Cutting Wires

Catwoman (Volume 3) #61
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez

Like all issues of Catwoman since Pfierfer took over the book, this was good. I am sad to see that Film Freak will be gone for a while (I imagine he will be back someday like all great villains.) He was a really fun villain, even though he was an evil fucked up bastard. During this issue, I couldn’t help but thinking, does Catwoman work best as a hero or a villain? And I think she works best as in the middle, I feel like she is being portrayed too much as a super hero of late. Maybe she should try to steal and stuff more often. I know people think oooo but she can’t, that would be like taking the character back a step. Naw, I think that she could steal once in a while and not be going backwards. Oh and I think that she should start acting like a cat more, like Michelle Pfiefer did in Batman Returns. Maybe I am prejudice because Michelle was the reason I ended up liking Catwoman in the first place. I don’t know. Will and the artists still, besides my little rant, created a good issue here. The art is great, and the finale to this storyline was pretty good. I was glad they didn’t do the which wire is correct type of thing with the bomb, it was refreshing to see that not happen. I wonder if Selina is right, in real life does it really not matter which wire you cut?

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