jurgens, Howard Porter, Luke McDonnell, Rags Morales, Ethan Van Sciver and Phil Jimenez
Cover by Michael Turner
Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell

This was basically just a prologue of the new Justice League series and it does it’s job. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman reflect on their past, present, and future and then decide to reform the Justice League. There were some shocking things shown to happen in the future like them finding another earth (in my opinion, not a good idea.) and everyone accept Batman getting married. Okay Batman not being married is not so shocking. Anyways, that is all there really is here, a prologue. But it was okay. I can’t wait for #1 to come out!

Fun + Creepy = Cool

Shadowpact #2
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and cover by Willingham

In the second issue of shadowpact, we are treated to more of this fun/creepy story. We now get to know this anti-shadowpact team better and boy are they a cool villain team. I do hope that this story is not the last we will see of them. It is rare for cool new villains to be created now and days but Willingham hits it out of the park with these guys. Each of them are creepy, yet there is something about them that makes you like them. I guess because they play by the rules so to speak. They work together very well. Karnevil is a sick little guy and I am worried for Detective Chimp. Please don’t kill my favorite Chimp (I am just kidding I know they would never kill this series most popular character.) I wonder if the devil guy is really Blue Devil’s brother. I think it would be interesting if he was and how that would affect Blue Devil, knowing that his deal with Neron affected his family as well. Speaking of that, are we supposed to know the God Strega is trying to wake up? I did not recognize him but Willingham made it seem like we as an audience knew him. This series continues to impress.


Catwoman (Volume 3) #56
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Adam Hughes

I just finished reading this issue and my heart was actually racing at the end. I really hope the baby is going to be okay. I felt my adrenaline pumping when Selina was racing to her apartment. Now that is a good read. This issue was full of shocking moments and this storyline is really coming to a great conclusion. I really hate Angle Man and the Film Freak and real villains, you are supposed to hate. These are two characters who could be really lame if brought under the wrong writer but Pfieifer makes them scary and dangerous. Besides the whole baby mess, the moment where Holly and Wildcat were fighting and Holly accidentally said her name made me happy, simply because I always wondered why heroes didn’t ever accidentally say the other heroe’s real name during combat. This shows that Holly is a rookie and needs work at being Catwoman. So yes, get this issue, it is suspenseful and exciting.

Stalled Review

Green Lantern Corps #1
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

I will admit, I stalled writing this review because well, I just didn’t feel like reading this comic. I have never truly enjoyed a ‘space opera’ comic. I couldn’t get through Rann/Thanagar War because I barely understood what was going on. So this series didn’t look promising in my eyes. And then I forced myself to read it, and surprisingly, it was enjoyable. I mean it was not great, there were parts I didn’t get but overall I liked it. I like Gibbons writes Guy, he is a cocky Guy but that does not mean he is a prick. I never liked the way Guy was portrayed in JLI but her I actually like the character. I also really dig Natu, the Corps needs a strong female and I think she fits the bill. I can’t help but wonder if her claims about her power ring having a curse are true. I think she is on to something. It was also fun to see the alien who idolized the Corps and wanted to be one of them. That is something I would never have though up myself. You will love this series if you like space opera, but even if you don’t, give it a try. You might be surprised.

Honey, I Shrunk A Chinese Guy

All-New Atom #1
Written by Gail Simone
Art by John Byrne and Trevor Scott
Cover by Ariel Olivetti

So Ray Palmer dissapears and a young admirer named Ryan Choi from China takes his place at Ivy University and the fun begins! I really enjoyed this issue, I never even liked The Atom that much as a character before but Ryan really interests me. Simone brings us a world where carpets seem like jungles and rats are giant terrifying beasts. It reminds me a lot of watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids when I was a kid. It brings back that awe I felt then. There could be world in the crack of the sidewalks kind of awe. The art though, I found it to be a little odd, but not odd enough to take away from the story. Byrne does draw one freaky rat though. We even get a heft dose of supporting characters this issue who I am excited to explore and a lot of comedic moments. Check out this issue, it is really good! This series seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

I Miss Wally

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #1
Written by Paul DeMeo and Danny Bilson
Art and cover by Ken Lashley
Variant cover by Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert

Finally getting around to review this, an issue that should have been great but turned out to be a dissapointment. This issue was just a confusing mess. There are way too many switches between narrarators. So many I did not know who was speaking, a change of color on the boxes does not make it easier. You can tell that DeMeo and Bilson are TV writers and not Comic writers throughout this issue. I am still going to be giving them a chance because they are new at this and they will hopefully learn from their mistakes. The art is good but doesn’t help the story, in fact, it makes it worse. You really can not tell what is going on when Griffin and Bart are attacked. That is the artists fault. Anyways, I am giving this the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully the series can get better from here.


I know I have been slacking on the reviews this month. I have been really really busy lately. I am going to try my best to catch up over the next week so expect a lot of reviews. Sorry.

Blue Beetle vs. Ents

Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #4
Written by Keith Giffen and John Rogers
Art by Cully Hamner
Cover by Duncan Rouleau

This was a pretty good issue. Probably my favorite of the series so far. My favorite line has to be “Creepy Computer-face lady”. That made me crack up. Turns out, Jaime is a pretty funny guy. I loved how Jaime did some research on Ted Kord and Dan Garrett. And I can’t wait to see him find out more about them. His costume really does have a mind of its own. Apparently, it does not want to hurt nature. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t Ents a tolkien creation, therefore aren’t they copyrighted. I think I am going to look that up. It seems strange that they would get away with having Ents in this comic. Not that it wasn’t cool to see them. The art was a lot better this issue than it has been in this series. The only problem I had with this issue is I wish the Birds of Prey would have been in it more but oh well. It was still good.

Tim Drake, Adoptive Son of Bruce Wayne

Batman #654
Written by James Robinson
Art by Don Kramer and Michael Bair
Cover by Simone Bianchi

Hmmm….I don’t know what to think of this issue. On one hand, I loved the ending when Bruce Wayne adopts Tim Drake. This is a great step forward for them. I wonder what Dick will think of it. When Tim started crying when Bruce told him it was such a heart-felt moment, it was really the first time we had seen Tim show emotion about this. We have not seen him cry about his parents or Stephanie’s deaths. I am glad this has been rectified. But on the other hand, the mystery of this whole 8-issue storyline was who framed Harvey Dent and it turns out to be some guy called the Great White Shark! Who is this guy? I have never heard of him. The ending just seemed so uneventful and too much of an easy wrap-up to the storyline. It was very anti-climactic. Also, this storyline was way too decompressed. Eight issues was just too long to tell this story. So in the end, I liked that Batman and Robin are taking the next step but I find the whole mystery of the storyline bland. I look forward to Grant Morrison next month.