Supergirl 7 – 11

Supergirl (Volume 5) #7
Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Ian Churchill

With this issue, Joe Kelly begins his run on this title. While this story was originally concieved by Greg Rucka, Kelly continues it here and he does a good job of it. The ending was a little wacky though, why is Kara making out with a man who looks just like her cousin? The art is fantastic though and I think I am getting used to the idea that Supergirl was originally sent to earth to kill Superman. I like seeing her ongoing struggle against that mission.

Supergirl (Volume 5) #8 Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Ron Adrian

For some reason, when I first read this, I was very confused. I wasn’t sure if Kara was acting on her own free will or if she was being controlled. Second time around, I now know she was being controlled. This was a cool issie, I bet the artist had fun drawing all the crazy Kryptonian costumes. But, Power Girl and Supergirl never really fight in this issue, so why does say that on the cover? Oh well, it is not like I want to see them fight anyway, Supergirl has fought enough with other heroes.

Supergirl (Volume 5) #9 Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Ian Churchill

This was by far the best issue of this series so far! We really get some incite into who Kara really is in this issue. She is a girl who wants to do good, had messed up parents, and sometimes makes some bad mistakes. But in the end, she truly only wants good for the world. I like how Kelly establishes that Supergirl has money now, so cool. And I like her friendship with Wonder Girl. There were so many touching moments in this issue. Kudos to Kelly and Churchill.

Supergirl (Volume 5) #10 Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund

Speaking from the point of view of someone that just recently graduated from high school, I can tell you that modern high school is nothing like the evil school that Kara goes to in this issue. God, what are these the teenage girls from hell. Movies misrepresent modern day high school, it is really not this terrible place where people are incredibly cruel to eachother. I though High school was fun and we all got along great. Sure, people get in fights but the average teen isn’t as mean as this comic or any movies act like they are. That is why I found this issue hard to swallow, the girls were just too mean. I understand why Kara decides to quit school. I would too if I went to that high school.

Supergirl (Volume 5) #11
Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Joe Benitez

Joe Kelly is doing really well on this title. He seems to be making sure that the new Supergirl is not just a carbon copy of the pre-crisis Supergirl. She has this whole dark past thing which I am really digging. Am I a dumbass for not realizing the guy Kara has been seeing is Captain Boomerang. Boomer should have given it away right? Guess not for me. Anyways, great issue. I am really starting to like Kara, after the Loeb run, I thought I would never like her. It would be interesting if she joins the Outsiders full time but I doubt she will. I think this is just another step in her journey to figuring out who she is. Oh and I didn’t expect Powerboy to show up this issue, hopefully we will actually find out who he is next issue, besides being one of the one year gap titans.

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