That’s It?

Hawkgirl #58
Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Joe Bennett
Cover by Howard Chaykin

I have come to the conclusion that I just hate Hawkgirl’s current mask, it is not appealing to the eye. I definitely do not like it. I think that why I am unsatisfied with any artist that comes on to this book, the stupid chaykin designed mask. It is fugly. Now besides that, this issue wasn’t bad persay, I mean it was enjoyable but, it was very decompressed. Not much happened, Hawkgirl realizes that she still has some powers without the Nth Metal (I guess that was kinda cool to find out) and she escapes from the asylum that she was being imprisoned in. I feel like more could have happened in one issue. This whole storyline is moving way too slowly. Oh and since when can Hawkgirl’s wings be controlled remotely? I was not aware of that. Has it always been that way? That definitely confused me. So to conclude, this wasn’t bad, it was just way too decompressed.

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